The Aftermath of Moments as They Pass

The title is one of my favorite lyrics in any of the songs off of Paper Gods.  It seemed particularly fitting about this blog topic.  Before I dive in, though, I want to say that I wasn’t planning on writing anything for today.  It has been super busy and I worked like 12 hours yesterday.  However, yesterday was more than just work.  It was an anniversary of sorts, which motivated me to write this little blog post.

September 24, 2004.  I knew then that September 24th would be an exciting day.  I didn’t quite realize that it would have the impact that it did, though.  You see on that date, 11 years ago, I flew from Chicago to New Orleans to attend Friends of Mine:  The Duran Duran Fans Convention.  I was hoping to meet some cool people, have a ton of fun and talk lots about Duran.  That convention did all of that and then some.  You see on that first day at the convention I met Rhonda.  We had exchanges some comments and whatnot on the DuranDuranFans message board.  Yet, I wouldn’t say that I felt close to her in any way shape or form.  I knew who she was and maybe she knew who I was.  I don’t know.  During that weekend, I had the chance to get a real sense of her and she of me.  I think we would both say that we thought the other seemed cool and that we had fun when we were out in a big group.  We might have chatted a little more when we returned but it still wasn’t real deep friendship.  Then, she decided to go to the show in Chicago and somehow, I ended up being the ticket buyer for our little group.  The next thing I knew we were going to be in the same hotel room and traveling to and from Milwaukee together.  By the end of the weekend, I knew that I had found a real friend and a touring partner-in-crime.

What is the point in looking back on all that history, much of which has been blogged about before?  Simple.  I started to think of the song, What Are the Chances, and the lyric I posted as the title.  Is our friendship simply a matter of those moments that happened?  Is our friendship due to random interactions?  It is sort of weird when you think about it.  We both ended up on a small Duran Duran message board.  What if we didn’t?  Then, we both attend this fan convention in New Orleans.  What if we hadn’t?  She decided to attend the Chicago show in March of 2005 rather than some other show.  What if she hadn’t?   A lot of events had to fall into place in order to bring us the friendship we have now.  Things could have gone an entirely different direction with any of those moments.  So, was it destiny?  Of course, what makes our friendship even more bizarre is that we wanted more out of our fandom.  We wanted to study it and understand it.  We wanted to be able to explain to others.  We also wanted to see others connect like we have.  Thus, when see other fans meet through the blog or our meet ups or conventions, it makes us beyond happy.  This whole thing has become something bigger than a blog or a book or a convention.  I’m not totally sure what it is but it is pretty massive.

Yet, when you think about it, there are so many times when things  could have gone differently, that could have stopped our friendship and everything that has come after.  This is when I start thinking about Duran and their history.  What if Nick and John never met?  What if Simon’s ex-girlfriend didn’t work at the Rum Runner and suggest him to audience for Duran Duran?  What if Duran Duran didn’t go on tour with Hazel O’Connor or didn’t get into videos?  What if MTV never existed?  I could go on and on forever.  So many things could have gotten in their way to exist and to reach the level of success that they have had.  It really is pretty amazing when you stop and think about it.

In both thinking about the band’s history and Daily Duranie’s history, I find it all really awesome, if you think about it.  So many aspects, moments went absolutely RIGHT for Rhonda and I to be here like this today and so many moments went right for the band to be here like they are now.  So, I guess what this blog post is really all about is exactly what the message is in What Are the Chances–just appreciating what has led us here and not taking any of it for granted.


P.S. Happy Belated Meeting Day, Rhonda!

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Moments as They Pass”

  1. There is most assuredly something wrong when it takes me until 4:30 my time to actually READ….the something “wrong” though is that I’m trying to get everything done for our road trip next week, and I’m about neck deep in my to-do list…just as you are, I’m sure.

    It is during these moments when I start wondering what in the hell I was thinking planning a trip. I have absolutely no business traveling right now, just as I’m sure you feel at this moment, and yet – this is exactly what I was doing right before we met in 2004. I was working on my to-do list, wondering what in the hell I was thinking planning a trip. So, I suppose in many regards, this is normal, expected, and part of the process. 😀

    I’m so thankful we met 11 years ago. I really am. I had not a single clue of what being a real “fan” was like prior to that, at least not beyond buying albums and wishing I could go to shows – and that was really what my life was like. Had it not been for you, Amanda, I probably wouldn’t be going to these shows, or any of the shows I’ve been to for that matter, because as you know – life at my house is kind of hard, and it isn’t very easy for me to stand up and say I’m going shopping, much less on a road trip like what we’ve done. You’ve been my lifeline as I’ve raised one kid, diagnosed another, homeschooled that middle kid, and now I’m starting on a similar journey with #3. I don’t know what life has planned ahead – truthfully I’m a little afraid to even wonder, but I’m so glad that out of this mess, I’ve made one truly REAL FRIEND. Who knew that was going to happen 11 years ago. Surely not me.

    I have admittedly made many mistakes in my life, some of which you are very aware; but I am so glad I got on that plane to New Orleans 11 years ago, and even more so that I got on the plane to Chicago the following March. Those events changed my life forever.

    Just as at that point I had no idea we’d come to finish a manuscript, write a blog that has become so much more than just a blog OR learn how to manage a website…I have no idea what will happen when I get in the car on Tuesday to come pick you up at the airport. Yeah, I have a to-do list that’s a mile long, and yeah, I have misgivings about leaving. I always do, but when it comes down to it, I have more misgivings about NOT going. So I’ll get my work done (or not), and I’ll begin another journey with you on Tuesday.

    I hope Duran Duran is prepared.

    1. I, too, hope that Duran Duran is prepared. 😀 As for being your lifeline, I think you might be giving me too much credit. That said, I absolutely agree that the one thing that will always be the case, no matter where whatever you want to call it takes us, is our friendship. It has only gotten stronger with each passing year and each step along this journey. Perhaps, that will be the final book–our journey. It has been an amazing, life-changing one so far. I can only imagine what this part of the journey coming up will bring! I can’t wait!!! -A

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