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Today in Duran History – Roger speaks!!

On today’s date in 2011, Roger was interviewed by Mark Collins on Wave 105,  a radio station in England – I believe it’s located in Southampton.

Interestingly enough, as I was trying to search for a snippet from the interview (couldn’t find one), I did find mention of the interview from Facebook.  This was, of course during the time when the band had to reschedule those initial tour dates for All You Need is Now due to Simon’s vocal issues.

Here’s the little mention on Facebook:

“Mark will be having a quick chat to Roger Taylor of Duran Duran on Friday morning at about 11:45. Duran Duran recently had to reschedule their dates in Brighton and Bournemouth because of Simon Le Bon’s laryngitis and will now be live at those venues towards the end of the year.”

Underneath, there were a couple comments from Duranies – it’s still a thrill for me when I see names I recognize. It reminds me that the world isn’t nearly as large as one might think.

Such a tough time for Duranies, myself included.  That summer was a nail biter for many, wondering if Simon would really be able to sing again.  Thankfully, he wasn’t quite done with us yet!  (Nor we with him!!)  I’m looking forward to the day when shows are announced and talked about again….anyone else??