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Reading the PIctures

Today marks the end of the set of daily questions about Duran Duran’s various DVDs. First, I asked about who had various releases before deciding which one fans like best. This got me thinking. Has Duran Duran produced all the DVDs they should have? What about music videos? Did they make enough of those? Are there songs that they should have made videos for?

DVDs that weren’t released but should have been

The first one that comes to mind, of course, is Drama Americana. According to Duran’s wiki, “Drama Americana is an unreleased Duran Duran 64 minute documentary film, directed by Gavin Elder. The documentary was filmed during the US leg of The Astronaut Tour in 2005, and Nick Rhodes said on Katy’s Kafe (March 2009) that the product is now finished and confessed he’s very pleased with the title.” I know that the Astronaut Tour was super exciting for me so I would love, love, love to see this. I have to wonder if it was never released because Andy left. There is a trailer on YouTube.

What about the Live at the Budokan from the Paper Gods Tour? We know that one was done since it aired somewhere (Japan, maybe? I cannot remember.) I’m all for live performances, especially for tours that I saw. This way I would have something to watch to remind me what those shows were like (besides my faulty memory!) You can see it on YouTube but I would love to have an actual copy with all the cool packaging, etc.

Besides the ones that we know have been created, should there be other ones and if so, what? Personally, I would have loved a DVD for each tour. Duran already has quite a few with Live at Hammersmith ’82 (for the Rio tour), As the Lights Go Down (Sing Blue Silver Tour of ’84), Working for the Skin Trade (’87), Live in Milan (for the Big Thing era of ’89), Live from London for the reunion of 2004, and A Diamond in the Mind for All You Need Is Now (2011). So, I could argue that we need one for the all the rest of the 1990s. What about that Broadway run that I mentioned yesterday? That would be a cool way to showcase the Red Carpet Massacre Tour.

What about other documentaries? I, for one, loved the Classic Albums one about the making of the Rio album. I know that they have done some DVD features for more recent albums that act in that way in which we get a little behind the scenes of the writing and recording tracks on an album. I wish we had something like that for Paper Gods, actually. One documentary possibility that I think would be super cool would be if they captured the writing and recording process. I just would love to be a fly on the wall to see and hear how it is really done. After all, I don’t think we ever really know what something is like until we see it for ourselves, especially one’s job. (It is a big pet peeve of mine as everyone in the world thinks they know what it is like to be a teacher (my job) because everyone has gone to school. Wrong.)

Videos that should have been made

Similarly to DVDs, Duran Duran has created a ton of videos. I love so many of them and could only imagine that I would love more, if they had done more. Of course, to be realistic, they cannot do one of each and every song. So, I would have to pick and choose which songs are most deserving of a video. What criteria would I use? The songs that would create the best images or visuals? The songs that fans love the most? Songs that are the best representatives of an era or a particular sound? I don’t have any easy answers. Even tougher, what if I gave a limit? What if I could only request 5 more videos? What would I choose and why?

The first song that popped in my head was Before the Rain. Not only do I love the song but I think the lyrics are amazing. I would love to see what the band would come up with for a video. In concert, they used some images of military and historical images, which I thought was cool. Could it be something like the video for New Moon on Monday? Wouldn’t that be amazing? The next song that I thought about would be Hold Back the Rain. It is a favorite of mine. That said, the Rio album already has a ton of videos for it. On top of it, maybe they wouldn’t want to do that since it was a song that Simon wrote for John. What about a song like Planet Roaring? It could be a love letter of sorts to the fans or the connection that the band has to their fans. Again, I would have to think that would be pretty awesome.

Clearly, picking songs that should have videos made is not that easy of a task. The more I think about it, the more difficult it is. What about the rest of you? What would you choose and why?


Feel It In The Air

Do you feel it? The sense that shows are right around the corner? Lately, when I have had the time to glance at social media, I notice that there has been more and more discussion about the upcoming shows. Specifically, I’m seeing more and more chatter about people’s plans for the upcoming shows. As I saw these discussions, I was reminded of how it used to be on DuranDuranMusic in which there was always a flutter of discussion before a show or tour. Initially, I felt a sense of sadness that things are not like that anymore but then I realized that there were elements of the past that I don’t miss all that much.

How many of you were on DuranDuranMusic’s message boards during the peak years of 2004-2007ish? I was as it seemed like quite the place to be. People hung out there day and night writing countless posts about various band members, the news, rumors and more. While the regular day was busy, it felt one couldn’t keep up when there were shows on the horizon. As soon as shows were announced, threads would be started that included roll calls for each and every show. The idea here was to have everyone going on a list. This seemed totally awesome and was for a lot of people. After all, wouldn’t it increase your excitement to know that a lot of your friends were going to something? I know that it does for me. After all, I check to see who is going to someone’s party when I am invited to one in my non-fandom life.

From a fandom stand point, a list of who is going is all good. It is a sign that a fan community is healthy and thriving, that a lot of people not only want to go but are planning on it. This could encourage others to make the decision to go as well. Maybe they see who is on the list and it is a lot of their friends so they pull the trigger to go, so to speak. Perhaps they just want to be a part of something that seems popular with the promise of an amazing time. It all shows that the subject of the fandom is doing well with their fans as people want to go see them or go to an event about them.

Yet, there is something about it that still bothers me. Does a list like a roll call do more than show how many fans are going? Does it also indicate a sense of popularity? I distinctly remember looking at these lists and seeing the same names over and over again. Are those the “in” fans I wondered? Are they the ones who know more or have more social status within the fan community? What if you are a fan who isn’t well-known? Do other fans just brush off your name, not caring that you are going? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that making or contributing to a list like a roll call is bad or mean-spirited. I don’t. Heck, I am sure that I have put my name on one a time or two or ten, but I always felt a little weird about it. I’m sure that it was done to do exactly what I said up above, that it was done to increase excitement or to just share how thrilled someone is about going. But for me, it felt problematic.

The roll call, itself, didn’t do much besides share who is going to a show or many shows, depending on how many roll calls were posted at one time. That said, they often had another element which was when additional information was shared like where their seats were. While I’m certain this just continued the excitement, I wonder how this would make the fans who couldn’t go or couldn’t go VIP. Maybe this was only a problem for me. Admittedly, I worried that no one would care if I was going or worse, that my presence would deter others from going.

Let me be honest. I know how those old threads made me feel. For a long time, I was not someone who could go to many shows. Then, even when I did, I couldn’t go VIP except for a couple of special shows. I remember how it felt to not be able to be a part of that. I know that no one was trying to make me or anyone else feel badly but they did. They made me feel like I just wasn’t part of the cool group and would never be. After awhile, I just started to pull back and stop trying to fit into the cool group whether on DDM or elsewhere.

About the same time that DDM started to die down, social media grew in popularity. At that time, it felt like Twitter was the place to be, especially when some band members were around, tweeting. That feeling of not being good enough stayed with me from DDM, though, which is why I opted not to say much. I didn’t even try. So, for me, I don’t really miss those roll calls even though I could include my name more than I ever did back then. It feels better this way to me.


Time for Temptation: I Need a Duran Tour!

Isn’t it time?  Don’t you all think that it is time?  What am I talking about?  Simple.  I think it is time to be plotting…I mean planning to go on “tour”, to go to multiple Duran shows.  We know that the album is coming.  We know that the first single is coming.  We know that Duran Duran is playing a number of festivals in Europe this summer.  Thus, it just seems BEYOND logical for U.S. tour dates to come out, right?  (Please note:  I would love for Duran to release tour dates everywhere in the world.  I just mention the U.S., specifically, because that is where we live.)  Tour dates would be the next usual step in the Duran Duran new album schedule, right?  I think so.  Promotional activities could surround those tour dates as well.  Again, I think that seems logical.

Beyond where Duran Duran is at in their new album process, I, personally, would love, love, love to be planning a trip, a tour, a few shows.  There are two very big reasons for this.  Well, maybe, there are three big reasons for this .  First, I got a reminder, a taste, a tease about Duran Duran live a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at the Lynch Foundation show.  Clearly, this wasn’t enough.  I need more.  I admit it.  I’m weak.  I suspect that everyone who has experienced Duran Duran Live feels the same way.  Right?  Three songs are never enough.  Heck, three shows are never enough.  This event that took place a few weeks ago leads me to reason number two.  I am a fan.  Sometimes, I question this, for whatever stupid reason is occupying my thoughts.  Yet, this show reawakened my fandom spirit.  As the band played, it was like the fan part of me was being shaken awake from a very long slumber.  Now, that my fandom is awake again, I want to see them again.  Who can blame me for that?!  The third reason I want to plotting for a tour is to have something FUN to look forward to!  (In fairness, I have a couple of fun things planned in the upcoming weeks and months.  First, I’m having Duranies over next weekend to watch some Duran related videos, talk Duran, etc.  This is ALWAYS a good time and I am very lucky to have fellow fans nearby!  Second, Rhonda and I will be trying to find time over the summer to get together.  Of course, if we had tour dates to plan for, that would help tremendously!!!)  Beyond those events, I have to admit that I really think reality sucks.  I want to look forward to escaping the day-to-day grind and the less-than-fun aspects of family, work, health, etc.

I want to be making immediate calls to my partner-in-crime in which we scream, shout, swear while calling the band names and examining tour dates to see what is possible.  I look forward to the puzzle that tour dates brings us.  What shows can we do?  How do we get to them?  Would we need to fly?  What transportation would we use?  How many hotel rooms would we need?  Where would we need them?  What about those tickets?  When are they going on sale?  Who is doing what?  I want each and every aspect of planning.  My life doesn’t feel right unless Rhonda and I are sending messages back and forth and back and forth where we can’t decide some aspect of our plan, knowing full well that we do better when we just make a plan and commit to it.  Truly, after ten plus years of touring, this plotting has not gotten old and that tease we had a few weeks ago wasn’t enough.  I know…I know.  I need to be patient.  It won’t be long now.  They are getting much closer to getting the single and album out.  I try but real life, lately, has made me less than patient.  I’m only human.  Worse yet, I’m a fan.

Thus, In order to remind all of the joys of Duran Duran live, let’s take a look at some fabulous live performances from the All You Need Is Now Tour!


Today’s Date in Duran History – Minneapolis 1989

Where were you on St. Patrick’s Day in 1989?

I can tell you where the band was!  They performed at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis.  Did any of our readers go?

Let’s see, on this date in 1989 I was in college at lovely Cal State Fullerton.  I was a freshman in college, living in the dorms.  I don’t remember a single thing about St. Patrick’s Day in the dorms that year, so I must have been fastidiously studying, not paying a single bit of attention to the holiday or festivities.

You see, the bit about being the Patron Goddess of Vodka (long story) came MUCH later…. and besides, this is an IRISH holiday!!

Moving right along…anybody at that Minneapolis show??