The Case of the JoSi

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present these 10 pieces of evidence that will show beyond a reasonable doubt that JoSi is not a fan created phenomenon.  For those of you who don’t know, JoSi is the name applied to the combination of John and Simon, typically on stage. 


The evidence starts with the cooking part.

The evidence appears at 5:11 into it.

 Based on this evidence, we believe that you, the jury, should find that JoSi is, indeed, factual and not a figment of our imagination.  What say you?


10 thoughts on “The Case of the JoSi”

  1. Without even pushing play, I recognize @ least 6 of those clips right off the bat from the still alone. One in particular that we often refer to as “the best 9 seconds on the internet”. And the water bottle one may or may not be one I posted on my account, lol. I am sure others have posted it, too.

  2. First off, thank you for sharing all of the awesome clips. To me, they're all magic music moments.
    Well I can remember Simon saying his soul mate is John and I also remember the comments from most fans: “He said John, not Yasmin!”.
    They're good friends, I can't deny it and I'm not jealous.
    If you want me to sound “frank and direct”, no I don't think they're gays and that they use their wives to cover their real sexual orientation. If they do, it would take me by surprise,(whose are then all of the kids they call “my daughter – my girls”??) and no, it wouldn't get me upset, as it's their life.

  3. They aren't directly calling Simon or John gay here (not SERIOUSLY seriously anyway). There is a lot of *wink wink nudge nudge* humor in this. But we also can't ignore that there is *something* there. At the very least it's a bromance.

  4. I seriously love their friendship though and soulmates doesn't necessarily have to do with romance anyway. Though it wouldn't matter to me if it did in this case I just happen to believe they adore their wives but they love each other too.

  5. Who's to say they aren't bisexual, and even if they are, so what? There's nothing wrong with that. In fact I think that it would be adorable to see them openly show their affection for one another, instead of them feeling like they have to hide it from their fans, and everyone else. I think it would be sweet, to see them happily, and publicly express their feelings for each other. The important thing for me is to know, and see them all happy with their lives, no matter what that might entail.

  6. I feel I need to add the Vegas kiss to this evidence. I blogged about it here briefly before but uhm… yeah. I ship them.

    Before Vegas my ship was a sturdy, strong schooner. After Vegas my ship became an iron clad, double-hulled, fully-rigged 4-masted beast of a barque with cannons like porcupine quills. It ain't sinking anytime soon. When your knees nearly go out from under you and your blood feels like it's going to seep right out of your pores over a man slinking across a stage and planting THE KISS (not A kiss- THE KISS) on his best friend then yeah, you become a believer.

    Butter and toast, folks. Butter and toast.

    ~Grey Rzeznik

  7. You would need another post, definitely. I've got so much JoSi stashed away it almost scares ME sometimes.

    Almost. 😉

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