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Yesterday’s question for the Daily Duranie 30 Day Duran Challenge was:  Best storyline in a video or song.  There were 19 different songs/videos chosen with Nightboat coming out as the winner.  Behind that was New Moon on Monday.  I wasn’t surprised by those choices.  After all, they featured the band talking in them, in some versions, anyway.  Seeing people talk about these videos made me smile as I thought about watching these videos as a kid with my best friend at the time, which is what I planned to talk about today.  Then, this morning, I checked online find out the latest news.  Like many people, I’m completely stunned and saddened at the tragic events in Norway.  While looking at the latest development there, I see breaking news.  Singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home at the age of 27.  I haven’t seen anything about cause of death, but I suspect drugs had something to do with it as she had a long history of battling drug addiction and had checked herself out of treatment a month ago.  These events made me realize how lucky we are as Duranies, generally.

When I stop to think about the long history of Duran Duran, I almost always acknowledge the fact that all of the members, past and present are still with us.  We are so fortunate in this as there were a number of close calls that we know about as fans.  Obviously, in light of today’s news about Amy Winehouse, I can acknowledge that the band is lucky that no one died as a result of drug use, which very easily could have happened through overdoses or accidents.  Not only are we lucky that no member died from drugs, but we are also lucky that this concern is no longer present.  I, for one, am very proud of the steps John has taken, for example, to not only get clean but to stay that way.   

Of course, the band members have also survived other scary events.  I’m sure that many of us remember when Simon’s boat, Drum, capsized in 1985, which could have resulted in not only his death but many of his fellow crew members.  Simon has had other accidents in his life, including the one on the motorbike, that he has been lucky to have survived as well.  Of course, they and we have been fortunate that they haven’t suffered from other, deadly, more common ailments.  Yes, they have had their share of sickness, like we all have, but nothing that I know of that was serious.  To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been cancer or serious heart disease, for instance.  Goodness, when I think of many of their associates, I realize how fortunate they have been.  Look at Power Station, for example.  We have lost everyone involved besides John and Andy.  Somehow, someway, our guys keep going. 

These recent tragedies remind me that even though we have been lucky so far when it comes to the health and well-being of the band members, we won’t always be.  Simon’s vocal difficulties showed us that we can’t and shouldn’t assume that everything will be perfect forever.  It simply won’t be.  The band may end tomorrow or they may end twenty years from now.  Therefore, we should remember to appreciate the now and appreciate what we have.  Isn’t that really what the band was saying with AYNIN?  I think it was.  It is upsetting, though, that it sometimes takes canceled tours, horrific events and personal losses to remind us of that.  Perhaps, we should all take a moment each day to just be thankful for what we all have.


2 thoughts on “Take a Moment to Appreciate”

  1. I AM often thankful John is still with us. I see the old pictures and videos from time to time and see how thin and sickly he was and it just leaves a pain in my soul to see him like that. Then I remember how he looks now and how he is happy and healthy and I feel so thankful. I think about Simon and the things he has lived through. But let's not forget that while the “official” members are all still with us, we did lose Wes @ a horribly young age. Having met him and having an opportunity to talk with him, I felt that loss very deeply. It was what actually brought me to the DDM boards when i began posting. I needed to reach out to other Duranies. It was the only way I knew to come to terms with it. I had to have someone who would understand why it bothered me so much. When I think of the possibilities of what will happen someday regarding other members, I shudder and have to force the thoughts from my head because it is just too much to take. I am afraid I will feel as though my world is ripping apart. I hope that day will be VERY far off! In the meantime, I do stop to give thanx for what we have had all these years. I am grateful. I always will be.

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