The Notorious Press…Again

Duran Duran has been doing a ton of press lately.  It seems like a day doesn’t go by without me reading a new article or seeing a new video of an interview.  While I adore seeing the band get attention, get press, I continue to find myself frustrated by how they are covered as well.  Yes, yes, I realize that I’m taking it too personally and/or that this type of situation is not unique to Duran Duran as it has been happening with everything lately.  First, let me give you a couple of examples then ask the questions.  Is it important to respond?  If so, how? 

The first piece of news that caught my attention for this lately is an article that was featured in a variety of news sources.  The link here was in MSN Music.  The part of the article that bothered me was this,
“In interviews recorded to accompany the band’s concert DVD “A Diamond in the Mind,” bassist John Taylor admits his friend’s frustrating health crisis almost led to the band’s breakup.  Taylor says, “I did consider that this could be the end of the band. … There’s no way you can avoid those thoughts. Obviously one felt for him — he was living it — but we were all looking at, ‘Wow, what does this mean if it doesn’t come back?'”  Maybe it is me but the term “breakup” creates a pretty strong image.  A breakup, to me, can imply that there was conflict, that there were some members going one way and others going a different way.  This, again, is how I’m interpreting the term which is very different than the band calling it quits, saying that they were done together as a united group.  Now, perhaps, I’m sensitive to the idea of the band stopping.  Maybe, I am being a little too protective of the band.  I just don’t like the idea of anyone thinking that the rest of the band was so upset with Simon or his situation that they would call it quits as we all know that this wasn’t the case.

Then, the second piece of press was today’s video from  The headline ran like this–Duran Duran:  Our Old Songs Are Our Best Songs.  Then, the video clip didn’t show them making that statement.  Yes, clearly, they talked about their old songs and how those are songs that people want to hear live.  Okay.  Later in the video, which you can see here, John and Simon talked about how they are still creative and enjoy making new music.  They also talked about how their career has shifted from making an album and touring to support that album to making an album to support touring.  Yet, instead of having something about that as the headline…no, People decided to say that their “old music” is their best music.  Well, why the heck would anyone want to check out their latest album then?  This is so unbelievably not helpful.  On top of that, why imply that was the quote and not show the quote.  Is that what they said?  I don’t really know.  The video clip seems out of context to me. 

Am I the only one annoyed by this?  Maybe, I am.  Maybe, it’s me.  If that’s the case, I’ll enjoy a couple of drinks tonight with friends at a comedy club.  Clearly, it is what is needed.  If that’s not the case, how should Duranies react?  Should we just know the truth ourselves?  Is that enough?  If it isn’t, how should we deal with it?  Would we and the band benefit from having a truth team of sorts that would respond via comments or email to whatever news source?  Food for thought on a Friday.


11 thoughts on “The Notorious Press…Again”

  1. What I love with the lame media is, when a band retires, they can't retire. It's a break up. Are you serious?

    The media everywhere is sensationalist, and thank goodness some people are waking up and stop being sheep. But there is still A LOT to go.

    We need to create our own media group combat this nonsense. It will happen. It is in the works as we speak.

  2. What should be done? We should take all the reporters out back and shoot them.

    Yeah…I'm kidding.

    Really though, that title for is just wrong and misleading, and fairly typical of the press. They put out the words and images they want to get out, and it's pretty difficult to fight against that. I think the band just takes the press with stride. They probably figure that any news these days is good news, and their real fans know the truth anyway. -R

  3. I don’t want to come across as harsh but I think you are taking it too personally about the term “break up”. If John was quoted as saying he did consider that this could be the end of the band – then I think it’s fair. If anyone reads the whole article they will understand the band was concerned about Simon’s voice. They weren't having problems because they weren’t getting along, etc. I just don’t see the big deal in getting upset over this article. I think something like that shouldn’t be overanalyzed. Especially when it’s no mystery what was going on. I don’t think the writer meant to deceive anyone.

    I do understand your frustration with the People article though. That is just simply misleading.

    Anyway, have a few drinks, enjoy the comedy club, and relax! Don’t sweat the small stuff! 🙂

  4. I'm sure you're right about the MSN article…we talked about that on the phone earlier during one of our conference calls and while I'm pretty sure Amanda felt they could have called it something different, the article itself makes it all pretty clear. I have no doubt they were taking Simon's voice issue that seriously – we sure were. Last summer was incredibly long, wasn't it?

    Speaking of drinks and the comedy club, I think my bartender just arrived home…at last! -R

  5. First off, I believe very little when it comes to articles written about Duran Duran because even the band themselves have fallen short on many occassions when it comes to selling themselves and the media that report on them are never fully informed or care to do any solid research to back up their stuff. That being said, not even duranies are always that reliable being the “opinionated” group they are. They take this stuff just as personally as if were being said straight to the “poster” of John Taylor that's been taped to their wall for ages. They go bat-shit out of their mind and pin down every person whose opinion differs from their own. Being a duranie is a fun, if not sorted affair, and it has been this way since time began. I'd say, hit the comedy club….get those drinks….and enjoy the time well spent with friends and family….a little liberation is good for all of us, the band included. 🙂

  6. I was much more annoyed with People because no where did John or Simon say their old songs were their best songs, I think that was People trying to shove them in a box.

    But the break up thing didn't bother me. To me if a band calls it quits, for whatever reason, then that's a break up, whether it's just deciding it's time to stop or due to more negative issues. John's actual quote didn't suggest to me that they were angry at Simon(I can't even imagine any of them being that petty about something he had no control over) just that the reality of the situation for them was it was potentially the end of them as Duran Duran, not the end of them as friends or the end of them working together in various capacities.

  7. Press, and tv news are the same, they want the most sells possible, and what people want? Drama. So the same day scientists can make a huge breakthrough in finding a cure to cancer and one person can have a fatal accident and it will be that death that will be the headline. It's the same in music. The reporters will always use words more provocative and ideas that can shock more. So the band can have to come to an end because of Simon's voice problem no… it's a breakup! The band have a new cd… no the biggest band of the 80's is coming back! What can we do about it? Nothing. Just ignore it, their idea is “talk about my article in a good or a bad way but talk about it” The problem come from the public who love that kind of stories. For exemple, I don,t buy that kind of sh… but I already know that Johnny Deep is separating. But don't ask me what movie he is doing right now. Even worst, when an artist die tragically bang the sales of his/her records goes up big way! He/she was so incredibly good! But two weeks ago when he/she was alive it was pure crap. I lived that with Queen and Freddie Mercury, when they were making a new cd I could read articl saying things like “Oh no not another record from Queen, this is really a bad year” But now Queen is one of the most incredible group ever and Freddie was they most incredible singer ever… So… DD have to face it all the time like they were nowhere since 1984 and finally came back. They came to play the game and make a record like it was done in 1985! Funny no? Because personaly I love what they did all the time with one exception 😉 I already can't wait to what will come from the Olympics. Impossible to get a bigger world's exposure. So what will come of it? They are back? Where were they? etc. Think about it, I don't know for you but what people most remind me about when I say that I love DD is that day Simon was not doing so good at Live Aid. Drama… But it can also be good I remember when Queen did the same Live Aid they were doing not so good in popularity and as Elton John said it that day they stolen the show and did incredible records after that.

    But I have to admit, when those things happen I am like you it put me upside down! : )



  8. I did enjoy myself at the comedy club! That said, I am sure you are right about the band, the press and the fans. I wish that I didn't care but I do. I want the band to be treated with respect.


  9. I, too, was more annoyed with the People video. As for the other one, I suppose it would be a “break up” if the band could not stay together for whatever reason but language is powerful and I think it is important for writers (including me) to choose the best and most precise words possible.


  10. I absolutely agree that the press is about what sells. I can't help but to think that is a problem. The point of the press is to INFORM not sell. Do we just accept it or fight to change it or at least make it a little better? I am one of those people who see something is wrong and try to change it.

    I am glad that I am not the only one who gets frustrated by it!!! 🙂


  11. I care and I would like to see the band get more respect too but I also cannot personally control what they do or don't do to get there.

    My monetary support may help to keep them moving forward but that is only one part of the bigger picture….if they want it because they love and respect it….they will find it.


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