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Duran Inspired Cocktails

Happy Friday everyone!  As you are reading this blog post, I’ll be on my way to the Chicagoland area to attend an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.  This kind of event doesn’t necessarily scream excitement or fun for me, but I appreciate being able to see family and, more importantly, take my parents to see their siblings.  That said, the event begins with an hour of cocktails, which is generally up my alley.  Unfortunately, these cocktails should be pretty standard unlike what Duran Duran posted yesterday.  Did anyone see this post about “Taylor Made Cocktails”?  If not, go here now.

The idea is simple.  The author of the post shared how she fell in love with the band in the 1980s and even had the good fortune of meeting John Taylor at one of his book signings.  In response to her birthday (and John’s), she is finally creating a list of Duran inspired cocktails.  On top of sharing her first name, I also share the belief that this is a fabulous idea.  In fact, Rhonda and I have been lucky enough to have some Duran themed beverages at a couple of our events, in fact,  including a Sing Blue Silver and a Stolen Leopard to name a couple.  So, what kind of cocktails were created?  Let’s take a look.

Taylor Made Cocktails:

  • Planet Earth
  • Girls on Film
  • Vieux to a Kill
  • Dance Into the Fire
  • Save It ‘Til the Morning After
  • Last Chance on the Stairway
  • Sing Blue Silver
  • Try Not to Bruise It
  • Lonely Satellite
  • Secret Oktober
  • Ragged Tiger
  • Where Is All You Angels?
  • Meet el Presidente

Single Pours:

  • I Suppose That’s Very Nice
  • Waiting for the Night Boat
  • Room 7609

One of the things that I love about this list is that credit is given to the bartender who created the drink as well as the ingredients and how to make it.  This means that every Duranie out there can make these for themselves!  In looking through the drinks, I would like to try them all, but I can tell that I would need to hit the liquor store first and to practice!  That said, I always appreciate learning something new so I would be definitely open to finding out how to make some new drinks.  Of course, I need a special occasion to make these, which has me thinking.

It seems to me that it has been quite awhile since we held an online party.  Now, I’ll admit that I have not been in much of a party mood lately.  The news has been anything but pleasant.  Yet, I am reminded that it is important to celebrate what matters to you especially when times are tough.  So, what do the rest of you think?  Would you be up for an online party?  We could create a YouTube playlist and hang out on social media like we have in the past.  Of course, I’m open to other ideas, too, if you all have any.  Then, we would have to figure out a date to hold it.  July?  August?  Duran Duran Appreciation Day?  Obviously, I would want Rhonda to be in on this, too, so we need to see what dates work for her.  I know that I could use a little fun and a few hours loving Duran Duran.  What about the rest of you?