The Music’s Between Us

I wish that I was in San Francisco this weekend.  Yes, I absolutely wish that I was there to see Duran live, but I have two shows coming out next weekend (Minneapolis and Chicago).  Really, I wish that I had been there for the meetup on Friday.  I know that Gimme a Wristband planned a fantastic get together for the fans complete with merchandise and entertainment.  I haven’t heard much about it but I’m sure that it was beyond fun.  I love meetups like that!

Sometimes, the meetups end up being more fun than the shows themselves and other times, they just make the shows more fun and more memorable.  I’m not sure how many of you went to the “fan show” in New York City in June of 2007, but that was a situation in which the meetup was WAY more fun than the show.  Like the meetup in San Francisco, it took place the night before the show.  It was in a club that had an 80s night.  The club wasn’t that big and wasn’t that expensive.  It allowed us to meet each other in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with good music and cheap drinks!  Then, of course, the next day we all witnessed a show in which Duran was not at their best.  I know that I was thankful that the meetup had happened because it made me feel like the trip there was worthwhile then!  Of course, I have been to many shows in which the meetup took place a few hours before the show.  In those cases, they are usually somewhere where people can get drinks and dinner.  I know that I have met many Duranies that way and have stayed in contact with some of the people I have met.  In most cases, I truly enjoy meeting other fans.  I love hearing about their experiences, including the shows that they have gone to and the times they have been lucky enough to see the band in person.  I also enjoy sharing my stories.  Sometimes, you get to see people you have met before, which is cool, too.  We can then spend some time catching up!  No matter the specific circumstance, the meetups, for me, often get me more and more excited about the upcoming show!  I feed off of the energy from the other fans!

This little mini-tour will not include meetups for me.  People haven’t been planning them much.  My guess is that people aren’t interested because the shows here in the US have been GA.  Fans don’t have time to meetup with each other because they are busy standing in line in order to get a decent spot.  In this case, the meetup would not be relaxed in any way as people would be concerned about the growing line outside, even if the meetup took place at a close venue.  Perhaps, this is part of the reason that I hate GA.  I find it sad that I don’t have time to meet other people.  I don’t like that I don’t get a chance to see people I know or to meet new people.

I’m hoping that things will be different for our UK tour.  I am hoping that meetups can and do take place as those shows are all seated.  I know that Rhonda and I are both interested in meeting other fans.  We want to meet new people but we also want to get energized by other people’s excitement!  Right now, we don’t know of anything specific planned for our four shows.  I’m hoping that as those shows get closer something will be planned.  We know that it will be difficult for us to do anything before the Birmingham show as we will be just getting into town right before the show, but we will have time before Nottingham, Liverpool and London.  If meetups don’t work for those specific nights, we will also be in Birmingham for one other night and will be in London for a few leading up to the show at the O2.  I feel like if we can meet other fans, our tour will feel good and complete!


13 thoughts on “The Music’s Between Us”

  1. What about Glasgow????? We Scottish fans like to meet up just as much as the American and English fans!!!! Its such a shame that people think that Scotland is in another galaxy….but WE ARE NOT!!!! WE are very much a part of the United Kingdom!! Perhaps check a map or atlas if you are not sure!! Thanks and enjoy your meet ups in England and beyond….xx

  2. There's apparently a music exhibition on at the O2 which my friend wants to see before the show, so I guess meeting up at the venue before the London gig could be the thing to do!

    I've met many Duranies in line at gigs – such a great atmosphere!

  3. “'little' mini tour”…not just a 'mini tour' but a little one. How many categories of tours do you fans over there get? Talk about rubbing it in. 😉

  4. Amanda was speaking specifically about the shows that she is traveling between (which are a good 6 hours driving time apart)….and I feel very confident that she wasn't trying to rub it in. We are both very aware that there are many places in the world that the band does not visit on any kind of a regular basis, and we both feel very lucky to be able to travel(and in many cases that means being willing and able fly across country, or drive several hours!) to see the band play when they are here in the US, as well as going to England next month. The fact is, we have no control over where the band tours or does shows – we can only control what we choose to participate in or blog about, and it would seem to us that sharing our excitement, trials and tribulations with other fans would be the best way to share the fandom. :). -R

  5. Hey there was a 😉 there – I'm having fun. Of course you weren't rubbing it in…that's not what your blogs are about at all.

    In 30 years the closest DD have been to me is a 10 hour drive. Every other time has involved a passport.


  6. I have to say that a 10 hour drive has got to hurt – and that REALLY sucks. Never mind the passport. I'm just beginning to break mine in with this UK trip! Yep, we've been very lucky to have them tour so often here. (although there are times that I question my sanity and “luck” by living near Los Angeles….) Oh well!!! – R

  7. It's the thought of the rather pricey (ie $3K) airfare and 30-35 hours flying each drection that puts me off. It's a long way to the US or UK. But if it can be tied in with a holiday (vacation) then great. But same old moan from me as others – the short notice does't make it easy. A ten hour drive is nothing – I would more than welcome it.
    Enjoy your shows.

  8. Ouch. Those elements definitely make it tough for you to attend a show or two. Hopefully, the band will hear your plea and not only plan a tour near you but with advance notice!


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