The Daily Duranie Valentines Day Mashup!

Happy Valentines Day!  This is probably my least favorite day of the year, ranking right up there with Mothers Day for me.  I’m just happy because it means the Valentines Day themed advertisements will stop for another year.  Yay!

As I sit here at my trusty kitchen table trying to decide what to blog about, it occurs to me that there are several things I should touch on, so today is going to be a quick mashup blog.

Ask Katy: I’m not much of an Ask Katy person, in that I can’t ever think of good enough questions to send in. I sit back and let the rest of you more creative types out there ask the hard questions.  So, it is with great pleasure that I mention my friend (and blogging partner) Amanda had her question answered this past weekend.  You can find it on the band’s website if you want to read it verbatim, otherwise read on.  Last May, Amanda and I were wandering the Tate Modern in London.  You see, we’d found ourselves in London with “some extra time on our hands”, so we chose to go see some modern art – one of our shared interests.  Both of us really wanted to see the sculpture that inspired “Other People’s Lives” on the new album, and so we were really excited to have the opportunity to spend quality time at the museum.  In our search for the sculpture, we were also looking at some paintings by Dali – who is one of my more favorite artists.  For those who are unfamiliar with Dali, he was known as being a Surrealist, and his paintings are fun because they’re very symbolic.  For example, he has a pretty well known painting of some clocks that appear to be melting – and one of the meanings that could be derived from that is that time is just “melting” away.  (For you art experts out there, I’m being extremely basic here in the interest of not confusing the hell out of our readers.)  In any case, we were really looking closely at a painting of Dali’s called “Mountain Lake” (also called “Beach with Telephone”) – I was completely lost in the moment (Or suffering from continued jet lag…. Jury is still out on that, depending upon which one of us you ask.), and suddenly Amanda says “It’s Anyone Out There.”  I’m not going to lie, in that moment – I was trying to figure out what in the hell she was talking about.  I honestly thought she’d heard music playing somewhere, but as I looked at the painting it dawned on me what she was going on about, as you might surmise from checking out the painting below.  What’s funny to me about the incident is that out of the two of us – I’m the one with a certificate in Art History (although Amanda has art running through her veins as her mom is a very accomplished if not quite discovered artist in her own right.)  I needed it to become a decorative arts appraiser, yet she’s the one with the imagination.  Clearly!

We laughed as we continued to look at the painting, and Amanda wondered if it was possible that this painting inspired them.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that not only is the phone hanging on a pitchfork type telephone pole – the line is cut.  It gives the impression that no one is really listening. (Oh do I EVER know that feeling in my house with 3 kids!!!) There’s far more to the painting though, and I’d encourage you to google it if you’re interested in several interpretative meanings (Some of which make absolutely no sense, and that’s the beauty of art!) We agreed that it was worthy of an Ask Katy question, and when we returned to our homes in the US, Amanda sent in the question.  We’d never heard a thing after that, and I’d long since forgotten about the question.  Then last Friday we did the review of Anyone Out There for the blog…and Sunday the question and answer pops up on Ask Katy.  Coincidence?!?  We may never really know….

Something You Should Know:  Did YOU know that on this day in 2005, the website for Something You Should Know (A film about Duranies) was launched?  I know many a Duranie that was interviewed in detail for this film.  It took a few years, but the DVD finally came out (and is available on Amazon) for those interested.  I saw the film about a year and a half ago, and I have to say – it wasn’t at all what I’d expected.  I think I was expecting for the film to be a collection of oral histories captured on video with regard to being a fan, and instead the film focused on a few fans with “over the top” stories and examples of their fandom.  I’m glad the film was completed and I do give major props to the director for sticking with the process – it was a long one.  I just wish it had been a little less sensationalized and a bit more heartfelt, and I don’t mind sticking my neck out to critique it in that way.  It continues to apply a certain stigma to the idea of fandom, and not an especially positive one at that.  Perhaps someday in the future the real story will be told….

Have you seen it?!?  Sh*t Duran Duran Fans Say is a short YouTube video that’s worth watching for some giggles.  

In order to laugh, I think you’ve got to put your ego aside, and recognize that this person IS a fan, and it’s absolutely fine to laugh at ourselves.  I’ve learned to laugh on a pretty much daily basis.  Let’s face it – I’m over 40 and I’m blogging about a band.  Yeah, that’s worth laughing at.  Sure, I make it sound good by saying I’m writing about being a FAN of the rock band rather than constantly posting “I love you” notes…. (A creepy thought.  I’m sure someone has already done that though.)  but the reality is: I’m writing about a band.   So I’m giving you permission to find the funny in what we are…and if you watch this and find that you’ve never said any of it, at ANY time….maybe you’re just not a “Real Duranie”……Ha!!

With that, I’m off to bake some Valentines Day cupcakes with the cutest Valentine around, my youngest.  They’re fun when they’re little and still love you….

Have a great day everyone!


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