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Back to School, Back to Reality.

I sense a new school year upon us.

I wish I could say I were more thrilled about this, but I am not. The other parents stand at the park, gabbing away with the other moms as they excitedly remind the rest of us that school starts the next week. I’m usually the one groaning in response. Relishing the new school year is not for me.

I hate schedules. I don’t enjoy waking up early to my alarm. Never mind that my natural wake up time is 7:30 no matter what. I really don’t enjoy making lunches, or dealing with the drop-off line, or the pick-up line for that matter. I especially despise homework and the time it takes away from family to get it done.

Which are all reasons why I continue to homeschool, I suppose. We still have a schedule though, which is annoying. I like the “anything goes” part of summer, where I can be flexible with what needs to happen and when. Deciding at the last-minute to go to the beach, or see a movie are the best parts of summer break. I love camping and feeling like we can just GO.

This summer, however, had precious little of any of that. That must be why I’m struggling to believe that by Friday, I need to be back to a normal schedule. I need to be finished reading a few of the books I plan to use this semester, and I need to be ready to work on effective note taking and listening. The idea of forcing the youngest be up by 6:30 and ready to leave the house by 7:30 is not a happy thought. No more lazy days for her, and definitely not for me. Who wants any of that???

I think the same has got to hold true for Duran Duran. Aside from the couple of one-off shows and private gigs, they haven’t toured since last September when they were in Japan. Have they set foot in a studio, or even jammed together?  I don’t know. It’s probably better that way. What I do know for sure is that no matter what one does, it is hard to return back to work after a good vacation.  (It’s even tough to return after a bad one!)

This is the same whether you’re a rock star, a mom, or even a teacher. (Ask Amanda, she’ll tell you!) Getting back to a daily grind can be painful, even if you love your job to pieces. Once you make peace with the idea that this is happening, the train is moving and you gotta get on board, I suppose it gets easier. That first step though? Ouch!

I’m not saying that it’s time the band return to the studio or whatever they’ve got planned. For all I know, they already have been working their precious little fingers to the bone. Maybe they’re relishing a well-needed break. It really doesn’t matter, except that I just know how tough it is for me, and probably Amanda – who left her lunch at home on the very first day back – to get back into it. I kind of wonder to myself if it is the sort of thing where, the longer you’re away from it, the tougher it is to get going again.

Go ahead and ask how much writing and web re-design I finished this summer. Not a single thing. I completed my entire to-do list for the house though. Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel more accomplished, either. It isn’t that I haven’t thought about writing. I just can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and start again. I am so keyed up about family stuff I can’t sit still. Reading and writing don’t hold my attention. The idea of starting again overwhelms me. I don’t even feel motivated. Maybe I’ve been away from it too long? Perhaps it is just that I have too much on my plate and I can’t concentrate. Oddly, the idea of being able to focus on something academic for my daughter rather than how many weeks it will take to sell this house is almost welcome.

Ask me about that in another week to ten days. I may have changed my mind by then.