Taste the Summer!! (No really, it was in their setlist!!!)

Summer is killing me right now. I can’t complain about the heat – well, at least I couldn’t until this week, but even so – 90 degrees F isn’t THAT bad, but it’s my schedule that is really killing me. Or maybe it’s the lack of schedule. I can’t really decide. Suffice to say that the punishing daily schedule I had when all three of my kids was in school has drastically changed, both because it’s summer (no school) and because while my oldest is out of school, my son has started his homeschooling program and my youngest is still going to school. Where I once had “free” time for exercising (my least favorite thing but it’s still a must) or writing the book I am now supposed to be supervising PE (also exercise, but not my own) for my son, or I’m supposed to be teaching…or maybe I just need to change his schedule to better suit my own. I really don’t know. It’s just taking some getting used to, but I always feel out of sorts until I know what I should be doing and when. Mondays come and go and I feel like it should already be midweek, which is where I’m at today. It’s Tuesday here, but I feel like it should be Thursday.

I have to admit something: I have no idea where the band is today. (Here’s a quiz – does the BAND even know?!) I know they either were or maybe still are in Istanbul, but without looking at their tour schedule, I really don’t know. All I do know for certain is that this is July 10th where I am, and I recently saw a set list that I had to look twice at to be sure I was really reading what I thought I was reading…and it’s true, Taste the Summer was on the setlist for Istanbul! At first, well, after making sure I really read that correctly, my reaction was more along the lines of horror. “What? THAT song?!? Really. REALLY? Out of all of the songs in their catalog they picked THAT one?” What’s funny here is that Amanda did a sort of poll recently on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  To make a long story short, Taste the Summer was the one song on the final list of songs that people do not wish to ever hear again that was not currently found on their setlist. (I hope that makes sense. Basically – they don’t typically play the song live and yet the fans still don’t wanna hear it.)

Now, either the band is playing with Daily Duranie for doing that poll – ha ha very funny – or they want to show us how good it can really be. Assuming of course that they have no idea who we are or what Daily Duranie is (I think it’s pretty safe to assume), I am fascinated and curious why they chose to awaken Taste the Summer from it’s deep slumber. I am hoping to find a clip of it live from Istanbul on Youtube and see it. I suppose the obvious is that yes, it’s summer!

We’ve all mentioned that it feels about time they breathe some new life into the setlist. Just today I read an article on Yahoo music, and Nick mentions that they are not a selfish band.  They don’t come out on stage and play only their new album with no other hits. This is true..and I suppose in this regard the band just gives, gives, gives! Many of us (myself included) have slammed them for not playing new stuff, gems from the back catalog, etc.  Well, they’ve played something different now. While it might not have been an obvious choice to me (I still stand by Secret Oktober and Late Bar even though they played SO in Brighton and I love them for it….and I’m not afraid to say so.), I have to admit my curiosity has been peaked. Mostly I wonder – when on earth did they find time to practice this, and if they can pull this out of the bag, what ELSE can they do?!?

I really hope this is not a one-time thing. It’s really nice to hear things we wouldn’t expect, and I have to admit – I sure wasn’t expecting Taste the Summer. They’ve got me looking forward to August when it’s my turn to see them again!

Speaking of August, have I mentioned my fear of melting in the Biloxi heat while braving the General Admission line hoping for my one and only shot at front row?? If there were ever a moment where I wish I had an “in” with the band, I’d beg them to take mercy on Daily Duranie and get us to the front rail without having to die in that line all day.  Yes, I know – keep dreaming.  We ALL have dreams,right? Hopefully that dream will keep me from heat stroke that day!


12 thoughts on “Taste the Summer!! (No really, it was in their setlist!!!)”

  1. Why don't people like Taste the Summer? I loved it from first listen. I think Simon sounds amazing and it's got a fabulous bouncy groove.

    Can someone explain what's so bad about it?

  2. Haha, yes the lyrics are cheesy. I tend to ignore them and just listen to the vocal performance (which I love – Simon doing all sorts of loopdeloops!). It's the sound of the song, rather than the words, that I love.
    I think the bass is terrific too.

    It helps that the first time I heard the song I had had a few drinks and it just fitted my frivolous mood!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time, Seven! For me, it is hard to get to the music because the lyrics and vocal quality distracts me. It's cool that you like it. I don't hate it but there are other songs I prefer.


  4. There's one too many doo doo doo's in there for my taste, Seven – but I would really enjoy hearing it live because live seems to justice for a good many of their songs.


  5. Hello Ladies!

    I was actually talking to my friend Sam today about the setlist. As you may know I am desperately trying to go and see Duran in the South of France in the next few weeks. I was saying to Sam that the last time I saw them live was in December, in Manchester at that amazing gig that was filmed for A Diamond in The Mind DVD. I have watched the DVD now too. Seeing the setlist now and the set list from 7 months ago – well it has not really varied from then. Them putting in Taste the Summer must have felt like a bit of relief for Duran and for the people who go and see lots of the gigs! (even if it is not one of their best!)I have never liked them opening with Before The Rain (dreary opener until it kicks in 3/4 of the way through in my opinion)- I hope that they would change that to a more punchier, jump up and down and go mad song – like they did with Friends of Mine! That was fantastic!

    I would love to see them again but I worry that because I saw them in December in Manchester, and Birmingham, and Brighton and in Bournemouth and now I have watched the dvd, that I would be bored…. Surely they too must get absolutely sick of playing the same tracks every other day for months? I would have thought that they would have mixed it up a bit more than they have. It's not as if they don't have the back catalogue now is it?

    Hope you girls are well – enjoy your heat as we are, at present, building an ark in this country of Great Britain!!! Much Love



  6. Hello Ms. Michelle!

    I hear what you are saying about the lack of variety in their setlists. That said, I think there is a lot more that goes into a show than just the specific songs they played. Let me ask you–were you bored during any of the shows you saw in December?

    Much love back!!!

  7. Hey Amanda! To answer your question I do get bored at Duran show's but I have figured out why! For instance The AYNIN tour I saw them at the Brighton gig (fantastic, love love loved this gig in my home town!) the next day Bournemouth (great car journey that one!) and then the day after that, Birmingham. I really didn't enjoy the Birmingham gig. I think that doing them in succession really made me feel a bit, well bored of seeing Duran! A few weeks wait in between and I go and see them in Manchester and WOW I love them all over again! I also have to admit that during some songs that they play I find things to do rather than really listen or watch Duran. I don't really like Ordinary World I use that song to look at the pictures I have taken and delete some, crowd watch or go to the bathroom!
    Will be seeing you soonish!!! Mxxxx

  8. If it makes you feel better, I, too, will take pictures during certain songs that I'm sick of. I figure that way I can enjoy the show and songs I like while still capturing the moment. 🙂

    I think you also hit on something else. Brighton was at home, for you. Bournemouth had a really fun drive. There were other factors outside of the show that made them more fun. For me, that's how shows are. It gives me a chance to travel, see Rhonda (we aren't as lucky since we live so far away) and meet other people.


  9. I've always wondered if they open up with Before the Rain because the key/pace of the song is a way to warm up Simon's vocals given the issues he had last year? I know nothing though about voice or vocal performance, so that's just a total guess on my part.

    I do hear you on switching up the setlist. I hope that when I see them next month, it will vary a little from the show I saw in October. I also saw them in April '11 and that show was very different from the October one. The earlier April show included the Chauffeur and Friends of Mine, and also Being Followed off AYNIN which I don't think has been seen since that earlier part of the tour.

    From looking at the recent set lists, I've seen some minor variations in the set list since the October show. But even if it doesn't vary much, I am still looking forward to checking out some of the things going on onstage that I missed back in October because I was just too into the music–ie., the video on the screen in back of the band, getting a good look at the talking heads, etc. Regardless of what they play, I have a feeling I won't be bored!


  10. I absolutely think that they start with BTR as a way to warm up Simon's voice. They even mention this on ADITM. Simon says then he starts out the show completely relaxed. I, for one, LOVE the song. I hope it stays.

    Enjoy your show next month!


  11. “Taste the Summer” is, IMO, best left on the album to enjoy. I'd rather hear “Mediterranea” (new) or “Rio” (classic) as the selected tracks to evoke the beauty of summer.

    Still, I'm glad the band are adding in a few changes to the setlist. Saw them three times last year so I could use with something different. Hopefully, they'll have something planned for when they reach Canada (final stop of tour).

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