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Duran Duran Fans’ Behavior: Tickets

After about a year of polls and posts regarding Duran Duran fans seeing Duran Duran live, including asking when people saw Duran Duran perform live for the first time, how many times they have seen Duran live, how many shows they saw per tour and more, I’m finally reaching the end of my questions, the end of my wonderings.  A couple of weeks ago, I asked about distance to see shows, including how far people have traveled and how far they usually travel.  This week, I want to examine tickets and ticket purchases.  Where do people usually buy tickets to see Duran Duran?  Do they use the paid fan community?  Do they use usual ticket outlets, like the U.S.’s Ticketmaster?  Do they go through ticket brokers or online auction sites like eBay?  To end that, I have a poll that allows for ease of answering!  While I have attempted to include the most common ways, I acknowledge that my list is not complete.  There is an option to indicate a way that is not listed.  Please, then, go ahead and comment about where/how you normally get your tickets.

After this week’s poll, I will go ahead and look at everything I saw and write up some observations in a future blog post.  I appreciate everyone who has participated!