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Is This the Napster Moment of Live Gigs?

It’s Thursday. I have to keep reminding myself of what day it is, because like everyone else currently in residence on the globe, I find it difficult to keep track.

The one thing – and it is a very small thing – I do know, is that I miss events. Getting together with friends, going to dinner, having drinks, leaving my front gate, the live gig. My fear of the virus (I’m not going to lie – I have zero fear of this virus itself, but I recognize many of you out there might.) isn’t about my family becoming ill or dying, it is about the effects it has had on our lives going forward.

In my state of California, we’re getting quite a bit of news about how the state is beginning to plan for what comes next. How will we “reopen”? What will or will not be allowed? The discussion is not an assertion that the state is opening today or tomorrow, but is more of a broad discussion of a roadmap of what will be done when the right time arrives, and what that moment will look like. So, along with that has been talk about large events such as concerts, trade shows, festivals right on down to summer community events like Concerts in the Park, or Fourth of July picnics. State, county and city officials have been noted as saying that they don’t expect concerts to be back in the picture until at least 2021, and if there’s no working and readily available vaccine by then – not even at that time.

Clearly, this is the time for creativity and innovation. I try to remind myself of this every single day. We may very well have our lives changed in this moment (although right now, “this moment” doesn’t feel at all brief), but there have been great signs of adaptation and innovation along the way. People are “meeting” virtually, classes are being wholly taught online, graduations and other ceremonies are being rethought and reconfigured, and yes – many artists are buying into this challenge with gusto. Rather than simply waiting for things to return to normal, which could be years away at this point – thus outliving the shelf span for many – they’re taking to the ’net, and connecting with fans in new ways.

Live events, and/or event planning on the backend, is an enormous industry. Innovations absolutely must be made. Who is up for the challenge and how will it all pan out? Interestingly enough, this morning, as I continued on my daily quest of staying out of politically motivated conversations about the virus and so forth, I stumbled across an online panel on SBC regarding the very subject.

Oisin Lunny (technology and music journalist) hosted the panel and was joined by Ted Cohen (technology consultant and former music executive), Muki Kulhan (Executive Digital Producer), John Textor (CEO of Facebank Group), Scott Cohen (CIO of Warner Music Group- you may have heard of them??) and Nathan Newman (Creative Marketing and Media Consultant for the Social Broadcasting Network).

Notably, the challenge isn’t IF live music will survive, but rather, how? What form will it take? Nearly one of the first questions posed by Scott Cohen (again, you all should recognize the company he works for – it’s Warner Music!) is whether or not this is the “Napster” moment for the live music industry in the same way there was a “Napster” moment for recorded music.

The answer comes back to artists being innovative and able to improvise during this time in order to connect with their audience in new ways. Those that adapt quickly will survive. Those who choose to wait it out may not find a space for them once this pandemic is over. 2021 is a long time to wait. (and remember, if there is no vaccine, there are likely not to be concerts!)

Scott gave a couple of examples of artists who are already excitedly embracing this revolution. Dua Lipa appeared on the “Late Late Show” recently, and I have to say – I was very, very impressed. Not only did she show up, she did it with style and grace, alongside her band AND her dancers. You’ve got to see it to believe it:

As Muki Kalhan aptly put it, there is a challenge to “stay on air”. We’ve all seen it – shows such as the Late Late Show with James Cordon, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, or even Ellen – have all moved from the studio into the home. They’re figuring out how to create entertainment with whatever they’ve got, and what they’ve “got” is themselves. Sure, this wasn’t all done in a single live chat, video latency and lag would have been a mess. Each participant likely sent their own video and it was all synced together for broadcast. Watch for yourself, but I thought the performance was great.

The performances I have seen as of late have relied on acoustics. Artists play the music for what it is. Their voices are as nature intended, so to speak. Somehow, that near nakedness connects with fans. Their willingness to show up without hair, makeup, lights and sound techs and just be themselves speaks volumes. Turns out, smoke, mirrors and all of the character in the world isn’t quite enough right now. In the end, talent matters. Slick styling and glossy images aren’t going to sell nearly as much as the ability to find and sell your authentic self through a webcam. Content regains it’s rightful position as king. For some, like Dua Lipa, it looks easy. Others who may not have grown up in the age of Instagram or YouTube might not find it quite so.

The same questions matter now as they did in the 80s. Scott Cohen asked, “How did Madonna reach and connect with so many utilizing video?” I’d ask the same about Duran Duran. (shame that Cohen forgot the true Video Vanguards…) All of that innovation they, and others like them had back then, needs to come out in blazes right now.

Sure, there’s a real worry that live events will not return. “Death by Zoom” is a authentic, primal, fear, and not just in the music industry. Even so, there are still questions like “How do we “enjoy” each other? Meeting up online for drinks is obviously not the same as meeting in person and grabbing coffee. Just as a review, many of things we once eschewed and balked, from MP3s to streaming, cable TV to YouTube, have not only been made readily available, but are now embraced by the general public and beyond.

Virtual meetings are meant as an enhancement to real life, but during months of a pandemic, those that are able to be open minded, rise to the challenge and figure out how to use it best will be the winners during the years to come.


I light my torch and wave It – video for New Moon filmed 34 years ago!

Not even gonna lie, I love to light my torch and wave it for the New Moon on Monday.

This darn song. It got me from the very first listen. The video certainly did NOTHING to stop me as it was filmed in France on this day in 1984.

Yes, I know the band apparently hates this video. “The dancing” they say. Oh please, Simon. We see you and Mr. “Danceophobia-arms” John Taylor at every single show. Yes, the dancing. We love you for it.

I. Love. It.

Naturally, it’s not JUST the video. I adore the anthemic nature of the song. It is like a giant “call to arms” for all Duran fans.

(note to band: Planet Roaring could have TOTALLY been the follow-up. I’m sad you missed the opportunity to send the song blazing at every single show. Alas…I’ll get over it. Eventually.)

I did love every single second of singing New Moon on Monday at the top of my lungs on the Paper Gods tour, though. There was something very special about hearing the absolute roar go up from the crowd when Sunrise would morph into New Moon. It woke the crowd up as we were transported back to 1984. I felt my teenage energy bursting at the seams, and I just know that the crowd must have been glowing for the band every single night when they’d sing this song. So sure, I’m going to watch the video today. I need no excuse, but anytime I can celebrate another year of my torch being lit because of this song and video in my life, I’ll do it!


Happy Birthday to Me – it’s video day!

Today is a strange day for me. I’m blogging, and it is my birthday. Normally Amanda blogs on my birthday, alas, she is at work. I’m also at work. Work is exhausting.

So, here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to watch videos!! The parameters are that these are some of my favorite Duran Duran music videos, and they aren’t in any particular order.

Yes, I went there. I had to. It was the first Duran Duran video I ever saw, and believe it or not, it is still a favorite. 🙂  No eye-rolling here. (You’re welcome, Nick.)

Look at the thumbnail and tell me you don’t know why I picked it.

There probably isn’t another DD song or video that gives me more joy. I need joy.

It’s beautiful. That is all.

When I think of Duran Duran, this is the first video that pops into my head. I will forever see them in silk suits and tans…and when I picture Simon LeBon, this is the image I see.  I smile nearly every time.

It has occurred to me that I could have easily just put up a link to their first video album. Funny how those first videos have stuck with me forever as favorites.

Moving on…

I just love the black and white.

I will forever equate this video with the memory of Amanda and I being met with thunder, lightning and hail in the UK as we walked through the same cemetery they filmed in. I still chuckle when I think about it…forgive me as I squee and brag that I also got to see this room in person!

Gonna end this with Burning the Ground. As much as I still don’t know that I love this mishmash, I still like the video because it reminds me of everything they were…and everything they became.

I’m off to watch Live from London now (I wrote this yesterday)…which was released in the UK, Europe and Australia on THIS day (November 7th) in 2005.



Electric Barbarella finishes filming in 1997

I feel free!  Summer may now begin! Now that the graduation festivities are over and I have another high school graduate on my hands, I’m ready.

It felt really good to see Gavin cross the stage and get his diploma on Saturday, and I’m really thankful that most of my family was there to see it, including my brother-in-law, who spent quite a bit of time in the hospital recently. He’s doing really well though, and we have great hopes that he’ll receive the bone marrow transplant he needs in the coming months. Until then, we treasure whatever time we have together.

Next on the summer “fun” list is Gavin’s 18th birthday, and then 4th of July, which is my favorite holiday, and then I pick Amanda up from the airport for an extended weekend of fun and road tripping to the bay area. I’m excited to see the shows, but I’m also really looking forward to not being in a hurry to get from one place to the next. We are leaving early enough to have time to ourselves, and the same holds true for on the way home. I am hoping it will feel like a real getaway rather than a race, even though the two shows are GA.  We may be waiting in line, but hopefully we will be amongst friends and have a good time chatting the weekend away. I’m not going to think much beyond that because I want to savor every moment.

So, for today – I have a moment in history to think about. On this date in 1997, filming for video for “Electric Barbarella” was completed.

I never really fell in love with this video, and I think it’s one of the pieces that really tends to stir up a fair amount of controversy amongst fans. The woman is a robot, looks an awful lot like Barbie, and the song lyrics are enough to make you wonder just what is meant by the song. Is it all just for fun, or is there another message?



Happy Birthday John!

June is a very busy birthday month!  Today I get to wish The Bass God (that’s John Taylor, in case you lost track) a very happy birthday!!

I have only met John once, during an album signing for Astronaut. (I own the disjointed voice he may or may not have heard from somewhere in the crowd say, “It’s a beautiful album, John!)  My partner-in-crime has been in vicinity to him a few more times than I  Once even close enough for him to sign our In the Pleasure Groove books (mine has a lovely doodle of an American flag in it, too. :D).   She even has a picture with him, which still thrills me!  However, today is my day to blog, so there’s not really any exciting stories to tell.  Maybe next year! 😉

So, we’ll celebrate with some special John Taylor videos instead.

Let’s see…

Gotta go with the JT cameo to begin with, because his grin cracks me up.

In fair play, I must also choose a Power Station video…which led me to Get it On.


That got me thinking about John’s solo career, and one of my very favorites is Hey Day.  I wonder why?  🙂

And while I was thinking about Hey Day, I remembered riding the train from Birmingham to Edinburgh so that I could go to the Glasgow show.  A little known fact is that one of my very favorite songs to watch John play is Careless Memories.   That bass line just doesn’t stop.  He’s brilliant.

Naturally, as one does….while I was thinking about watching John, I remembered how much, er…enthusiasm….he brings to Danceophobia.  Because really, if you’re gonna play that song, you’d better sell it, right?  And John does.  So this is from the Berkeley show I went to in the fall of 2015. I am not sure if this shows John (YouTube was misbehaving for me today so I couldn’t preview it first), but if you ever have the chance to see the band and they play Danceophobia….he dances with more enthusiasm in his pinky finger than I do in my entire body. 🙂

Lastly, I couldn’t help but give my John-girls what they really want.

He’s strapped to a car.   You’re welcome.

The happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Taylor…with many years of health, happiness and music to come, I hope. Cheers!!







Countdown to Paper Gods – Ten!!!

TEN DAYS (and I mean it this time!)

We are really and truly almost to the glorious end of this seemingly never-ending wait, people!!!  In ten days, we will all be clamoring around our respective CD players, computers, phones, car stereos, etc and listening to an entire album filled with brand new Duran Duran music. Can you believe it?!?

Personally, I am chomping at the bit to discuss the album, gain insights from others, contemplate lyrics and marvel at the band’s career. I’m looking forward to reading and hearing what everyone thinks of the new music, and naturally – I’m very excited about the upcoming shows and tour, too!

Until then, Amanda and I have daily delights for anxious fans to partake in order to pass the time, and today we suggest watching videos!!

Rather than posting every video the band has done here or assuming everybody has that kind of time, I suggest watching your favorites from within each era, so that’s what I have done here for your viewing enjoyment!
Note that these are not necessarily my favorite…but I chose them purely based on what I wanted to watch today!

Happy watching!!  Only ten more days to go!!


Today in Duran History – Election Day Video

On this date in 1985, Arcadia finished filming the video for Election Day.  This song, of course, was the first single off of Arcadia’s So Red the Rose album and did quite well on the charts.  The video was directed by Robert Christian and was influenced by Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film, La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast).  It was shot in Paris.

Here is a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the video:

There were lots of interesting imagery, scenes and visuals.  Thoughts?  Reactions?


Love Never Felt so Good – Jackson/Timberlake

It’s rare that I discuss other bands or artists here on the blog, but I kind of thought this deserved special mention.

Have you heard the new Michael Jackson song that features Justin Timberlake…and more importantly, have you seen the video?  It’s all over Twitter this morning, and so I decided to take a peek.

I heard the song itself on Monday night when it was used on Dancing with the Stars – not a show I normally watch, but I was flipping channels and caught it.  I have to say that I like the song. It reminds me very much of Michael’s older work.  I hear a lot of “Rock with You” in there, and I really like that. I have no doubt that the song, the album, and just about anything else they can squeeze the life out of will be exploited well beyond reason, which makes me incredibly sad, but the song is good. It’s Michael….and oh yes, it features Justin too.

I watched the video this morning. Granted, I’m not a Justin fan and I really don’t get his part in the video. Yes, I know he sings on the song, but for me even that seems to be a carefully placed afterthought. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he does a good job, because he does. (It’s his type of music and he performs extremely well. It’s not like he’s actually trying to sing on a Duran Duran song or something!  Oh wait…) I just think his part wasn’t necessary.  (Please see the above comment about exploitation.)  However, that wasn’t what really set me off this morning to write this blog.

As I watched the videos, I must admit that at several points I found myself watching the clips of his old videos and feeling pretty melancholy. I wasn’t ever a huge Michael Jackson fan. My sister might even say that I couldn’t stand him. That’s not exactly true, I was just sick to death of hearing about him during a time when I felt that Duran Duran ruled the world…but that’s OK. I was young and didn’t quite get it, I suppose.

I don’t think you can really be a music fan or a fan of the American Dance movement and not see the genius that took place every time Michael performed. Overexploited? Yes. Without a doubt…but still brilliant in every single way. As my daughter Heather’s dance instructors have always told her since the very day Michael passed – when you watch Michael Jackson, you are seeing the same moves we use today, and he was the reason we do them.  Musically, Michael is *the* reason people like Justin Timberlake got into music – you can hear that influence consistently in his work.  So while I may not pay homage to the man in the same way I do Duran Duran, I have great respect for his music and talent.

So, getting back to that video – as I watched, it felt just a little creepy to me. I couldn’t decide if I was disgusted that once again Michael continues to be exploited even after his death, or that I was annoyed Justin Timberlake needed to take center stage…or that it was all just way too soon.  In some ways, I suspect the latter.  Michael died on June 25, 2009 (I googled it – no, I don’t just have these things in my head!), and while it has been nearly five years, I found that watching other very talented dancers doing his moves while his own videos played in the background just a little…well…sad.

I think to Duran Duran.  How would I feel if it were them? I don’t even like to think about that.  But truly? How would I feel if a label took their most iconic videos, like Rio or Hungry Like the Wolf put them together while someone like Justin – who claims to be just as influenced by DD as Michael (I really don’t buy that, by the way) did a duet with Simon…and not only Simon, but Simon post-mortem?  Granted, Simon’s not a big dancer (unless you’re counting that chicken dance….hey…did you know it’s National Chicken Dance day??), but even so…a label will do whatever they need to do to milk the last bit of life out of something.  If THAT doesn’t give you the shivers on this Wednesday, nothing will.  But really, how would YOU feel?

I’d hate it. With a passion. I’m not really sure five years could make that work for me, either.

So to recap: Yes on the song…and a very sad no on the video.






Today in Duran History – The Reflex

My friend Jessica will love (too strong a word, maybe??) me for pointing out that on today’s date in 1984, parts of The Reflex were filmed.

I won’t lie. I LIKE the video for The Reflex.  I always imagined what I might have been like in that audience. (I’d have lost my teenage mind, I’m sure) I wonder what it was like to be in the arena, knowing that if you were anywhere near the front – you’d be seen in a DD video for all eternity.  I can certainly think of worse things!  And then there’s John Taylor, all up on stage and cute in his red/silver/white jacket/shirt/I-really-don’t-know-what-to-call-it up there with his bleached bangs and cheekbones, alongside Simon and Andy, with Nick and Roger towards the back but still ever-present.   I still like the video.  How could I not?

The Reflex on YouTube

Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she’s falling

I need to thank the London Evening Standard for publishing an interview with the band. Just as I was about to scrape the bottom of idea barrel in search of a decent blog topic – there comes an interview. Coincidence? Maybe….or else those ceremonial offerings to the Duranie Gods are beginning to actually work!

If you haven’t caught the interview yet, please allow me to direct you here to read it.  I’m not going to comment on everything, but I do want to touch on a subject that has been mentioned more than a few times as of late. The interview, at least in part, seemed to center around the band’s younger years (due to Denis O’Regan’s Careless Memories pop-up gallery and photography book) and how they would find girls hiding in their wardrobes, hotel rooms, etc.  In the interview, Simon admits Duran Duran were “sexist”. “But not misogynist. We like girls in bikinis but the women always win in our videos. We wouldn’t have made the Robin Thicke video. It’s just a bit too …” He gropes for the word, his hand a claw of agony, “… you know.”

Oh, I do know. Sometimes, I swear the band knows what I’m thinking, and if I were really deluding myself, I’d swear they were reading my discussions on Twitter.

Just a few weeks back, similar comments from Simon were also in the press. I couldn’t help but agree with him and said as much openly on Twitter. I’d commented many weeks prior that at least in theory – that Robin Thicke’s video was probably a mistake. Maybe I’m just getting old and less tolerant overall, but his video is just a little bit (a lot really) over the line for me. I think there is just a certain tone to his video – the fact that the man wins (using Simon’s words!) and that the woman really seems to not be in control, that registers pretty highly on my “this is complete sexist and cruel BS” meter. It makes me very uncomfortable to watch, in a very similar way to how I’ve felt about Chris Brown. I realize that for Robin Thicke, that video is likely just an act, but that’s not the point. Why do women really need to be used like that?? What year is this again?? I’d said as much on Twitter, and gotten into quite a discussion with a few others on the subject. We never came to full agreement, but I enjoyed the subject – just not the frustration of having to explain my thoughts in 140 characters or less. Damn Twitter.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, because I’m forgetting to mention that when those comments of Simon’s became public, the response and outcry was rather swift. “What about Girls on Film, Simon?? Did we forget all about that Duran Duran video then?”  

Yes, what about that video?

This was exactly the point of discussion when I took to Twitter at a later date about Simon’s comments. Yes, Girls on Film (to begin with) does seem to be a bit of a problem when looking back on Duran’s career as one reflects on Simon’s feelings about Robin Thicke’s video. The women in the video are put in various situations including a lovely little pillow fight while on a cream-slathered candy striped pole (oh, the subtle innuendo), a cowgirl riding and then giving a horse a bath…a sumo-wrestler being massaged after losing a fight…and my personal favorite, the lifeguard “saving” a young woman drowning in a kiddy pool.  And that’s just the R rated version. If you want to really see something, the “Night” version has even more going on backstage…but I’ll leave that to you to find if you haven’t already seen it. In the interview linked above, Simon mentions that in their videos – the women “win”. To be fair, I suppose it is possible to see that the women do end up in control of whatever situation they seem to be put in here. After all, it IS the lifeguard who ends up being left in the pool, and who is riding the horse but the woman?? Again…I cringe at the innuendo, but yes, the woman do seem to be on top. (Go ahead, cringe at my play on words!)

However, not all fans see it that way, and to be equally fair – I think they too have a point.  Why make a video like Girls on Film at all? Was the music not enough to stand on it’s own? Probably not, I’d say. I love the band and adore their music..but back in the 80s?? Getting attention meant taking the risk to shock the public. If you’ve ever seen the full length video, you know that at the end of it the entire band holds up a banner that says “Some people will do anything to sell records.” That alone speaks volumes to me as a viewer, and by the way…it worked! Continually throughout the bands career, the “sex” label has been stamped on their heads or branded across their bodies. When you consider the sheer amount of videos, albums, artwork, etc. that they have had in their career that contain images of women…it’s pretty impossible to say that the band is not sexist, which to his credit, Simon openly admits.

However, and I think this is a huge point most fans (among many others) that have criticized Simon’s comments miss, or at the very least misdefine: Misogyny is a pretty strong word. The definition of a misogynist, according to dictionary.com, is a person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.” To me, it’s tantamount to calling someone a homophobe or a racist. It runs in that same vein of hatred, and I have to ask: does the band really hate women?  Think about that for a minute.

Even if you think the Girls on Film video completely objectifies women – which it very well might – the women do seem to end up with the upper hand. If we look at other female images that the band has given us over the years, it would seem that the women almost always look stronger than the band. How about Rio? That woman in Rio makes each band member look ridiculous! She yanks Simon off the boat, Nick can’t even bring himself to pour champagne properly, poor Roger ends in some sort of a fish net, and then there’s John – who daydreams about being a soldier, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by yes, a woman. Such weaklings. This band does not hate women. They are not misogynists, even though by Simon’s own admission they have been sexist, a point to which I would wholeheartedly agree.

We can have the discussion about whether or not we’re all sick of seeing models in the band’s videos. We should acknowledge the band has been branded with the word “Sex”, and whether or not we think that’s propelled their fame. We should talk about the band’s sexism. We can even discuss the music and that should really be the point they stand on, historically speaking. What we we must stop doing, is applying the term “misogynist” to describe the band. It is not fair, and it is not a accurate. Oddly enough…if one really felt that way, especially as a woman, how could one be a fan?