The air of desperation

So the update on the presale is this: people who jumped at tickets got them, and currently they are showing the presale as completely sold out on DDM (Artist Arena).

Is that really a surprise to anyone though?  I think the bigger surprise would have been for the presale to have been dead as far as actual sales go.  That would have shocked the pants off of me this morning!  To be fair, until that day comes, and presales have no activity, the “Duran Duran Machine” will never react to our complaints, concerns or suggestions.  It’s truly a shame that a system which is so incredibly flawed and stupid will remain in place purely because of the stench of desperation that clouds the Duranie airspace.  Naturally this is a case of demand and supply.  Supply is low, demand is high, and customer service is at an all-time low.

Truly, we have no one but ourselves to thank for this.  As long as we keep buying, things will never change…and most likely, they will get worse.  Not long ago I wondered how the lack of information flow could get worse. Well, finding out the ticket prices, what they included and STILL not being sure where tickets would be located (meaning price bracket to seat location) until the moment of sale seems fairly worse.  Not knowing if more shows will be added, how long they are touring, or where they’ll be going also seems worse.  So, I won’t even venture to guess how it could get worse from this point.  I don’t want to give anyone any ideas!!

Oh, make no mistake – Amanda and I don’t blame anyone for buying tickets.  That isn’t the point, and we don’t judge anyone but ourselves here.  That air of desperation?  It’s as thick here in my house as it is in Wisconsin, Washington, or even North Carolina.  The trouble is that it doesn’t smell nearly as badly once you’ve got second or third row tickets in your hot little hand, does it? It’s the curse of being a Duranie.  I just have to point out that if we don’t like the system the way it is – we’re doing no one, not ourselves, not anyone, a favor by continuing to buy. Until that changes – we can expect for presales to stay exactly as they are.  It’s shame, but it’s reality.


12 thoughts on “The air of desperation”

  1. It is totally an addiction. I live in NC. I am going to the show. I thought about not purchasing, but just couldn't get myself not to be refreshing my screen at 11:59 to see what seats were available.

    Once we get them – it all feels “worth it”, but disheartening that this is the way it is set up.

    I *think* I have awesome seats, but then I look at DPAC website and find out that there is typically a row 1 & 2 in front of row A… grrr.. not sure what that is, or how to get access to those if DDM doesn't have them. So, still no closure.

    Enhanced Merch seems to be a t-shirt, lanyard, and tour book for $125 on top of ticket price – which was $110…. crazy…

  2. I emailed customer service to complain about the lack of notice for the presale. They didn't really have an explanation other then that we willl be receiving an email with all of the US dates and presale info.they could care less if we don't like their 'system' I guess it is what it is!

  3. And I should probably mention that yes, Amanda and I did get tickets for the show after some initial confusion. Well, we're really still confused actually. Not exactly certain what row we're in, but we're in orchestra somewhere. I know this much: we're on Dom's side. How that ends up happening EVERY time I just don't know. (in my case, it must be luck!) So, I'm apologizing in advance to Dom. You're gonna have to sing Hungry Like the Wolf with me again.

    Better start practicing. 😉


  4. I wouldn't have expected any different of a reply from them…they don't need to justify their business because if we don't like it, we can definitely go elsewhere. The reality is, we won't…and they know that. Sure, a small percentage might say forget it, but the rest of us? Nope. That's reality. -R

  5. Its such a shitty way to run a business. You're absolutely right though….they know we are still gonna get out our credit cards and spend money:)

  6. Well, I'm going to keep on with my fantasy of believing that I could do a much better job…but the bottom line is that while they're focused on the dollar signs with legs, I'm focused on being the link to keep the fans connected to one another. I might not get paid, but I'm having a great time. 🙂 -R

  7. In Russian “durak” means “stupid fool”, so if your repeat it twice, such as “durak durak” you get a really stupid person, such as someone paying $125 for a concert ticket. If you have too much money to waste or even better, – to invest and have no better use for them, then buy banknotes. That way you will have better use for your money when (after) you become adult (parent, older, mature, smart, intelligent, wise, geek, brainback, fully grown, clevercute, responsible, etc.).

  8. I published this comment because we publish them all. Yet, make no mistake, a really “stupid fool” is someone who takes the time to read a fan blog and even write an insulting comment because said person either has too much time on his/her hands or because said person hasn't matured yet to allow others to do as they see fit.


  9. I just don't even know what to say here except that I applaud Amanda for publishing this – I am not as sure I would have taken the time to even press the “publish” key, but as you aptly put it – we publish them all.


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