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Too Much is Never Enough

So last night, Duran Duran played Budokan in Tokyo. For a place that the band seems to really enjoy visiting, like so many other areas of the world, they do not seem to visit Japan very often. I think the last appearance there was in 2010 for a conference (I believe this may have been a private gig, but I’m not positive), and before then they played Tokyo in 2009. (Yes, I looked this up because there is absolutely no way I would ever remember this kind of thing. My brain is full.)  The band seems happy to be in Japan again, with Dom commenting last night that it was a dream of his to play Budokan.

During their time there, I’ve seen a few comments here and there from some of our Australian fellow fans. Suffice to say no one is happy that the band is not making the trek to Australia and/or New Zealand while in that area of the world. What boggles my mind though, is the anger towards America, and American fans as a result. In fact, I’ve seen other fans comment in response that the band must be tired ending the tour as a direct result of how much time they’ve spent in America.

That’s right. It’s America’s fault for continuing to line their pockets and fill whatever venues they need filled for shows. It is absolutely the fault of the U.S. for being just over 1 million square miles, or about 2.6 million square km larger than Australia, not to mention Japan and even Europe, with dozens of large cities that are not closely connected. It is also America’s fault that the worldwide media/entertainment industry is headquartered there, and the US dollar seems to still matter on a global level. Naturally, there are also comments about how DDHQ is located in New York, of all places. Surely that must be the reason for the obvious favoritism, on top of everything else. Those damn Americans!

Of course I’m being facetious, but I’m also frustrated. We hear about how terrible we are, and how unfair it is that the band  chooses to be here after every single tour is announced. It is to the point where I nearly wince when the band announces U.S. shows.

If we’re going to point fingers, look at the promoters in whatever country we’re talking about. Simon and John, for instance, do not sit down, spin a globe and decide where to go based on where it stops. There’s no grand scheme here to leave out entire continents. It comes down to dollars, timing, and the willingness of promoters to book them. I can’t answer why promoters aren’t knocking down their doors to book them in places like Australia, or most of Europe. I think the markets in those places of the world must be very different. Bottom line is that it is not 1985. The world has changed, the music industry has changed, and, like it or not—the band has changed too. While we still think they’re the biggest and best band in the world, it would seem that concert and tour promoters do not. Right or wrong, it is the way it is.

I’m sorry that Duran Duran didn’t tour everywhere.I am very empathetic to other Duranies, and yes, it IS unfair. While I’m frustrated at the moment, I also care about fans in general. On the other hand, I can’t help but be thankful that the band comes here so often because yes, I love them too.  In some ways, I feel as though I should apologize for their frequent visits here, which is ridiculous because I have no control over what they do. Sometimes I think people would appreciate it if Amanda and I came out and told the band that they shouldn’t visit the U.S and spend the time elsewhere.

First of all, the band isn’t going to listen to us because—and I’m thankful for this—I am not a tour promoter or a band manager. I’m a mom, blogger, and fan. Secondly, it isn’t because they toured  America more than once that they didn’t visit Europe, or Australia, or even why they didn’t do more dedicated shows in South America.  I know it is convenient to just blame those “damn Americans” but let’s get real for just a minute before everyone goes back to hating. The band is able to book a plethora of shows here and have them well attended enough to pay their bills AND make a profit.  They can play a variety of different places over an extended period of time, and since the U.S. is one large country, I suspect the logistics with paperwork and so forth is a bit easier, too. All of it adds up to money and turning a profit. Like it or not, the band makes their living that way, as do the hundreds of people who work for them in one way or another.

I get it. America is the scapegoat, and if fans really feel like they need to blame someone or somewhere, we’re an easy target. I just wish fans spent a little more time thinking about why Duran Duran might continue touring here, rather than just blaming America for all the places the band has missed.



If You Can’t Destroy It, Might As Well Enjoy It

Bottom of Pants
These bright pants and the bloggers who wore them didn’t turn the head of a single soul tonight (likely because they didn’t leave their hotel room!!) Guess who!!

Amanda and I decided to do two things for this blog today: talk about the tour, and go shopping.


As you can probably tell, we have taken our fashion cues directly from the masters.  We figured that if we emulated them in the 80s with our white Capezio jazz shoes, fedoras and bleached bangs…why not go the full Monty with the delightfully colored lounge wear, also known as business attire.  For them.

Granted, our choices are not exactly the same, but they never quite were in the 80’s.  In fact, we highly encourage everyone to go out and find their own brightly colored lounge wear and send us your photos, whether to our gmail, our Facebook page, or even Twitter. We will gladly retweet them! (and if you only want to send your bottom half photo that’s fine too).

We want to take a second to apologize for the grainy, poor quality and bad lighting of the video. We’re working under “less than optimal” conditions!  If you don’t quite get the references here on the blog or even in the video, you should probably go back and read the last few days of the blog.  If you don’t think this is funny, well…we can’t help you. We’re too tired to even try!  We know we look particularly haggard in the video, and after driving from Canada to Tinley Park, Illinois all in one day—we’re too tired to even care!

Ten days and counting until we get back together for the second half… (we’re going to use the time to properly cleanse the system for more!)

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this half of our tour. We really appreciate the support and kindness of everyone, whether you’re our friends, met us for the first time on this tour, or didn’t even know our names. Cheers!!


We’re off to get some sleep!

-A & R