The Glory of Planning….or Rhonda’s version of List-o-mania!

So we’re just about one week into the planning of our UK trip here, and while the stress of buying tickets is over – we are now looking into airfare schedules and trying to decide on flights, hotels, etc.

For most people, the planning is probably simple – get a flight over there, hop on a train to Birmingham – check into the hotel and go the show.  Easy.  Well, those people don’t have three children at home with schedules to coordinate and a husband who also travels quite extensively.  At some point during the last week it was discovered that the day I fly home is also the day that he leaves for his own week’s worth of travel – in his case to Asia.  Therefore, I have to fly home direct, and I have to be in LA no later than 2pm so that we can either say hello to one another and trade off the car (he’ll drive it there, and I’ll take it back home) – or so that he can drive me home and spend an hour or so with me before taking off to go back to the airport to catch his flight.  Hello Jet Lag and an early next morning dealing with a three year old.  The price we must pay, right?

If that weren’t enough, we’re now finding out that there’s a possibility he’ll be coming back from a trip as I’m leaving.  *takes deep breath*   It’s just never easy.  For him, leaving is simple – he tells me when he’s going (if I am that lucky), and I do what I always do, which is handle everything that goes on with the kids and the house.  For me to leave though – it’s a MAJOR issue.  My husband doesn’t know the first thing about running this house, or the kids schedules.  If I leave a list – he ignores it. (My oldest tattled on him for doing so last time. :D)  It’s as though everyone runs around in survival mode while I’m gone, and when I return it takes me weeks to get everyone back on track.  That’s when I’m gone over a weekend.  This time, the ante is much, much higher.  I’m gone for 9 days.  I can’t even begin to imagine the chaos I will be returning to somehow tame and control.  The best part is that our oldest participates in her spring performances (she is a dancer at an arts high school) literally the evening before I leave.  Why I thought I could actually do this trip and live through it is beyond me.  My husband already missed her winter performances, so you can imagine the drama that is taking place over the idea that he’ll miss spring as well.  Ah, to be 14….  Aside from those major issues, there are a litany of other possibilities and things going on here at home (as I’m sure they go on in every other household in the world) that make planning that much more joyous and tricky!

In the meantime, we wait for my partner-in-crime to get her notification that her leave has been accepted at work, and I make lists of hotels to check out, places to visit, things I must get before I leave, clothes I need to take (no, this is not the “what am I going to wear?” thread…), schedules that I need to make for those I am leaving behind, food that I need to make and freeze so that my husband will be able to feed the kids before 10pm each night (I wish I were kidding here), iPad applications I want to download, and never mind the different combinations of flights I’m looking at to get across the pond, the return flight I have on hold, train schedules, and plans of getting from London to Birmingham as quickly as possible once we land…

We leave in 15 weeks and yet I’ve already started the list making.  OCD maybe….yes….but when you’ve got a family, I think being a little OCD at times is a requirement.  🙂


5 thoughts on “The Glory of Planning….or Rhonda’s version of List-o-mania!”

  1. Sounds like a scheduling nightmare but I'd trade for that ANY DAY to go to the UK for 9 days and see how many shows?!? Lucky girls! I will have to live vicariously through you both!

  2. I for one am quite happy for your OCD and list-making abilities as I have no ideas for good hotels in Bham and Nham. Thank you and Amanda for taking the lead. We will land in London in 110 days!

  3. @Diane B. I think that the entire trip is a scheduling nightmare for both Amanda and myself – although I really spent my blog highlighting a lot of my insanity here at home. We *are* lucky though, and as I've said many, MANY times (mainly in promises to my darling husband as we've looked at airline tickets, our budget and our schedules) I swear I'm only going to do this once!! Going to a few shows here in the US over a weekend is EASY compared to trying to figure out all of these details. 😉

    @rileycat – I've gotta spend more time writing down hotels and checking them out. I have some ideas for Bham, but I haven't even started on the rest! *gasp* 110 days!! I gotta get cracking! (see the OCD come out there? Wow.)

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