The Duran Duran Appreciation/Sing Blue Silver Drinking Game

Hey everyone, Amanda and I were talking, and we came up with an idea for a drinking game to use during the Sing Blue Silver viewing party later today.  (Is anyone even remotely surprised that the two of us would mix up something like this??)

Basically, the rules of the game are simple: HAVE FUN!  This is meant to be a flexible game, just to bring a little fun and laughter to the tweets & posts this evening.  Below you will find a list of actions or things that might be said during Sing Blue Silver.  For every action you see tonight, take a sip.  Some things you will see quite often, other things you may only see once. For the bolded actions (or words) at the bottom – those are Daily Duranie “Finish your drink” Bonus Shots!   Now, maybe you are with a group of people and you don’t want to have to look for  15 different actions. Divide the list among your guests. Maybe you don’t want to do all of the actions – pick out a few and go with it. Maybe only do the bonus shots! You can always choose your non-alcoholic drink of choice and still participate in the “treasure-hunt” fun.

Rest Assured – Amanda and I will be participating with the full list.  This should be interesting….

So, here’s the list…and we’ll be tweeting with ya later!

Take one sip of your beverage for the following:
One of the band members laughing
Fans screaming
Anyone with a camera
Any time someone uses the word “tour”
Any time Galaga is mentioned
Any time Spy Matthews is on screen
Any time a limo is seen onscreen
Any time there is an interview
Any time you see fingerless gloves
Any time there is alcohol shown
John licking his lips
Simon making reference to his clothing
Roger twirling his stick
Any time Nick talks about the visual show (or visuals) for the stage
Any time Andy is shown smoking

Daily Duranie Bonus Shots (Finish your drink!)
Spy Matthews says “memo” (meemo)
Andy says “Hello, Good Evening and welcome to our show”
The word “Contrived” is used
John says “I prefer Pepsi myself”
When the band talks about spending more time in nightclubs

Good luck!!  Let’s get this band TRENDING…. we will ONLY be using the hashtag #DDAD14 tonight on our posts!


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