The Encores Club – Premiere

Tomorrow, the first episode of The Encores Club will go live! Will there be a red carpet massacre at the premiere party? Let’s hope not. As Rhonda said earlier this week, the idea behind the show is to share new music with “experienced” music fans who might be too busy to search for what they love amongst the unlimited racks of records that streaming and the digital age provides.

If you love Duran Duran, some of the albums we cover will tickle your fancy but a lot won’t. The idea is to share music from all genres that connect with us on some level. Our guests will come from (roughly) the same age range as Rhonda and myself so there is a shared experience in music that we build from. If you grew up loving 80s music and watching MTV, there is a good chance you’ll find something to listen to each month.

You will recognize some names and faces throughout the series with David O. (from the D-Side) and Amanda (from right here) joining us on episodes. Each month, we hope to invite more music fans on the show and explore music we might not otherwise hear. Tune in and let us know what you think at @encoresclub on Twitter.

The Encores Club – Episode 1

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