The Daily Duranie’s Lists of Top 25 Duran Duran Songs

As promised, we are sharing our lists of our top 25 Duran Duran songs.  Before we share our lists, let’s review what the top 25 songs were based on the voting by the fans who participated.

Top 25 Duran Duran:

25.  Girl Panic

24.  Nice

23. Wild Boys

22.  Sunrise

21. Girls on Film

20.  Last Chance on the Stairway

19.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

18.  Before the Rain

17.  The Reflex

16.  New Moon on Monday

15.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

14.  Rio

13.  Come Undone

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Late Bar

10.  The Seventh Stranger

9.  Secret Oktober

8.  Hold Back the Rain

7.  Save a Prayer

6.  Friends of Mine

5.  The Chauffeur

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Ordinary World

2.  Careless Memories

1.  New Religion

How do our lists compare?  Do we have a lot of these songs on our Top 25s?

Rhonda’s list of her Top 25 DD songs:

25.  Last Chance on the Stairway

24.  Finest Hour

23.  Hold Back the Rain

22.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

21.  Make Me Smile

20.  The Edge of America

19.  Friends of Mine

18.  Too Much Information

17.  New Religion

16.  Sound of Thunder

15.  Serious

14.  Tiger Tiger

13.  New Moon on Monday

12.  Rio

11.  Mediterranea

10.  Virus

9.  White Lines

8.  All You Need Is Now

7.  Sunrise

6.  Careless Memories

5.  Before the Rain

4.  Planet Earth

3.  Secret Oktober

2.  Late Bar

1.  Is There Something I Should Know?

Amanda’s list of her Top 25 DD songs:

25.  Out of my Mind

24.  New Moon on Monday

23.  Breath After Breath

22.  Shadows on Your Side

21.  Salt in the Rainbow

20.  Tel Aviv

19.  Red Carpet Massacre

18.  Too Bad You’re So Beautiful

17.  Wild Boys

16.  Sunrise

15.  Sound of Thunder

14.  Late Bar

13.  Vertigo

12.  All You Need Is Now

11.  Lonely in Your Nightmare

10.  Finest Hour

9.  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

8.  Friends of Mine

7.  The Edge of America

6.  Secret Oktober

5.  Before the Rain

4.  New Religion

3.  Careless Memories

2. Hold Back the Rain

1.  Planet Earth

Were you surprised by any on our lists?  Did we match more than you thought we would?  Did we not match more than you thought?  Now, that we have shared our lists, we welcome each of you to participate!  If you would like to share yours on a blog, please send (or resend) your list.  It would be cool if you wanted to explain any/all of your choices as this would be a means of getting to know you, your tastes and your Duranie experiences.  As always, we ask you to follow our guest blog requirements, they are described here.

Next week will be the final post on the Top 25 Duran Duran songs as I take time to analyze the results.


5 thoughts on “The Daily Duranie’s Lists of Top 25 Duran Duran Songs”

  1. Well, after the first reading, Red Carpet Massacre is mentioned only once and no song from Pop Trash appears in the lists.
    Medazzaland reads another underrated album.

    1. It’s important to remember that these were just OUR favorites. We’re not saying everyone else should agree, and I don’t think that you can necessarily say from our choices that any album is overrated, underrated or otherwise… that said, I think the entire top 25 list voted on by the community participants is very telling. -R

      1. I am soooo interested to see the collective top 25 in a year’s time when we’ve all got over the trauma of voting, plus we’ll have a new album in the mix too 😀 Surprised by Finest Moment on both your lists. My tastes chime more with Amanda’s list than Rhonda’s, no surprises there though! 😀

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