The Music’s Between Us: Durandemonium 2013 Day 1

This blog is either being written really early or really late, depending on how you look at it.  It is currently 2:32 AM here in downtown Chicago.  Tomorrow is going to be super busy so I thought I would get a head start on the blog.  Besides, it is better to write when events are fresh in my mind!  Durandemonium 2013 has officially begun!!!!  I can’t believe that, even as I type those words!  How is that possible?!?  Don’t we still have months of planning to do?!  Don’t we have things that need to be finished?!  Nah.  We have been working for this for months.  Months.  Now is the time when our work pays off—in people having fun, in us having fun.  So, how did things go today?  What were the highlights?  Any lowlights?

I was really pleased with how well things went today.  I can say that, right?!  I helped plan it, after all.  Registration happened.  It did.  We were able to get in the room to set up early and the room worked out great!  We had tables to sit at and we were all able to be together as people checked in and got their materials.  At first, people sat at tables and talked quietly with the other members of their group or with the people who chose to sit with them.  Then, it was time to bust out the Duran related games.  Now, as a teacher, I know that sometimes things like this can be super cheesy.  Yet, if people thought that, they sure didn’t show it!  Soon enough, people were up, out of their seats and mingling with others.  I loved to see this!  After all, the music’s between us and it is the catalyst to bring us all together to meet, to get to know each other, to become friends.  Those connections are the reason we did this thing to begin with.  Some of the games included standard icebreakers like list your favorites and find others who share those favorites with you or line up by when you became a fan.  It is hard for me to pick a favorite game that we played as I honestly enjoyed them all!  I will be curious as to what the attendees liked the best/least.  Perhaps, my favorite was when everyone had to pick a picture and use that picture to describe their fandom in some way.  I learned so much about people and their stories as fans.  It was great to see so many people willing to be so open, so willing to share.  What a good time!!!!

After registration, the group split up as people went to go find food with the idea being that interested people would head to Howl at the Moon, which is a dueling piano bar, afterwards.  We ate at the restaurant inside the House of Blues, actually.  It wasn’t anything super fancy but good to be with each other and get some food.  From there, we ventured into Howl at the Moon, which in typical Friday fashion was packed.  Yet, somehow, it didn’t take us long to scope out a table and then two for our group.  One of the real highlights, though, was the stamp they used to indicate that people had paid.  What was the stamp of?  Two Ds.  I’m not even joking.  We didn’t plan that.  It was like the Duranie gods were smiling down at us!  How cool is that?!  Of course, being the Duranies that we are, we requested some Duran.  Any Duran.  All Duran.  We are Duranies and we do what must be done.  On our request forms, we did indicate that we were here for a Duran Duran convention.  Sure enough, before too long, they announced that a Duran Duran convention was in the house!  We all screamed like maniacs!  How could we not?!  The next thing I knew was that the performers were requesting our presence on stage.  Yes, ON THE STAGE.  We sang and danced like total goofs to Hungry Like the Wolf (Poor Rhonda!) and Rio.  We were ridiculous.  We were out of control.  We were having fun and we didn’t care what the heck we looked like up there.  We were celebrating our fandom, dang it.  That can’t be bad.  Is there video, you might ask?  I didn’t take any as I was one of the goofs on stage.  Did others?!?  Maybe…I think we should all hope that the video doesn’t see the light of day, though.  We are writers and not performers for a reason!!!  Of course, what makes this even funnier yet, for

Rhonda and myself, is that we got up on a Howl at the Moon in New Orleans to sing Rio at the 2004 convention.  Is this a tradition now?!?

Now, of course, I’m tired and have a very busy day tomorrow but it will be the best day ever.  We have the screening of A Diamond in the Mind, the author’s panel, games, the banquet and Late Bar.  It really will be an all night party.  5 hours of sleep should be plenty for all of that, right?  I hope so because that is all I’m going to get!  I’m ready for Durandemonium Day 2!!!


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