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Duran Duran History – The Snake Returns

Duran Duran History for today, December 24 – as an early Christmas “gift” to the band and their fans, The Union of the Snake re-enters the UK charts and peaked at number 66 on this day in 1983.

I’m sure none of us have heard that song enough, so I’m including the video here. By now everyone must be sick of Christmas songs anyway, so give it a listen. Play it loud and proud while you’re playing Santa tonight! (maybe not TOO loud…)


The Ranking of the Singles: UK Charts vs. Fans

Last week, I compared Duran Duran’s singles success in the UK and in the US.  In general, Duran has done much better in the UK than in the US.  I could speculate the reasons why but they would just be guesses on my part based on what I know about the US vs. the UK.  One fact that might have made a big difference, at least, initially, was that Duran is from the UK and got a lot more attention and press there when they first started whereas it took years for the majority of people to really pay attention here in the US.  All of that said, I wonder how their chart success compares to how their FANS would rank their singles.  A couple of months I asked Duranies to rank the singles in order of preference.  I then compared those rankings to Duran’s success in the US, which you can read here.  Now, it is time to compare the fans vs. the UK.

Single                               UK Chart Peak                             How Fans Ranked

All She Wants Is                9                                                        28th

All You Need Is Now       Unknown                                     3rd

A View to a Kill                  2                                                        14th

Burning the Ground      31                                                      30th

Careless Memories       37                                                       8th

Come Undone                  13                                                      13th

Do You Believe in Shame   30                                              15th

Electric Barbarella          23                                                      32nd

Falling Down                     52                                                      27th

Girls on Film                       5                                                         6th

Girl Panic                           Unknown                                       16th

Hungry Like the Wolf    5                                                        17th

I Don’t Want Your Love   14                                                      22nd

Is There Something…       1                                                       11th

Meet el Presidente           24                                                     35th

My Own Way                       14                                                    25th

New Moon on Monday    9                                                     12th

Notorious                                 7                                                     18th

Ordinary World                   6                                                      5th

Out of my Mind                  21                                                    29th

Perfect Day                          28                                                    24th

Planet Earth                         12                                                    1st

The Reflex                              1                                                       7th

Rio                                              9                                                       4th

Save a Prayer                        2                                                    2nd

Serious                                     48                                                 25th

Skin Trade                               22                                                  30th

Someone Else Not Me    54                                                 34th

Sunrise                                       5                                                  9th

Too Much Information      35                                                 20th

Union of the Snake             3                                                     19th

Violence of Summer         20                                                    33rd

What Happens Tomorrow  11                                             23rd

White Lines                          17                                                   21st

Wild Boys                               2                                                      9th

What songs reached the top spot in the UK?  The Reflex and Is There Something I Should Know?  Were those high on the fans’ list?  They weren’t terrible but they weren’t great.  The Reflex did better at the 7th favorite versus ITSISK that ranked 11th.

What are other songs that hit the top 5?  Number twos were:  Wild Boys (Ranked 9th), Save a Prayer (Ranked 2nd), and A View to a Kill (Ranked 14th).  The number three was:  Union of the Snake (Ranked 19th).  Number fives were:  Sunrise (Ranked 9th), Hungry Like the Wolf (17th), and Girls on Film (Ranked 6th).  Obviously, the fans were close to the chart positions on a couple of songs:  Save a Prayer and Girls on Film.  Others showed a big difference from chart success to being loved by fans, especially Union of the Snake and Hungry Like the Wolf.

What about the opposite?  How did the fans’ favorites do on the charts?  Planet Earth (peaked at 12), Save a Prayer (peaked at 2), All You Need Is Now (Unknown–it sounds like this song wasn’t released as a single there), Rio (peaked at 9), and Ordinary World (peaked at 6).  In general, though, fan favorites did pretty well on the charts.

What does this show?  I think it shows that fan favorites match more to the UK charts than the US charts.  Why is this?  I don’t know.  One thing could be that fans take the entire catalog into consideration and the US charts didn’t.  They really only focused on a few albums.  The UK charts, on the other hand, show that Duran had success there throughout the band’s career as opposed to just a few years.  What do you think?  Why do the fans match the UK charts better?


Today in Duran History

Today I have a Duran history tidbit that is finger licking good!!  (shout out to my pal Krista…this one is for YOU, my friend!)

On this date in 1993, Come Undone reached it’s peak of #13 on the UK charts.  Anyone know where it peaked in the US or elsewhere??  Go ahead and chime in with comments!

A fan favorite, it is done live fairly often (like almost all the time) on tour…it is one of Amanda’s least favorite songs ever, and Rhonda likes it, sans the aforementioned finger licking. (Avert the eyes! Avert the eyes!) Ah, we joke, we kid, we even tease…but we love.