The Olympics…will they or won’t they??

We never do this.  We’re a one-blog-a-day-whether-we-need-it-or-not operation.  So, for Rhonda to be writing a second blog for the day…you need to know that this is very unofficial, yet certainly interesting breaking news.

The France show has been moved to July 23rd.  This isn’t breaking news, but still worth noting. No reason was given, and in the world of Duranie, that gives us plenty of reason to speculate…which we did.  We also know that Ronson is doing some of the music in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, set in London this summer. The date of the Opening Ceremony?  July 27th… the original date of the Carcassonne show. It isn’t difficult to see where I’m headed here…

If that weren’t enough, there have been several comments and postings all over the internet about fans receiving emails from band administration, and they were openly told that the band would be playing the Olympic Opening Ceremony. No word as to whether fans were told to keep this information quiet.  Think back to December when the fan community heard that the UK people might be in for a surprise or two, and the information seems even more solid.  Is it true?!  We will soon see.

On one hand, we all can and should be thrilled if this rumor holds true.  The entire world will be watching the Olympics, and our band will be there properly representing.  I know I will be watching.

On the other hand, once again the fans are left to speculate and find information on their own.  By this time, we’ve all gotten quite good.  We’re not the amateurs we were at the age of eleven or twelve.  Once again today our news comes not from the people who should be providing such information but from one another, collectively working together for the greater good of the community at large. Perhaps the band was asked to keep the appearance secret.  Perhaps the Olympic Committee wishes to do their own promotion work and surprise the world with what they’ve got planned.  This is fairly commonplace – most countries want to keep plans for their shining opening ceremony moments quiet.  Fair enough.  I have it on reasonably good authority that the appearance is not just rumor, but until the band confirms – I have no choice but to characterize it as rumor.  (this would be a great time for the band to make the announcement, by the way!)

The problem comes down to the dissemination of information.  The entire issue and rumor mill could have been averted had someone thought to come up with a decent reason for moving the Carcassonne show.  Even an apology would have been acceptable.  However, none of that was done.  The information was first tweeted, then put on Facebook, and to this writing – there is still no information given on regarding the change to the Carcassonne show unless it is buried deep within the website.  It certainly is not in the News section.  A mere oversight?  Hard to say.

Several days ago, Amanda ran a blog on Where to find the news.  I linked it so if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the chance to catch up.  It’s bewildering to me as to why, after thirty some years in the business, the band and particularly their management still do not have any idea how to handle information.  Part of me believes that the band has never thought they needed to explain themselves, and perhaps that is true.  Back when we were ten, twelve and even fourteen – we were easy to appease. A smile, an interview, a pinup, and we were good.  No apologies necessary.  Back in those days, we probably didn’t even realize what was going on behind the scenes or what changes were taking place.  Well, this is 2012.  The same rules simply do not apply.  We’re far older, far more resourceful, and far more willing to ask the tough questions and expect a reasonable answer. Sure, one can argue that this is a transactional relationship – not a two way street.  I would simply reply that after thirty years, perhaps a little more humility is in order all the way around.

The real “news” here isn’t necessarily the unsubstantiated rumor of an appearance in the Opening Ceremony, although the idea is exciting and we’re hoping it’s true.  It’s the lack of news. The lack of notice. The lack of regularity.  Rumors like this are exactly what happens when the fans are left to their own devices. I know fans can be a gigantic pain in the side of management.  I know that rumors like this probably drive them crazy.  They drive me crazy too. That is something we can all agree on.


15 thoughts on “The Olympics…will they or won’t they??”

  1. Oh, I hope it's true. That would be a wonderful stage to show the whole world they're still around and still fresh and relevant! I tweeted the DDM not too long ago that I thought “Beautiful Colours” would be a perfect song for the Olympics OC. I can keep hoping. Not that I'll be able to go, but you can bet I'll be watching!

    I don't know if they owe us an explanation when show dates are changed, just enough notice – though I might think differently if it were “my” show; especially if I was making travel plans.

  2. Fair enough Betsi. The trouble is, there is NO news about it. Not even on the website…so unless a fan caught it on Facebook or Twitter, they aren't aware of the date change. That's the real problem with that one. While I don't know if they owe an explanation in that case, the truth is that it literally takes less than 15 minutes to pound out a short blurb and post it everywhere. I would know. I do it a lot! 😀 -R

  3. I agree they definitely should put it on the website, I just meant the explanation part. I have to wonder if it was an oversight – someone was asleep at the wheel and it wasn't caught.

    Do we know anyone who had already purchased tickets to that show (were they even on sale at the time the date was changed)? It would be interesting to hear from them if they got an email or a postcard.

  4. PS – I just saw Tweet to DD where a fan asked about the change in date and the DDM told the fan to “ask katy” that perhaps she could shed some light. REALLY?????

  5. Fascinating. I don't really know what's going on there, and like I said – this is just rumor, but I'm hearing from more and more people that it's true. Bizarre to say the least. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. -R

  6. You've done your homework agent Rhonda… Very beautiful deduction, elementary would say Sherlock Holmes. This would be a superb occasion for the band to be seen worldwide. Really wish this is true and that they could have a real time showing the world how incredible they are in show !


  7. I wonder if it is possible that they are waiting to work out all the details before announcing if they are in fact performing at the Opening Ceremonies? They did say on FB yesterday that the news of the Chicago show had leaked but the reason no official announcement had been made by them as of yet was because there were still issues to be worked out with the promoter? Maybe the same holds true for London?


  8. Hi Susan – I really don't know the details, which is why I posted this as a rumor rather than fact. I really am not trying to scoop the band, but on the same token – I know that tickets are already on sale for the Opening Ceremonies!! 😀

    My only point (aside from the possible newsworthy item of performing at the Olympics), is simply that had the rescheduling of the France show been handled correctly, and had their management made some sort of statement of ANY KIND rather than saying nothing, it's quite possible that this cat would not have been let out of the bag just yet. -R

  9. Thanks Pat! We'll see if it really holds true…I think it would be outstanding to see them perform though.

    Daily Duranie trivia point: I performed in the Opening Ceremony for the Los Angeles Olympics back in 1984. No joke! My high school band was one of many that were invited to come and play, and so I played my clarinet with my marching band. 😀 -R

  10. I'm not sure, I mean I wouldn't actually suggest they lie about the reason for moving the date, which is what they'd have had to do IF they are still arranging details IF it's the Olympics.

    They gave 5 months notice on the date change and posted it on two of the biggest “news passing” social media sites. I'm not really sure that qualifies as doing a bad job of passing along the news, I mean sure it wouldn't hurt for them to put it on the Duran Duran website too but I'd imagine far more people get their news from facebook and twitter than from the Duran Duran website, including fans. You could post it everywhere, send out postcards and announce it on a news show and there would STILL be people who manage to miss it.

    As for rumors, there are always going to be rumors and sometimes, somehow, someway news gets out a little before it's intended, that's not necessarily anyone's fault, aside from the first person who lets information out before it's supposed to go out. I don't think anything they would have said as an “excuse” for the date change would have stopped the “rumor”. There would still be people who go “hey, hmmm…:counts on fingers: you know that's the date the Olympics….” There are times when they screw stuff like this up, but I don't really necessarily think this is one of those times.

  11. Wow…you know, I don't remember, but maybe??!! I didn't get to actually SEE the opening ceremonies for a long time after that, so I really don't know what happened before/after my time out on the field. All I remember was being there, seeing the aerial photo of the event and trying to pick myself out of the crowd. 😀 -R

  12. I've done PR before, and I have to say – bands lie ALL THE TIME. It happens every single day, and it's normal practice (even though I HATED having to come up with cover stories held together by a single nugget of truth). By saying that I feel as though this might have been avoided by giving a reason, I'm not necessarily saying they should have lied – but the simple statement that they had to move the date due to reasons outside of their reasonable control and they're sorry would have been a start.

    I agree, they did give 5 months notice on the date change. Very true and point taken. However, just due to the very nature of Facebook and especially Twitter, if the ticket holders weren't around to see the notice given, it would have been very likely to have been missed. I don't know about you, but my timeline on both Twitter and Facebook moves very quickly, and if I didn't know something had been said, I might not have known to look further – do you see what I mean? Sure, people would miss it no matter what, but that doesn't mean it's OK to simply drop the ball and kind of say “Oh well, we did what we could.” At the end of the day, it just looks bad.

    Rumors are rumors and there's no way to stop them from coming – there's always going to be someone out there guessing (like me, apparently!). Again, I agree with the theory, and even in this case – it's not a major screw up. It's just funny that once again, news gets out before the band announces it. We've come to expect that from Duran Duran, which is why so many fans look elsewhere for the news, and why people try to figure out what's really going on. You are very right, there's always going to be something. I also wonder though that if it were you or I who were being affected by the date change if we'd feel differently. -R

  13. My hunch is that this is because they are performing at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, almost 100%. It peeves me that the website/emails say venue TBA. No band in their right mind would have a gig on the opening day of the Olympics, unless they were appearing on it. It would be extremely counter-productive to do otherwise, as London will just be heaving on that day, and they won't go to the gig. I just hope they are announcing more UK dates though, so that people can go to a concert and see them play live xx

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