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To be a fly on the wall…

There are times when DDHQ will post something, whether it’s a video, a picture or even an article from an online magazine, and I’ll wonder what it must have been like in the room at the time. I’m sure a lot of fans have wondered what it was like backstage as the band hammered out the setlist…or how awkward it REALLY was for the band when they filmed Girls on Film. Maybe you’re more like me, and wondered what it was really like in the studio when they recorded with Timbaland. Or maybe you are curious about what it’s like in those few minutes right before a show when they’re all backstage but can hear the audience screaming?

Today, for #watchitWednesday (catchy hashtag!) DDHQ posted the video from the Steve Aoki “See What Unfolds” concert from Terminal 5 in New York City. I don’t even remember what year it’s from – but I can tell you it was during the All You Need is Now “era”, so to speak.  We did a couple blog posts on it, here and here, where you can get an idea of the insanity that night.  As a refresher to those who have forgotten, basically Steve Aoki did a remix of my very “favorite Duran Duran song ever” – Hungry Like the Wolf (what else could it possibly have been?!?) and then had a concert where it was performed live.  I was not AT the show, but I can tell you what I know:

  • The band was there.  😀
  • Cake
  • Champagne
  • A raft (?!?)
  • There was pushing, shoving, and Duranies seemed to slip on the cake that was thrown AT them by Steve Aoki, and fell down (there’s a pun in there somewhere, I just know it.)
  • MANY Duranies did not like the remix.  (I did….I don’t know what that says, but I did like it, and I still do. It’s catchy and fun.)

Here’s the video from that night that DDHQ shared this morning:

Funny thing: I’m not sure I ever really watched the video until this morning. I must have at some point, I’d assume, but I’ve definitely forgotten. While I would not have wanted to be in the front…or anywhere on the floor for this show…I think it was fun for the Steve Aoki fans who were there. Expectations were both a good friend AND enemy for this show because while Aoki fans knew what was about to go down,  Duranies had their own ideas…and the two didn’t mix well, particularly combined with champagne on a concrete floor.

Even so, as I watched the video, I wondered what the band thought while they were up on stage that night. I’d seen a few comments from the band (and I think even Dom may have mentioned the show –  back when they all used to tweet and actually engage!) saying that they thought the night was fun. This is one of those times when I wish I were a fly on the wall backstage though, or in their heads as they happened to look up and see cake and champagne flying through the air at their fans…or when they saw people slipping and falling.  Maybe they didn’t even see that happen, and to be clear: I am NOT finding fault either way, I’m just wondering what they were thinking as they watched it unfold on stage. I know in the video there’s not much shown of that sort of thing. All you see are people in the front (presumably Steve Aoki fans, because let’s face it: I’ve been to “a few” DD shows in my lifetime and I’ve never seen that many young kids up front at a gig unless it was a festival) being completely carefree and having a great time. Whereas most of the comments I saw and heard from Duranies after the show had come from a much more cynical place….presumably because we are not young kids used to going to see EDM gigs. We’re Duranies. We’re used to being up front. We are used to cheering for the band and having to stand our ground so that other Duranies don’t try to take our spot. We’re not necessarily used to battling it out with kids half our age who look at the idea of raving or moshing as a big love session. They live for “the drop” and we live for JoSi. It’s a very different thing.

Where IS my “Get Off My Lawn” hat, anyway???? 

Let’s take it from another angle: what did Nick think when the idea of Steve Aoki remixing Hungry Like the Wolf came up? Did he cringe or did he look at it as the opportunity to have the dust shaken off the song? I wonder about Simon – how did he feel about being autotuned  so much? What about John? My guess is that to the band, this was just another opportunity to reach a new audience. I wonder how the rehearsals went – I mean, the remix is very different from the original song, so how did that work live?  That said, I wonder how many of these “opportunities” come up where the band just has to say no. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

If you could be a fly on the wall at any point in their career…where would you have wanted to be and why?


AMEX Presents: Duran Duran at Terminal 5

By Michelle Duran (Daily Duranie Contributor)

On Monday September 14, I ventured to West 56th street in NYC to see Duran Duran at Terminal 5. While it was my first time there, Terminal 5 is a familiar venue to many East Coast Duranies since the band played there with Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki back in June, 2012 as part of Trident Gum’s See What Unfolds series, which featured interesting (read: weird) pairings of performers. After seeing plenty of Aoki videos on YouTube, I chose to skip his “Gallagher meets DJ” shtick while several of my friends went and ended up with green cake icing in places where no frosting belongs.

Regardless, the AMEX event promised to be a very different show, with DD’s core fan base at full strength. In fact, there were three thousand die-hard fans packed into Terminal 5’s GA floor and two levels of balconies, with a select few getting coveted seats along the VIP balconies on John’s side of the stage. The rest of us packed in like sardines in front of the stage. Thanks to those who heard snippets of the sound check that afternoon, we were eagerly anticipating new music and at least one deep cut from our favorite band.

Museum of Love, a New York City band featuring Pat Mahoney, formerly the drummer for LCD Soundsystem, on vocals went on stage at 8:15 pm. As openers go, they were good. I’d put them solidly in the middle of the pack for DD opening acts. The songs were relatively long – they played for about thirty-five minutes but only played about six songs. The music is sort of mellow jamming EDM, if that makes sense. You can listen to their self-titled debut on Spotify if you’d like to get a better idea. Throughout their performance, fans kept the party vibe going by tossing several happy face balloons through the air.

Once Museum of Love finished, the crowd eagerly waited for Duran Duran to take the stage as soon as possible. Finally, at 9:20 pm many who’d hope for a new opening song had our wish granted when we heard the beginning chant of Paper Gods as Simon and the other band members emerged from the stage’s machine made fog to play the seven plus minutes of deliciousness that is the title track of their new album. Even though it was only the first time live, it’s already evident that this song is a new favorite with fans and I hope they keep it as the opener for the West Coast shows.   The band themselves seemed just as happy to play it live as we were hearing it. Simon was in full front man persona, enjoying the attention as he danced around the stage in a black sequined jacket and white jeans.

The black and white theme was well represented by everyone on stage. Anna Ross looked stunning in a dress featuring black and white angled stripes. The only doses of color were the red stripe on the inseam of Dom’s trousers and the hot pink screen-print of John’s tee, courtesy of a Punk Masters.

Next up was AVTAK, which they arranged with a little more of a Bond theme introduction than when it was performed on the AYNIN tour. This isn’t the full orchestral Ronson mix of 2009 but it was definitely a bit meatier than what they did in 2012.

Although I’ve seen complaints on social media that Terminal 5 doesn’t have great acoustics, I thought the band sounded terrific as they played both old hits like Notorious and new songs like Pressure Off with enthusiasm.   They’ve now played Pressure Off on stage several times and it seems as though they feel as comfortable with it live as anything in their catalogue. In fact, they were in great form all night and you could tell that they were really enjoying being on stage.

After the perennial Amanda favorite (wink-wink), Come Undone, Simon made reference to how the next song was exactly about “this sort of situation” waving his hand between the audience and himself before launching into Last Night in the City.   This is a song that grows on you more and more every time you hear it and it’s the perfect showcase for Simon’s voice which sounds stronger than ever. The soaring vocals were nothing short of phenomenal live and you could tell Simon was pleased with how the entire audience responded. LNitC is also a very electronic song. John plays only the keyboards, there’s no traditional bass and Dom really doesn’t have much to do on guitar. Regardless, John threw himself into playing the keyboards with his usual intensity.

The band returned to their roots with The Reflex, Simon leading the crowd in a longer than usual version of the Ta-Na-Na-Na’s and then immediately followed with one of my favorites live, Planet Earth.   Next came White Lines and even though we knew the controversial water spit was coming, Simon somehow snuck up on us. I managed to dodge most of it but if I come down with a cold next week, I’m blaming “Lebonitis.”   After playing hits Ordinary World, Wild Boys, and Reach Up for the Sunrise, the band launched into another song from Paper Gods, Danceophobia.   Anna did a great job with the Lindsey Lohan spoken word part, working the stage. The song is another that strongly favors vocals and electronics at the expense of guitar and bass and there were times when John literally had nothing to do except dance to the music. I’ll admit this is my least favorite song from Paper Gods, so I may be biased but it didn’t seem to go over with the crowd as well as the other new songs.

There’s no doubt however, that the next song was definitely well received. A friend told me that Too Much Information was last played live in 2001, meaning that this would’ve been the first time Roger EVER played it live and for John, possibly the first since 1993’s OW tour. The absence of John’s bass on Danceophobia was ever more apparent when you could literally feel as well as hear it on TMI. IMO, TMI is one of those underappreciated third singles that never realized its potential on the U.S. charts. I thought it was a great song then and it still sounds fantastic today. From there, the band immediately launched into Girls on Film, again a change from the past few tours when GOF was always in the encore and always used for the band intros.   They’ve changed up the beginning of the song. This version of GOF had a bit more of an electronic sound but John’s bass was still prominent. The band had the audience sing along with the chorus and once again, skipped the intros.   GOF signaled the end of the regular set but after a very brief reprieve, the band was back with another fan favorite that had been absent from the last tour, Save A Prayer. Okay, anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite song of all time so of course, I was happy to have it back in the set. We all swayed and sang along as the feeling of being back where we all belonged – the band and its fans was almost palpable.

photo courtesy of Michelle Duran
photo courtesy of Michelle Duran

The night finished with a high energy version of Rio. I never want that song to end, since it’s always the last of the night and it seemed as though the band felt the same way with John and Dom both strumming those last notes as long as possible.   As the crowd cheered and cheered at the end, John spoke one last time “We’ll see you soon” before the band exited the stage. I for one can’t wait.

Yes, there is YouTube video, check GothicblueCJ’s YouTube account for great footage of the show.

September Katy Kafe with Nick!

You know the band and Katy are busy when a Katy Kafe pops up in front of a bank of elevators at the Tonight Show, right??

The September Katy Kafe features none other than The Controller himself, Mr. Nick Rhodes, and while moment was short and sweet, it covered a lot of ground.

Once again (and I type this every single month so y’all should have it memorized now) – these are only what I deem the highlights. I don’t dare attempt to transcribe the entire Kafe, and so if you’re hoping to hear or read the entire script, I would highly recommend paying $35.00 for an entire YEAR of membership to duranduranmusic.com.  Thanks!!


Katy asks how Bestival went, and Nick’s description is dry but pointed. “It was large, with lots of people.” He also mentions fire and confetti. He explains that when the band is considering a set list for a festival, “one must take into account that it is not just their audience.” So more well-known music is played, although Nick is quick to add that they did play “The Chauffeur” among other songs such as “Pressure Off” from Paper Gods.

Terminal 5

This show brought the crowd a couple of new songs off of Paper Gods: “Paper Gods” and “Danceophobia,” mentioned only after Katy mistakenly mentioned, “What Are The Chances.”…which my ears immediately took note of, because quite truthfully my heart is set on hearing that one live. So with my fingers crossed, I continued taking notes. Nick says that when they play a new song live, they go in expecting disastrous results, which did not happen this time. “Simon remembered the words, everyone seemed to remember their parts.”  And Nick is excited and ready to play the new material. They are hoping to add another new song by the Denver Red Rocks show, and by the British shows in November they are hoping for one or two more. This leads into a discussion of the song, “Too Much Information” being included in the set list at this show.  According to Nick, he and John had been wanting to do it as a slightly punkier version (which immediately makes MY ears perk up – that song is CRYING for some punk!). Nick continues by explaining that they sped up the song just a bit (Again, the mere notion gets my brain going…PLEASE play this at the Hollywood Bowl!) and finishes by saying that the song is among Simon’s best lyrics and is very prophetic…which it is. The song was recorded back in 1993 (I looked this up) and yet it “fits well with the currently material.” Nick also mentions that the band really enjoyed playing “Planet Earth” at the show, explaining that Ozzie Henderson, his tech, just finished sampling the original string synthesizers used on the original version for the album – so it is completely identical.

Baseball caps and denim

Katy mentions that Nick wore a baseball cap for the sound check at the Tonight Show and asks if denim couldn’t be far behind. With what I imagine to be a wry grin, Nick tells Katy to bite her tongue. He explains that while yes, he does wear baseball caps from time to time, that particular one is special because it is from Graceland. “You can only wear baseball caps with irony, Kathryn.”

Paper Gods

Naturally Nick is excited to have the album out and “give it a fighting chance to be heard”. While slightly less-than-enthusiastic about the possible reception – rest assured it is not due to the album itself; instead, recognize the sheer magnitude of what the album is up against these days – there is SO MUCH out there, it is easy to get left to the side. “TV shows,” Nick explains, “still have a way of circumventing.”  The album is starting to get some attention, and let’s hope that the momentum continues to build.

As I explained, the Kafe was short, but definitely covered a lot!  Until next time…


Danceophobia in Terminal 5!

…I am your doctor…

I couldn’t help but use that song….I should probably be drawn and quartered, but it works.

Most fans know that the band did a special show for AMEX cardholders last night in New York City at Terminal 5. By all accounts, the show was outstanding, and they even pulled a new song out of the back catalog!  Take a gander at the set list:

set list Terminal 5

Whoa whoa…Too Much Information?? That’s one I haven’t seen live.  And guess what? No Hungry Like the Wolf…and I wasn’t even there to miss it.  Damn.

photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter
photo courtesy of Duran Duran/Twitter







The band had a sound check, which by the looks of Twitter and Facebook yesterday – gave away the big surprise of Too Much Information being added to the set list, even so – fans who weren’t in line while the band got ready were in for some surprises that night, with Paper Gods as the opening song, and Save A Prayer, Danceophobia and Too Much Information being played amongst other DD standards and songs from the new album like Pressure Off and Last Night in the City.

Since Amanda and I weren’t there ourselves, we had to rely on others to share the wealth. We had one wonderful reader post her videos up on our Daily Duranie Facebook page and I’m including links to them here, courtesy of Margaret Deely Apple!

Save A Prayer:


What’s really cool about Save a Prayer is that you can hear the audience singing with the band…love that!!


Planet Earth:



And Girls on Film:


I was a little surprised to see that they opened with Paper Gods, given that it’s quite a long number…but my partner-in-crime predicted that it would be an opener back when we first heard the song. She was right!  All this does is get everyone anxious for the next shows to come, including Red Rocks this weekend.

Naturally if anyone has any personal thoughts or anecdotes they want to add regarding this show at Terminal 5, we’d love to read them!! Either comment below or email us at dailyduranie(at)gmail(dot)com.

On to Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show…TONIGHT! Looking forward to catching them – I saw photos from their rehearsal earlier and they looked great!



Can You Hear the Planet Roaring?

Are we ready??

In what has felt like the longest summer on record, there have been a few festivals here and there, but this week feels like the starting point for the Duran Duran tour for Paper Gods. It is getting to the point where I am needing to refer to the events calendar (have you checked it out yet?) on a daily basis to know what is going on…and I like it that way.

We’ve been so busy, both with the blog as well as adjusting back to our normal “school-year” lives, that we forgot to do a review this past week…and no, we don’t need reminding that in a matter of days, Amanda and I will be together again for another Duran Duran tour. This time, we’ll cover about 1,000 miles in about four days, driving up and down the state of California to attend shows at the Hollywood Bowl, the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, and back down to Agua Caliente. Only three shows this time, but it’s just a taster for what we’re hoping will be a longer tour (for us) next year.

We’re crossing our fingers that the bands tour schedule for 2016 allows for us to do shows during our spring break, which is in the latter part of March this school year…or…that they wait until early summer to properly tour the US. Or…that we find ourselves winning the lottery and able to travel abroad again.  (dreams are still free!)

It feels like forever since Amanda and I were last together for a series of shows – this past April aside because it was only one show, three songs at that – and even longer since we last really mused over the possibilities for a set list. We can’t wait to hear some of the new music live and see the band in front of us. For many of you, the Duran Duran tour begins TONIGHT with a special show at Terminal 5 in New York City!!

As always, if you’re seeing the show tonight, or are going to be at ANY of the upcoming shows and/or appearances and want to write-up something for Daily Duranie – we will happily publish and credit the writer.  Even if you have photos and want to do a photo layout – we can certainly work with that. Contact us at our gmail (dailyduranie(at)gmail(dot)com), and let us know.  Amanda and I cannot possibly be everywhere, and yet we want to cover as much as possible, so we need help.

Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for the blog’s “birthday” greetings.  My husband has asked why we call it a birthday instead of an anniversary. That’s a good question. I suppose that at least to me, this blog really is like a child.  Amanda and I have created, nurtured and watched it grow. It seems strange to just call it an anniversary – because it’s really become its own entity at this point. Besides, a birthday feels much more like a reason for a party!

Yesterday, as I was watching some of the more recent videos we included in our birthday playlist (which is still online at YouTube), I had a bit of a “moment”.  It occurred to me that at the inception of the blog back in 2010, we were anxiously awaiting All You Need is Now.  Here we are, five years in, and now we’re writing about Paper Gods. We have come full circle, preparing ourselves for another series of shows and touring ahead. I did take a minute to marvel that not only are Amanda and I still writing, but we trust one another now more than ever, and this little blog of ours has grown by leaps and bounds. I really never thought we’d last this long, and I am extremely proud of what this crazy idea has become.

With that, I need to start my school day…and I’m sure those of you going to Terminal 5 tonight are getting very anxious to see the band. I can’t wait to hear all about the show.

The coming weeks are what we’ve all been waiting for, and now that they’re here, I can’t wait to get this party started!