The Excitement of Tour Rumors

Last night, I saw posts on various people’s facebooks about a Duran show in Atlanta on Friday, October 14th.  Now, this show hasn’t been officially announced, but what people were saying it appears to be listed on the venue’s website.  I don’t live in Atlanta and don’t really have any plans to go to this show, but I still got all excited.  How sad is that?! 

Now, I’ll be clear here.  I don’t think I will end up going to many shows in the US during this fall at all.  I have to save my pennies to go back to the UK.  That said, I’m sure that I will try to go to a show, if it is close to home.  Maybe, if I’m lucky enough and have enough airline miles I might be able to go for a weekend somewhere, which may equal 2 shows.  So, why did I get excited over seeing a new tour rumor despite the fact that I will probably not be attending this or many other shows in the US, if any?  There are many reasons, really.  To me, shows are always exciting!  I’m sure that the band is excited but I think the fans are more so.  For me, I enjoy hearing about other people’s shows and seeing the clips on youtube.  I get to live a little bit through youtube, I guess.  I get to live a little through other fans.  Hearing and seeing clips of shows are better than no shows.  I also think that shows wake up and keep the fandom alive.  It gives us fans something to talk about.  We can talk about the setlists, the venues, the stage setup, etc.

The rumors of shows is, sometimes, better than having the whole tour spelled out.  Notice that I said sometimes.  If you don’t know what all the shows are, you can speculate.  You can hope that there is a show or two that might work for you.  Once all of the shows are listed, then, you know exactly what can be done and what can’t.  Of course, you can always keep hope that another show or two will be added but there won’t be many added, if at all.  There is nothing worse than knowing that you can’t do any of the shows and that realization happens if the whole tour is announced at once.  On the other side of the coin, if you know all of the shows, locations and dates, then, you can really plan.  You would know exactly what you can do.  From there, the real planning begins.  The tickets must be purchased.  Hotels can be reserved.  Travel arrangements are made. 

I guess what really excites me about tour dates is that they represent the beginning of the fun.  I like the whole experience.  I like planning and I definitely like everything that goes along with a show.  I like meeting other Duranies.  I like seeing new places, if possible.  It goes without saying that I LOVE the shows (most of the time).  To me, there isn’t much better than going to Duran shows, which is probably why I keep doing it.  Thus, in reality, hearing about a tour date is like the promise of something better.  It is like seeing the first advertisements for Christmas and knowing that a fun time is just around the corner. 


7 thoughts on “The Excitement of Tour Rumors”

  1. Exactly! Ive been waiting 28 years and the more I hear the closer Im getting to see them meet them and meeting my new duranie friends! Then I know we can start concentrating on the fan fest! Sooo excited!

  2. It's definitely on the venue's website. I'm holding out from confirmation from DD's camp, but my guess is that they're just late in announcing it. I'll be going to the Atlanta show, though – airfare is dirt cheap to Atlanta that time of year (yes, I've already checked – LOL).

    Atlanta is special for me, though – I've got a lot of great memories of the reunion tour and the Astronaut tour and they all happened in that city.

  3. On the other hand for those of us that live in countries they never tour (or only tour every ten years, or less), seeing yet another set of tour dates announced somewhere that gets annual (or more often) concerts can sting….

  4. I suppose that is true…and I don't think that either Amanda or myself can really relate. We live in the US, and bands tour all year around here. I know there's plenty of places in this world where that definitely isn't the case though, and I don't have a lot of words of encouragement unfortunately…I'm sure it must sting and I'm sorry about that. -R

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