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Lesser Known Duran Duran Songs: Demos

The other day, a Facebook friend of ours posted the following demo on our timeline:

If you aren’t familiar with this one, it is a demo of the song, Be My Icon, from the Medazzaland era.  Unlike the final song, the demo has very different lyrics and features John Taylor on vocals.  This demo has been featured on a variety of bootlegs, including Out of my Mind – The Final Mixes, You’re Now Entering Into Medazzaland, Medazza Sessions, and Here Today Gone Tomorrow.  It seemed to me, based on the reactions from other people, that there were a number of fans who have never heard this.  This got me thinking that there might be other songs to showcase and share.  Therefore, this post will showcase some of those songs with, potentially, more posts to follow in upcoming weeks.

Anything For You:

This one was a demo during the Notorious era.  Like the last demo, this one is also featured on a number of bootlegs, including Out of Notorious, Notorious Demos, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Behaviour, Proposition, and Notorious:  The Demo Sessions.

My Family:

This is a demo from Liberty.  Interestingly enough, this one was performed once in Denmark at the Skanderborg Music Festival on August 13, 1989.  It is featured on a number of bootlegs, including Didn’t Anybody Tell You?, The Liberty Sessions, De Panne 89, Denmark:  Skanderborg Festival Aug. 13, 1989, First Impressions, and The Liberty Mixes.

P.L. You

This is a song that was performed during the Thank You album era, including the TV performance above.  This song was featured on the following bootlegs:  B-Sides &Rarities, Medazzaland Sessions, Medazzaland Demos, People Like You, Radio Promo 95, Thank You, Philly…., Burning the Ground:  B-Sides, Medazzaland:  Demos & Sessions, The B-sides and Beyond Vol. 2, Boston 6-3-95, and Thank You Demos.

Matter of Fact

This is a demo from the Wedding Album era.  It is featured on the following bootlegs:  Four on the Floor, The Wedding Demos and A Matter of Fact (bootleg).

TV vs. Radio

This is a demo from the Astronaut era.  It, along with the other unreleased demos from that era, are included in a number of bootlegs like Beautiful Colours, Another Astronaut – The Demos, Oh My God What’s Thus:  Astronaut Studio Sessions & Demos Volume 2, In Deep Space, The Sound of 2004, and Astronaut Demos.

I, for one, would love to hear demos from the band’s most recent works, especially All You Need Is Now.  Have you heard these before?  What do you think of them?  Would you like to hear more rare Duran Duran songs?