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This Week in Duranland – July 14 – July 20

After last’s week excitement with Duran Duran performing at the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, this week was bound to be calmer.  While I loved, loved, loved the excitement, I knew that it might not stay that way.  Nonetheless, there were some interesting happenings this week in the Duran Duran universe.  As always, I looked into the official sites and the social media sites for my news.

First, there was a new Collector’s Corner published, which focused on the first album and the various releases of that first album, including re-releases, international releases, etc.  I found it fascinating and highly recommend reading it here.

Second, there was a new jukebox up on duranduran.com, which includes some gems like Tel Aviv and My Antarctica.  Check it out here.

Beyond official website updates, here are some other recent happenings.

Singer/songwriter, Tori Amos, covered Rio live in concert this week, which you can see/hear here.

Ask Katy has a new website!  Go check it out and sign up for her newsletter here.

Another online place to check out is Anna Ross’s Facebook page, which you can get to here.   You might just see a Duran clip or two!

Yet, I will finish this week’s summary with what I think is the best NEWS of the week!  John Taylor sent out a little tweet yesterday, which got many a Duranie all excited!  What was the big news?  He was in the studio in London with…Mr. Mark Ronson!  Now, it is no secret that the authors of this blog loved, loved, loved Duran’s last album and thought that the quality of the music proved that Mark Ronson was the right producer for Duran.  Therefore, when reading this tweet, I can’t help but to feel like all is right in Duranland.

I can’t wait to see what next week will be!!!