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Set the Story Alight: Online Viewing Party

What are YOU going to be doing on Wednesday, September 3rd?!  We all know that Duran Duran will be playing at a private show for Madza as the company unveils the Mx-5 Miata in Monterey, California.  While the vast majority of us couldn’t be there, we won’t be totally missing out!  Oh no, the highlights, at least, will be aired on Madza’s YouTube channel.  Details as well as a link to the YouTube channel can be found on duranduran.com, which you can read about here.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m absolutely dying for a show, for a performance, for something.  It has been WAY, WAY TOO LONG.  Thus, I will take any and all highlights they will share!!!

Obviously, Rhonda and I knew that we could all just watch the highlights by ourselves. This led to us envisioning each and every Duranie alone in front of the computer screen, longing not only Duran Live but also their friends. While I’m sure that every Duranie out there would be mildly entertained by watching the highlights all alone, we know that it would be tons more fun if we all watched the highlights together!!! Of course, we all can’t be in the same room at the same time, but we can all be online together at the same time!  We did it for the Sing Blue Silver viewing on Duran Duran Appreciation Day!  So, how would this work?  Simple. We all tune into Madza’s YouTube channel at 6 pm PST (or 8 pm CST or 9 pm EST, etc):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Ihuy4gj2w-AYEQXRnUdUA.  As we watch, we will discuss, react, *squee* online with each other!

While we will all be watching the YouTube channel, we will be doing the fan reaction thing in a couple of places.  First, if Twitter is your preference, then, it is simple.  Tweet out your thoughts, but make sure that you are using the hashtag #DDMadza so we can all find the tweets about the highlights!  Second, if you prefer Facebook, the best place to discuss/react/squee is on the event page.  Yes, that’s right.  We have an official event page for this little viewing party, which you can find here.  I’m sure that Rhonda and myself will be splitting duties as we did for the Sing Blue Silver viewing party.  One of us will be on Twitter and one on Facebook.  Yet, if we feeling ambitious, we might try to hit both online places.  Ha!  The key here is simple.  We want to make this event super fun for all of us dying-for-a-show as we know that watching Duran is great but watching with other fans is the BEST.  Beyond that, though, we would love to get Duran trending like we did for Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  Let’s help to remind the world that not only is Duran is still around but they are still kicking ass.

Between now and Wednesday, we ask you to do a couple of favors.  First, go to that Facebook event and RSVP.  The link is:  https://www.facebook.com/events/277931022416579/?notif_t=plan_user_joined.

After that, share the event with all of your friends both on Facebook and on Twitter so that they, too, can join and share away!  We would love to have all 2.5 million fans of Duran Duran on Facebook attending and participating!  (Now, I know that for some of you the time of the event sucks.  We hate that it isn’t good for everyone.  Unfortunately, we have no control over the time.)

Let’s remind each other of the fun we have together and let’s show the world that Duranies mean business when it comes to helping Duran be successful!


The care and feeding of social media

I’ve blogged about the band and social media many, many times. I’ve had fans tell me that I’ve got it wrong – that we fans should be thrilled that Duran Duran are even on social media at all,  and that they really don’t need to do much of anything. They don’t need to respond, follow people, or even come online unless it’s to sell us something. The band already has a loyal, thriving and growing fan base and we should be happy with whatever they choose to do, right?

I’m thrilled to tell you that this is not that blog post again.  🙂

However, let’s pretend we’re not talking about Duran Duran. What if we’re talking about someone who might not have quite the fan base that the band has. What if it’s someone who is working to cultivate that type of loyalty? Would that change our thinking on how he/she should handle social media??

Let’s take two cases in point: Anna Ross and say…Dom Brown. Anna has been on Facebook now for a relatively short time, since June 5th, actually. She already has just over 4000 “likes” to her page, (4140, actually) which is pretty remarkable given the short length of time she’s been involved. Dom, on the other hand, also has about 4000 likes (just a little more than Anna at 4238), but he joined Facebook back in November of 2009.

The other day, Dom noticed that while he has over 7000 followers on Twitter, he has decidedly less on Facebook. Being the smart ass that I am – I chose to point out that he might do better if he took the time to respond once in a while. I figured he wouldn’t ever even take time to read comments, much less respond (which is exactly why I believe I said it in three places. I like pushing my luck.) Turns out, he did see and he did respond. After nearly choking from shock (it is apparently dangerous to eat while checking out Facebook or Twitter…), I responded with “Damn…you replied!”

Well, then. (as my friend Amanda might say.)

Going back to Anna Ross, if you’ve been following her at all on Facebook, she is the exact opposite of Dom. (Sorry Dom, I’m really not picking on you – I’m trying to help, I promise!) She is extremely social, asking her fans questions, asking for pictures of previous gigs she’s done for Duran Duran, responding to comments, and so forth. She’s spent quite a bit of time really engaging the Duran Duran fans she obviously knows we are, letting us talk all about the band and basically letting us get that out of our system before reminding us (very gently and kindly) that while she LOVES talking about them, she’s actually trying to sort this Facebook page out to be her own, to discuss her OWN projects. Fair enough, right?

Once upon a time, I lightly broached the subject of social media with Dom during an interview. I remember his answer: he didn’t mind it, but it wasn’t something he could get into a habit of doing for some reason.  I think, purely as an interested bystander, that much of the problem is not knowing what to talk about, or what to do. Women seem to love Facebook – it’s natural for us to chat with friends and know what to say, although I have plenty of guy friends that do very well with Facebook. I can’t decide how I feel about Twitter. On one hand I think that I see more men regularly participating – but I can’t tell if that’s just because of the group of people I follow or if that’s really the culture of Twitter. I think the less open-endedness of Twitter (merely posting status updates in 140 characters or less) probably helps.

So, after gently pointing out (along with others) that Dom should try talking WITH us, he agreed to start interacting. I don’t think he should be afraid to respond directly to people – most of us won’t bite. (I said most.) He also doesn’t to be a slave to social media. A few minutes at the end of the day, or even once a week to either ask a question of us or respond to a few things asked of him would be a great start. I think that in some ways, seeing how the band interacts with fans has not been a great learning tool. First off, they have “people” who handle the band’s Twitter, although John and Simon have their own accounts. Secondly, we must remember that the band has thousands upon thousands of fans. Twitter and Facebook aren’t going to be handled in the same way by the band as they need to be by those who are trying to grow a fan base. The loyalty and interest is already there for Duran Duran, whereas Dom and Anna are trying to not only create that sense of loyalty in their fans, they’re trying to create an interest for people to see that not only do they have a job to do for Duran Duran, but they have their own creative breadth of work.

I suppose the real test is whether or not Dom really keeps at it. I hope he does, and not just because he’s a favorite of mine. I’d like to see him succeed, and if I can help him – I will. I noticed that someone responded “We’ve heard that before” when he mentioned that he’d really try. Fair enough. I think it’s easy to just put social media on the back burner and pretend it doesn’t matter, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you, or if you feel like you’re having to “come up” with things to say every day…which is what I suspect might be part of the case here.

On the other hand, I think Anna will not only keep at it – but she’ll continue to grow her fan base exponentially as a result, and we might hear an even larger applause for her each night of the next tour for Duran Duran. I know that even for myself, I didn’t know much about her until she joined Facebook. I had no idea that she was doing her own projects, and so I’m looking forward to hearing her own music, just as I do with Dom.

Like it or not, social media IS a habit that one has to get used to.  I think my advice, to Dom and others, is to just talk to us. Talk as if you’re talking to friends. 4000 of your good friends that, if given the opportunity, will bombard you with questions and ask you umpteen times if you’ll come play a blues show in Los Angeles, or if you’re still really involved on the next Duran Duran album.  I mean, there’s only 4000 of us, right? How bad could it possibly be???

All joking aside, it IS true. Social media isn’t difficult. It’s not rocket science. In order for it to be successful though, you DO have to be social. You can’t just post dates for gigs and maybe an occasional “this is what I’m doing right now” tweet every couple of months, and expect to cultivate a Facebook following. That just isn’t how it all works, but again – no one expects slavery to the system. Spend the time you can with us, and even an occasional “Hi, how are you?” is a genuine way to get to know the people who love your music enough to follow. I speak for all fans when I say that getting a response from someone I’ve seen onstage for years brings a smile to my face even when I’m having a really lousy day, and it makes me even more excited to buy the next album and go to the next shows.  It’s such a simple, yet effective thing.  Use it!


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