The 2011 All You Need is Now UK Tour….THE SEQUEL!

“I’m on a ride and I wanna get off, but they won’t slow down the roundabout.”  (anyone ever heard THAT lyric before?)

I swear I’ve written a blog about planning a UK tour before.  It suddenly all went very differently than was planned, didn’t it?  

The time for evasion and procrastination has now ended.  I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I’m really going back to the UK.  I really, really am.

Why do I feel ashamed?  Where do I begin with that one?  Well, to begin with I’ve already been there this year.  Some of you might say that we didn’t learn our lesson the first time.  Maybe so, maybe so; although I’m not really sure what the lesson there really is.  Never take a chance?  Never try to live out a dream?  Never dare to have fun?  Regardless, I’m holding tickets to 4 shows that I didn’t get to see, and they’ve been rescheduled for a time that sort of works for me.  I’ve already spent quite a bit of money on these tickets, and while yes – I could get them refunded, I still want to see the shows.  I still want to see the band, and I still want to see the friends I made over there the first time.  If that makes me a schmuck to some, then well – so be it.  I never really complained much about the shows being canceled, I never went around talking violently about the band, and I made the best of an imperfect situation. (and had a great time)  Now I’m going back for round 2, and I don’t mind saying right here – Simon had better sing this time.  Or else.  😉   As for feeling ashamed, I suppose part of me feels spoiled that I really can go to the UK twice.  I am fortunate, and I know that.  I know people who cannot go back due to their own life situations, and I know a few who simply refuse.  I can only say that for me – my journey isn’t finished.  I’m going back.

What is really funny is that I almost don’t want to jinx it by saying what shows we’re going to see.  (so maybe I’m a little superstitious!)  All I can tell you is that we’re only doing one of the original 4 shows we planned (Birmingham), and we’re still trying to figure out the others.  Our time in the UK is going to be much shorter this time, and as a bonus – I’m hoping that it doesn’t overlap any of my husband’s business trips or my parental duties here at home.  (one can hope, can’t they?)  Of course I’ll share our plans once I know for sure what’s happening…and after I see that Simon is really singing shows and feeling fine.  Can’t help feeling just a little gun shy, and I apologize for that.  Hard not to get the hopes up, and even harder to let them go up knowing that it could all go very badly again.  I’m just hoping for the very, very best for the band – they really need to be able to tour again.

I’m excited to be planning to go back.  I’m excited that I’ll be seeing some new friends again, and I’m even excited about seeing that band and what they have in store for us.  I’m not excited, however, about turning into a human popsicle…the possibility of snow….or the idea of 3 hour train rides.  All for the love of a band.   Yep, I’m crazy.   I’d have to be at this point, wouldn’t I?


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