Taste the Summer

Last Sunday’s blog and viewing of Depeche Mode’s 101 in combination over the idea that Duran played some songs yesterday in Cannes awoke the ever-lurking, ever-existing desire to tour.  Sometimes, I think I could tour everyday and I know that I’m not the only one.  Just last weekend, Rhonda talked about how she bought a Powerball ticket and if she won, she would be touring all the time.  Kindly, she offered to pay my way as well.  *sigh*  What a thought!  Now, in reality, I’m sure that I would grow tired with life on the road and I would eventually miss my bed and, more importantly, my cat, Biko.  That said, I’m finding myself wishing for a tour.  I bet Rhonda and I aren’t the only ones wishing for a tour.  Thank goodness that we have the convention to look forward to.  Otherwise, I think I would be really struggling.  Why is this?  Why is my desire so strong right now?  I think part of this could be because this is the longest I have gone without a tour in forever since I started “touring” officially.  I went to shows in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.  Yeah, the longest stretch was between 2009 and 2011.  The last shows I saw in 2009 were in July.  Then, I had shows in April 2011.  That was a little less than 2 years.  How did I survive that stretch?  We had an album in December of 2010, a mere 17 months after my last show.  17 months from my last show now would be January of 2014.  Okay, so I have gone longer in between shows.  What is my problem then?
I blame the seasons, the time of year.  My school year is rapidly coming to a close.  At the point of this blog, I have three more weeks of work or 13 days or 91 hours.  Not that I’m counting.  I always get anxious but this year it is particularly bad.  Why is that?  Last year, at this time, I already knew that there would be shows in the summer.  I was also busy with a campaign and was interviewing for a new teaching position.  I didn’t have the time to be that anxious, that impatient.  In 2011, I was either getting ready or returning from the UK in which I went over to see 4 shows and saw 0.  I was reeling.  Again, I couldn’t think about the end of the year.  What about 2010?  Again, I was getting ready to campaign.  In 2009, I had summer shows to look forward to, etc.  This year, I’m clearly not distracted by campaigning, despite still being involved politically.  I don’t have shows to look forward to.  I should appreciate the extra time, right?  I should use the time to take our first full draft of the book and revise it and I will.  I should use the time to work on the convention and I will.  I have to.  I want it to be the best experience ever.  Despite these very important tasks, there will be a small part, a very tiny part, of me wishing for shows or a tour.  The season makes this part more noticeable.  Summers are a pretty magical time for them to tour.
I have seen Duran in the summer a few times (2005, 2009 and 2012).  I love seeing them then even if I’m not a fan of the hot weather.  Why?  Isn’t it obvious?  As a teacher, summer is MY time.  It is when I don’t have to worry about schedules or my to do list in the same way as I do during the school year.  During the year, when I want to be absent, it is a big ordeal.  Yes, I get some personal days but I can’t use them whenever.  For example, I can’t be gone the last few weeks of the school year nor can I be gone the first few weeks of the year.  If I need to be gone more than a day or two in a row, I need special permission.  It is a pain and, frankly, it is a HUGE frustration for me.  It doesn’t feel like I’m being treated as a professional.  Obviously, I know that I get the summer off (if I don’t take classes or work on a project) but life doesn’t just happen in mid-June through August.  I also realize that there are teachers that have it much worse, in terms of time off.  Once I am able to take the time, I still have to get sub plans ready.  Typically, for me, this is a three page document explaining before I even get to the actual assignments that the kids need to do.  I’m not complaining, necessarily, just pointing out what needs to be done when I’m gone from work.  Obviously, then, when Duran tours in the summer, I don’t have these same concerns.  I don’t have to worry about when the dates fall.  It doesn’t matter if they are Tuesdays or Saturdays.  It doesn’t matter if the shows are near me or away from me.  I have the freedom to choose then.
Based on my hope that the album will be done by the spring of 2014 and my desire to tour in the summer, I’m just going to put it out there.  Duran should tour in the summer of 2014.  I am typically done with work by the middle of June until the last week in August.  Anytime in between works for me.  If they toured next summer, who would be with me???  Yep, I’m definitely liking this plan with the convention in the fall, album in the spring (dreams are free, right, people?!  I can always hope for this!) and tour in the summer.  What do you think??  Now, we just need Duran to make it happen!

2 thoughts on “Taste the Summer”

  1. First of all, I am to the point now where I can laugh at this statement: “…in which I went over to see 4 shows and saw 0.”

    I really am laughing, because we are so stupid that we even went back for more!! 😀 Who DOES that?!? At least we did get shows the second time. I needed that humor this morning…but it also reminds me of how we had so much fun. We really did make lemonade out of lemons on that trip (in SO many ways), and I know we've got great times coming ahead.

    I can taste the summer myself – now that my oldest is finally of driving age (although she still doesn't have her license – something that will be rectified over the summer and fall), it will no longer matter if I take time during the summer to go away. I was always in a quandary before now because while the school schedule was difficult to work around during school, trying to figure out who I could have watch the kids during the summer all day was almost worse. Now with my oldest at 16…I have no qualms about her being in charge, or when the time comes, sending my little one to stay with her for a week or more while mom takes some “me” time.

    The key for me is funding this whole operation, and with that in mind – I need to go into my writing cave and get some work done! I need to write a best-seller so that I can tour as I see fit!! -R

  2. I actually share: summer is for me the best season for attending concerts! No rain and days off are permitted.
    Hope to go somewhere sometime soon again in the future, possibly in Italy, Europe.
    Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the tour announcements.

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