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Duran Duran in Irvine

Last night, we attended the Duran Duran show in Irvine.  It was a special show for us for a couple of reasons.  First, we took Rhonda’s daughter to her first Duran show.  Little Ms. Sabrina went armed with a sign and a message as you can see below!

Sabrina's sign

If that wasn’t enough, it was also our 30th show together!  We talked about all of this and more in today’s video.

We figured that we shouldn’t leave it there so we interviewed Sabrina to get her take on the show!  From what we heard, another Duranie is being formed as we speak!

Today, we will head up to Hollywood to meet up with a friend of mine who is also in the area.  Then, we will try to prepare for our very last show for this tour at Chula Vista on Tuesday.


Duran Duran in St. Paul: Show Review

Last night I saw Duran Duran play in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I went with my friend, Robyn, who has attended Duran Duran shows with me there a few times before.  We had a great dinner with some Duranie friends, a few of whom I had not actually seen in person since 2005!  After great conversation, we were ready for the show.

Last night’s show, unlike all of the rest I have seen on the Paper Gods Tour, was inside an arena.  Thus, when Chic and Duran played it was dark and all-encompassing as opposed to outdoor venues.  I really appreciated being inside both because it was a heck of a lot cooler than being outdoors but also because all of my senses focused on the show, the performance, the stage setting, the lights, the video, etc.  I don’t have the same level of focus outdoors.  Plus, in many cases, Chic was playing when it was still daylight, which dulled the impact.

Anyway, I asked my friend to give me her observations of the show since she hadn’t seen Duran since 2011 and hadn’t heard any of the Paper Gods tracks live.  She also had not seen Chic perform before.


Chic was a party, according to Robyn.  She loved all that they featured different genres of music, including the Motown tracks.  She felt that each member of the band clearly was the best at what they do.  The whole performance just made her want to dance as she smiled throughout the entire performance!

Duran Duran


Overall, she felt that last night’s show was the best she had seen Duran Duran and that it was super entertaining.  She enjoyed the setlist and felt that it was well-balanced.  She had zero expectations about what was going to be played.  The setlist contained a lot of pop but still contained rock as well.  She felt that the songs flowed really well and kept the energy high.  The setlist felt very upbeat, more of a party setlist than previous shows she had been to.


The lights, the stage setup was great!  Everything looked good.  They didn’t overdo it, either.  They could rely on their musicianship and performance as opposed to doing too much or relying on gimmicks.  The visuals enhanced the songs and fit well, too.


White Lines was super fun despite the fact that Robyn was not down with Simon’s pink hat.  Robyn loved I Don’t Want Your Love!  It was definitely was her favorite!

She felt that they chose wisely putting Paper Gods in the beginning of the set because otherwise it would have taken down the mood of the set.  She really liked Pressure Off because it is so catchy and upbeat.  The confetti kept coming and was super fun.

The songs that they included other songs within like the Bowie tribute during Planet Earth or New Moon on Monday into Sunrise fit well.  She recognized that the Bowie tribute showed both that he was a major influence but also a peer of theirs.

Having Fun

The band seemed like they were really having fun and enjoying playing together, which Robyn says that she hasn’t always seen when she has seen them before.  Everyone on stage had great chemistry together.


Everyone seemed to work really well together, including MNDR, which was neat to see.  Even when moments didn’t go as well for a second, the rest of the group was able to adjust and bring it back to high quality.  Overall, the band just seemed to really enjoy playing together, which made it all the better.

I liked picking my friend’s brain about what she thought about the show for a number of reasons.  First of all, Robyn is a musician herself and knows what it takes to perform live.  Second, she has no stake in the review.  She isn’t part of the fan community so she can be a little more objective than someone like me who wants the band to do so well all the time.  I can’t disagree with anything that she said here.  Obviously, yes, I realize that the criticism is out there about Duran not changing the setlist or not playing as long as they used to.  I get those criticisms, but I also recognize and appreciate that the shows I have gone to have been good, solid shows.  That is more important to me than mixing up the setlist.



Duran Duran News: 2/16/15 to 2/21/15

What has been going on with Duran Duran?  As always, I try to summarize all of the official Duran Duran news here!  If I have forgotten something, let me know!

War Child UK Show

On Thursday, Duran Duran played their show to benefit the War Child charity in London.  The setlist was as follows, according to DuranDuranMusic:


By now, most of you have probably seen pictures and video clips.  I definitely recommend checking out Duran Duran’s Facebook page for some exclusive photos, including some VERY nice JoSi pictures, courtesy of Gaëlle Beri.  Here are a couple of clips from YouTube that made me feel a little like I was there:

If you find other videos that you liked from the show, please share!

Of course, there were also reviews of the show, too.  Here are a couple of articles:

Evening Standard

The Telegraph (This one makes a reference to John Taylor’s hat.  Does he look like an Amish farmer to you?!)

Oscar Focused Katy Kafe

This week also featured a Katy Kafe with Nick and Katy discussing films and making their Oscar picks.  You can listen to it here.  Since the Academy Awards are on tonight, perhaps, you want to listen to it first to see how accurate they are with their predictions!

Mr Hudson

Speaking of exclusive features on DuranDuranMusic, besides including the full Katy Kafe with Nick on the Oscars, they also published an interview with Mr Hudson here.  It might provide some insight into #DD14.

Rehearsal Pictures

Of course, earlier in the week, Duran Duran’s social media posted some pictures from the band’s rehearsal as they got ready for the War Child show.  Those pictures definitely made those going super excited for the show and the rest of us hoping to see our own shows soon!

I think that’s it.  If not, what did I miss?!