The Future Is Still Tomorrow

The future is, indeed, still tomorrow.  Yet, that doesn’t stop me and my partner-in-crime from thinking about the future and to dream big.  After all, dreams are free or so we have heard.  😉  Yesterday, I encouraged every Duran fan out there to embrace the current status of Duran Duran, musically, and activity wise.  This present album cycle is far from done.  In fact, just this past week, Simon discussed Duran Duran’s return to the US in the summer for more tour dates as part of the latest Katy Kafe (highlights discussed here).  This prompted Rhonda and I to think about one significant aspect of touring for us and that is the meet up!  If you have been reading for awhile, you know that we often like to set up meet ups before shows we attend when we can.  We like bringing fans together to meet, mingle, laugh, squee and share in the excitement.  Fandom is all about friendships and this is where friendships can truly begin.  Plus, the increase in excitement is sent back to the band during the show, often creating a better show for all!  It is a win-win.

As much as we have loved the meet ups in the past, we think we can improve upon them, make them better, make them for fun.  So, if dreams are free, then here is our dream, our vision of what the meet ups could be like!  In some cases, we have been able to do some of these things for one or two meet ups or for the convention, but not for all.  That’s what we want.

Pre-show Meet Up Features

Some of the elements we would love to be able to provide at every single meet up we plan, include:

  • Music and/or Videos of Duran Duran.  Of course, right?  That is a given.  The venue we host at must be willing and/or able to play/show Duran stuff.
  • Duran themed drink specials!  We were able to do some drink specials at the meet up in Durham in 2012.  Some of which people are still asking about.  Anyone remember the specific ingredients for the Stolen Leopard drink?  We were also able to do it for the convention.  While Rhonda and I love our vodka tonics, we are good with trying new drinks, especially if Duran inspired!
  • Icebreakers of some sort.  I hate the word “icebreaker” but we want to make sure that people are able to get to meet each other and get to know each other in a fun, low stress sort of way.  I, generally, hate these kinds of things so if I would think it is fun, maybe, you all will, too!
  • Photos!  We want to encourage lots and lots of photo taking!  People should be excited to meet each other and many might want photos to look back on after the facts.  Group pictures are a must!  Rhonda and I generally suck at the selfie but we have got  to work on this, especially for those group shots
  • For the Hollywood Bowl show, we planned the meet up for before the VIP reception.  We would definitely still do that so that everyone could attend.  Of course, if someone wanted us just do the VIP party at our meet up location or vice versa, I’m sure we could find a way!  We are creative!
  • Another fun idea we had is for raffles at the meet ups.  Wouldn’t it be cool to win some cool Duran merchandise or to win some Duran related experience of some sort, for example?  It would also be good to get a little gift for attending, too, right?  Now, if Rhonda and I would just figure out a way to buy these items…maybe we need to start playing the lottery?!

Surrounding Activities

Of course, in an ideal world and that is what I’m talking about here, there would be other activities that we would be able to coordinate for more than just one or two shows per tour.  What are some of those other activities?

  • Hotel Room Blocks!  Whenever I have stayed at a hotel with a lot of other Duranies, it is super fun!  It is easy to meet up with people and the partying can go on until the early morning hours in someone’s room.  Plus, with enough people, perhaps, group rates could apply!
  • Party Buses!  We have reserved some party buses in Atlanta in 2012 and for the convention in 2013.  In both cases, they were super fun and made getting to and from a venue so much easier!  Besides, who doesn’t like being in a large vehicle with someone driving YOU and others like you?!  The party then travels with you!!
  • Now, I know that some out there have mentioned renting a big RV to travel in between shows in (Yes, Heather–I’m looking at YOU!).  Rhonda and I are not opposed to that in our ideal meet up scenario.  Those, unlike dreams, aren’t free. Likewise, drivers aren’t either!  Back to the lottery winnings…While we wait for the big lottery win, we will suggest that road trips between shows definitely require a caravan.  A caravan of Duranies.  Of course, we should warn the various cities and highways that we would all be using at the same time!  It wouldn’t be because we would block traffic.  Oh no, it would be because loud music and *squeeing* will be heard!  I can see and hear the warning now, “*Alert!  Duranies are coming!!*”

Dreams vs. Reality

If we were to continue in our ideal vision for meet ups, I might mention our desire for seats on the Duran Duran plane or being sponsored by a favorite brand of vodka.  I might also suggest getting some advanced notice so that Rhonda and I could start organizing.  Heck, we would even take a rough outline like having the months and cities in order to have starting points!!  If the band is thinking about 2016, I might point out that the best times for us would be either March 19th to March 28th or between June 11th  and August 21st.  In all seriousness, we would love to do a lot/most/all of this for our fan community.  We want to get people excited to meet each other and get excited for the show!  We figure the better the experiences we all have, the more likely it is that we will do more shows, right?  I know that it is the case for me!  More fun equals more shows.  It is a simple equation!


4 thoughts on “The Future Is Still Tomorrow”

  1. Having been to a few meetups around the UK over the last year with my friends from the Forgotten80s radio show, we’ve had quite a lot of fun with ‘ice breaker’ questions, prepared in advance, then we all take it in turns to answer, eg ‘how do you listen to the show?’ ‘what’s it worth to you to get a request played on a scale of 1-10?’ ‘What’s your favourite year of the 80s?’ etc. In context, it’s similar to the ‘getting to know you’ games we played at Durandemonium, and is brilliant in a crowd of strangers as, though we all have the show/band in common, it focuses on specialist areas of things we share, eg favourite albums/periods, if we’ve ever met the band etc, and gives us something more specific to chat about when we find ourselves sitting next to someone new, eg on the party bus to the gig! 🙂 Hope all this comes to fruition for you ladies!

    1. Glad to hear that icebreakers similar to what we did at Durandemonium have worked at other meet ups, Bryony! Gives me hope that we are on to something! Thanks for the support! -A

  2. It was so nice to meet you and Rhonda at the Hard Rock Cafe ‘meet up’ before the Hollywood Bowl concert, even if it was very brief. It seems as though you guys had the time of your lives during this recent tour. I know I did both in LA and NYC. Pre show meet ups are a brilliant idea …a great way to share the excitement of an event with other kindred spirits and form friendships.
    As I continue to read and enjoy your blog all the way here in Australia it somehow seems surreal that I was there all because of a radio competition win and a strong desire to see my faves perform at this iconic venue. Keep entering those lotteries Amanda (anything is possible, dream big, look at what happened to me) and if you ever organize that “caravan of Duranies” save me a seat…I may find a way to be there! In the meantime I will wait for their Australian tour announcement and listen to Paper Gods for the 100th time.

    1. Hi Soula!! We hope you had a fantastic trip here to the states! 🙂 Amanda and I both really enjoyed meeting you – it’s always fun to meet fellow Duran fans, but meeting someone who traveled here all the way from Australia is extra special! I’m glad you stopped by at the meet-up, and you’re right – she DOES need to keep playing that lottery, because we need the money just in order to keep doing these meet-ups, shows and paying for this website!! 😀

      We are also looking forward to the tour announcement – hopefully it will come sooner rather than later, just so we can all have something to get planning!! -R

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