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There’s a Dream that Strings the Road

Have I ever told you about the time we got a picture with Simon?

There are some people that I can honestly say I never thought I’d actually speak to in person, much less be brazen enough to request a photo….and I really believed that Simon was ON that list. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So, our fateful meeting – of which I am certain that Simon has little to no memory – took place after the David Lynch Foundation event at the Ace Hotel.  We’d been ushered out of the rooftop bar at closing, and spilled out onto the sidewalk in front of the hotel. I fiddled with my phone while the group I was with mingled about, and I happened to look up to see a crowd just down the street in front of a taco hut/truck. At this point, it was after 2am, and I wondered who would want to eat so late, then I saw someone very tall in the crowd, and I knew it had to be Simon.

I mentioned as much to Amanda and our little group, and I believe it was Krista who announced that Amanda and I would be getting our photo with him.  I nearly dropped my phone when I looked up in surprise, eyes wide.  “Are you sure we should?” I asked.  In my defense, I figured that I’d gotten into the after party…I’d not only gotten a photo(s) with Dom, but I’d had a conversation with him, given him a wristband (Oh yes, he has a Daily Duranie wristband now!)…and seen Amanda get a photo with John Taylor. Why press my luck with the one band member that I know has taken many a fan down a notch for approaching him at the wrong time?  I’ll admit it, I was a little (a LOT!) worried about approaching Simon.  But before I could really run the other way…Krista had already walked right up to Simon AND told him who we were.  “Hi Simon, this is Amanda and Rhonda, they write a blog called The Daily Duranie, you may have heard of it.”

Simon was up and off the bench he was sitting on in record time, saying “HELLLLOOOOO” just like Mrs. Doubtfire!  At that point, I was sure that I was about to wake up in my own bed from the strangest dream I’d had in years, but someone had asked him if we could get a picture with him and he said “Let’s do this!”

And before we knew it…he hugged us to his sides and we got a photo. I lived to tell about it!



Truth be told, I’d heard so many stories about approaching Simon over the years, that I would have never, EVER done it on my own.  As much as I might tease him mercilessly here on the blog, and as much as I might be really hard on the guy, I do have great love and respect for him. I mean let’s face it – Duran Duran has been a huge part of my life for a very long time. I didn’t want anything to ruin my feelings. That said, Simon couldn’t really have been any nicer than he was to Amanda and I that night…and I will never forget his hearty “HEELLLLLOOOOOO” as we walked up and Krista told him who we were.  There are moments when I wonder if I’d dreamt up the entire thing, but then Amanda reminds me that she was standing right there with me and heard him say it!

Life is pretty damn ironic at times. A month ago I would have told anyone they had a screw loose if it was suggested I’d get a picture with Simon…not to mention that out of the “official” band members, he was the very FIRST.  When I think about the journey I’ve been on with this band, going to the UK twice, writing this blog….my long ago “spirited” posts with Moocher on DDF, I smile.  Sure, maybe it’s ironic, but I think it worked out exactly as it was always meant.

I hope I always remember that night. It was a long time coming and worth every second.


Duran Duran Email Blast Reactions

Did any/all of you read this month’s Duran Duran Email “Blast”?  If so, you probably read this paragraph:

“In addition to the festival shows, the band will also be participating in an LA based fundraiser for the David Lynch Foundation on April 1, performing one of their greatest and most Lynch-ian songs, as a tribute to David and his work. The event will celebrate the Foundation’s 10th anniversary of bringing transcendental meditation to heal traumatic stress and raise performance levels amongst at-risk populations around the world. There are still a few VIP tickets left, which include a pre-show event with David Lynch, cocktails, hors-d’oeuvres and a Shepard Fairey designed poster. Lend your support to a great cause here.”

As soon as I read that, I had many, many thoughts run through my head.

Greatest and most-Lynch-ian Song:

What do they mean by “greatest”?  Greatest in what sense?  Quality song?  Well-known?  Most commercial success?  Please, please tell me now.  If I think “greatest”, normally, I would go with one of their standards that everyone knows like “Rio” or “Girls on Film”.  Yet, they also included the phrase, “most Lynch-ian”.  Now, what does that mean?  We all know that David Lynch is artistic, unique, even strange.  What is your guess, fellow Duranies?  My request might be for something like The Man Who Stole a Leopard.  It fits, in my opinion.  It is a “great” song and definitely a bit “Lynch-ian”.  Dreams are free.

One Song:

Really?!?  They are traveling all the way to Los Angeles to play ONE song?  I get wanting to support a friend and a good cause but that still seems like a long way to go.  Now, of course, there are going to be people reading that will remind me that I, too, am traveling for one song.  I beg to differ, people.  I’m on vacation then and I’m going to visit my best friend.  I’m looking forward to seeing the one song but I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some old friends there just as much.  Besides, remember that I flew to the UK to see no shows in 2011, too.  This is nothing, in comparison.  Nonetheless, if the band wants to announce something else within that area during that week, I’m open.  I would be happy to support.  In fact, if the band were to have something else going on that I could attend, I would appreciate any and all announcements like now or yesterday.  I have a plane ticket to buy and it would be good to know exactly what dates I should be there.


Today, as usual, when listening to music, I had my mp3 player on shuffle.  All of a sudden, a live version of “Girls on Film” came on.  For a long time, songs that are often played live got skipped by me as I didn’t want to be truly sick of them.  I didn’t want to kill the liking of the song.  Anyway, I was folding laundry so I continued to listen to “Girls on Film”.  Soon, I stopped doing what I was doing.  Memories of Duran concerts came flooding back to me.  I realized just how much I miss them.  I miss seeing them live.  There is a part of me that really worries that seeing them perform just ONE song will cause more harm than good.  Will it make me want to see a full show MORE than I do right now?  Will it just feel like a big, fat, horrible, torturous tease?


This blast brought a lot of thoughts and reactions on my part.  I wasn’t alone, though.  I saw friends discussing what song might be played.  I also found myself exchanging a lot of emails with Rhonda about this blast but also about the latest Simon Katy Kafe and the album news of a September release date.  While the floodgates haven’t burst open yet with non-stop Duran news to discuss, there has been some Duran information to talk about.  There is nothing that feels more normal to me than exchanging countless emails with Rhonda during the day about Duran news, speculation, etc.  Maybe, just maybe, those conversations will keep us going until the ONE song at the Lynch event and after.  Key word there is “Maybe”.



Why Seeing Duran Duran Live Matters to Me

I went to a funeral this afternoon for a former colleague.  Obviously, I’m saddened by her passing and very sad that she did not get to enjoy her retirement from teaching much.  Death always seems to be a reminder, not about death but about living.  I am well aware that my time on this planet is finite.  It is limited.  This acknowledgement of reality always makes me think of my choices.  At the end of my life, will I look back on my life and appreciate the choices I have made or will I regret how I have spent my life.

This past Tuesday, I received a number of messages from my partner-in-crime about a live appearance that Duran Duran is doing in L.A. on April 1st entitled, “The Music of David Lynch”.  I didn’t hesitate one bit when I declared that I would go to the show with her.  Yes, this means buying a plane ticket and spending a big chunk of my spring break away from home.  Some have subtly or not-so-subtly questioned my motive for this.  Will the band play more than one song?  Will they even play their own music?  Will you be spending a lot of your touring money for just one song or a brief  appearance?  If so, will that be a problem later on for you?  I calmly answered those questions both to the people asking and to myself.

If you have been paying attention to this blog lately, you might have noticed that I haven’t said much about the band at all.  Rhonda has been voicing her dismay about Durantime, the lack of social media presence and more.  Have I been quiet because I feel differently than her?  Not really.  I found myself in a situation in which I was almost afraid to start talking, to start really talking, for a number of reasons. A few years ago, I posted my concerns about a lengthy time between albums.  I mentioned how the facts show that this will be the longest stretch ever in the history of Duran in which they haven’t either released an album or gone on tour.  The response was overwhelmingly critical towards me (and Rhonda when she voiced similar messages).  How dare I not be supportive?  Don’t I think they deserve a life?  Don’t I realize that art takes time?  (For the record:  My mom is an artist–I know about art and about how she has deadlines just like other professions, at least if she plans to show her work in art shows.)  Thus, I opted to keep my mouth shut for awhile.

Then, over the fall, I spent a lot of time putting together that book that Rhonda showcased in a post here last month.  It meant going back through all of my scrapbooks, this blog, massive amounts of emails and more to be able to tell the story of us, Rhonda and Amanda, to tell the story of our fandom.  I realized how much each and every tour, how each and every step of this journey has meant to me.  I was overwhelmed by the power of the memories.  I missed it all so much that I physically hurt, at times.  The grief I was experiencing was such that I actually went through the typical stages of grief, ones that the family and friends of my former colleague are now going through.  I tried to deny how long they have been “working” on the album.  I became angry–at them for not understanding how much they mean to so many of us and for not seeming like they care.  (By the way, I’m still amazed that there has never been an acknowledgement of this blog that we do each and every day or the fan events we have organized and held.)  Has all of this been a waste of my time?  My energy?  At the end of my life, will I look back at the choice to focus on my fandom so much as a mistake?  Then, of course, there was bargaining and depression.

I don’t think I ever truly got to the acceptance part.  I’m still disappointed in many of their choices.  So, why go, you might ask?  If I don’t go, who am I punishing?  Them?  They wouldn’t know or care if I didn’t go.  Heck, they wouldn’t know or care, if I didn’t do the Daily Duranie anymore either.  No, I would be punishing me.  I would be punishing Rhonda.  The truth is that touring and going to Duran related events have been some of the truly best times of my life.  I have had the most fun ever on tour.  I don’t want to let that go.  Yes, maybe, this is me denying that all of this has been a waste.  Maybe, all of this didn’t produce the results that I thought might happen.  I know this much.  I learned a lot about myself.  I learned so much about our fandom and fandom, in general, that it isn’t funny.  I gained friends and long lasting memories.

Here is what I hope for with my trip.  I’m hoping and expecting it to be fun.  After all, I get to hang out with my best friend for a few days. I get away from work and other responsibilities here at home.  And, yes, maybe, just maybe, I will have a moment that will allow me to lose some of that disappointment, some of that frustration with Duran Duran.  Maybe, I’ll remember what started me on this journey in the first place.


Back on the bike ride to ticket sales desperation

There is nothing like a last-minute show announcement or  Duran Duran concert ticket sales to get the blood pumping.

This morning, I trudged to my computer, ready to get my day going, when almost immediately I was met with notifications that I’d been tagged on Facebook posts. My jaw dropped when, out of nowhere, I read that Duran Duran was announcing a show in Los Angeles in conjunction with a Lynch Foundation event at the Ace Hotel.  I blinked (because obviously I was seeing things), shook my head a bit, re-read the post again, and then realized that DDHQ had once again outdone themselves with advance notice.

Ticket sales were to begin in AN HOUR.

Listen, I’m all for reacting quickly to news. I’m a parent. My entire life is spent reacting to things I’d tried to prepare for in advance.  Quickly, I did the math in my head, knowing that Spring Break for my kids was the week after the event (Is anyone else chuckling that the event is on April Fools Day? Irony. A-mazing.), but what did that mean for Amanda? Would she want to fly out? Would she be willing to go for the cheap seats? Would the show even be worth my time? (Wait. Stop right there. Worth my time?!? This is Duran Duran, right? Right??)

I email Amanda with our special “you’d better check this immediately” code.  What is THAT, you ask?

This is an Official Duranie Alert!

(that’s the code!)

I wait. Fifteen minutes and several of my nails later…I text her, knowing that yes, she’s probably in class, and yes, she’s almost certainly working.  It’s Duran Duran, dammit!  Would she ignore a text from John Taylor? I think not!

In the meantime, I shuttle the youngest to school, come home and realize that the ticket sales link isn’t working. Stop the presses…the  link isn’t working? For ticket sales that begin in an hour…scratch that…in twenty minutes??  I check Twitter, no one is saying much other than the couple of other people who are looking for tickets. I go to Facebook, hoping some kind soul has found the golden link and is willing to hand out such intel. No dice…in fact, oddly enough, on a post about a show in Los Angeles with sales that begin that very morning, there are oddly few posts. Less than twenty when I post for the first time…and most of those are people begging for shows in other places. I post my comment that the link doesn’t work, and only a few respond. Weird. I start wondering if I’m in an alternate universe. Maybe I dropped into a black hole last night while I slept! (I KNEW our mattress was wearing out!!) 

Finally, the phone rings. At first I’m annoyed. Don’t people realize I’m  about to buy Duran Duran tickets?  Then I recognize that it’s Amanda. AMANDA! I grab the phone, announce that I hate the band (Standard operating procedure here at Daily Duranie – and I think it’s become a bit of our password to one another. When we greet one another that way, we know we’re talking to the right person.) and then launch into a very animated retelling of the morning’s events thus far.  Even though Amanda cannot see me, my hands are moving at lightning speed, because I am Sicilian, and in my family – that means we talk with our hands. It’s a sight to behold.

After I calm down, we notice the link is finally working, and triumphantly wait to see that…wait a second…ONLY VIP tickets are being sold. Huh? Listen, I love Duran Duran. No one should probably assume otherwise despite my avid name calling…but there is no way on this Planet Earth that I am paying $1000 for tickets to see the band. No way. Especially not since they are one of about 15 other fine folks scheduled to perform or “interpret” that night. (I am secretly nervous about what that might mean at this point…)

“For a show that price, I’d have to be sitting on stage, with the band…in a recliner. :D” – Rhonda on Twitter

So it was quickly established that nothing other than VIP was being sold. As Amanda and I vented on the phone, she and I would try to pull tickets every so often, and I almost continuously pulled up the same two pairs of VIP tickets, telling me that either no one was buying, or there were only two pairs of VIP tickets available.  Odd. Still no one saying much on Facebook or Twitter. Am I the only Duran Duran fan left, or do all other LA fans have the inside track to ticket sales??

Not minding that Amanda is at work and should probably be spending her time doing a thousand other things than talking to me on the phone, we agree that if we can get tickets, she’s coming out here for Spring Break (something that, the longer we talk on the phone, the more I realize I desperately need).

Why stress now when you can stress now AND later?

As we continue chatting, another friend spots that the ticket sale has now moved to 11am and communicates this intel. Because you know…why stress now when you can stress again in an hour?  So we have a game plan, and once again, we find ourselves in the desperate act of hoping for tickets to a show.  Have we not learned a SINGLE, SOLITARY thing in the past several years??

Actually we have, which is why we’re going for the cheap seats. 🙂

“It’s like riding a bike, Rhonda, you don’t forget!” – Amanda, on fandom and ticket sales.

I need therapy. Group therapy.


BTW – we ended up with a little more expensive than “cheap seats” (I’m addicted and obviously in need of rehab. More rehab.)  Love you, Duran Duran.