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Your Pride Is Dead: Buying Concert Tickets

I have a problem.  Rhonda and I have a problem.  It is March, which means that I’m ready to start touring planning.  I’m ready to figure out what hotels we are going to stay at and where we should host meet-ups.  The tour binder is just sitting on my desk silently screaming at me to start getting it ready! Of course, I say all of this knowing that our shows aren’t until July.  We won’t be attending any of the shows in March and April, much to our dismay.  The decisions for this tour weren’t easy but we opted to sit out during the spring in order to do more in the summer when I don’t have to worry about work at all.  It will be beautiful except that we have a problem.

Based on my profession, the problem is clearly not about work.  July is perfect for teachers like me.  At times, I have classes, workshops, etc. in June and August finds me getting ready for the upcoming year.  If the problem doesn’t have anything to do with work, what is the deal?  Money?  Well, the problem is connected with money.  Ah, heck, I might as well just spill it.  We are really hoping to go to the show in Toronto.  It is a city that I have always wanted to visit and it would allow us time to hang with our friend, Heather.  Yet, if you remember when those tickets went on sale, things did not go very well for us.  I was the one assigned to get those tickets and became SO frustrated by the lack of choices.  We couldn’t afford the Platinum or Gold VIP Packages.  We were aiming for Bronze, but no good seats in that section came up.  I tried everything that day.  I refreshed.  I tried looking for tickets via the Ticketmaster “use seat map to find tickets” option.  I also tried to have Ticketmaster “find me tickets” option.  I told my students to focus all of their thoughts and energy on Ticketmaster to give me good tickets that day.  Nothing worked.  In the end, I chose not to buy anything.  It just felt like WAY too much money for crappy seats.

At the time, I felt confident that I made the right call.  I had a limit in terms of how much I was willing to spend and I had a limit about how far away the tickets would be for me to buy.  The fact that I stuck to my limits seemed to prove that I wasn’t an emotional slave to my fandom.  No, I could still use logic and I could stay strong.  What a load of bullshit.  It has been a couple of months since that date of presale and now I find myself regretting that decision.  Desperation seems to be growing.  We still want to go to the Toronto show.  The question then is…how/where do we get tickets?  What do I have to do to get decent seats?!

I talk a good game.  I’m logical.  I’m in control.  I’m lying…I want my Duran Duran tickets, dang it!!!!  What do I have to do to get tickets to Toronto?  Do I need to sell my first born?  Oh wait…I don’t have kids.  Would my cat suffice?  He is kinda useless but I guess he can be cute?!  Do I have to do some sort of strange fandom ceremony where I burn some candles or stare at Duran Duran pictures while listening to Paper Gods over and over and over again?  I could do that!  Is that what it would take?  What are my other options?!  Anyone have the Devil on speed dial?  Maybe that would work?!

Of course, I do know that there might be some online sources for tickets.  Ticketmaster might have tickets and I have checked but…it is still the same problem.  No decent seats for the cost.  Oh, I could buy front row tickets there for over $1200 each.  Uh…that might be a little (LOT) over my budget.  (Who the hell really could afford that?!)  What about the 10th row seat on the far right that is selling for $495?  Uh…no.  That seems ridiculously priced for the location.  Am I wrong?!  (Don’t answer that…I don’t really want to know what you think of my insanity!)  So, it seems like Ticketmaster is not an option. What about those other resale outlets or ticket brokers?  eBay?

I admit that I have purchased tickets through both StubHub and eBay, but each time I do I am nervous.  How do I really know if those are real tickets?!  What if they aren’t?!  Then what?  I wouldn’t know until we get to Toronto.  That said, I would try if those sites had decent seats for the money.  Like those tickets on Ticketmaster, they are either really expensive or less than desirable seats.  Then what?  Ticket brokers?  I have never used ticket brokers.  On one hand, they bother me as they probably took the good seats when the tickets went on sale to begin with and now they are jacking up the price.  On the other hand, they might have tickets we would be interested in.  Can we trust them?  I have no idea.  Anyone know?!  Anyone have advice about which ones can be trusted?  Anyone have any other suggestion about where we could get tickets?  I’m happy to perform some weird Duranie ceremony if it would help…