The Olympics!!!

It really isn’t every day that I wake up to hearing that Duran Duran will be playing the Summer Olympic games Opening Ceremony Concert.  This is fantastic news for Duran fans, and well deserved for the band.  Of course, we fans know this – it’s one of the many reasons we have supported the band for over thirty years now.  We understand that their music goes well beyond Rio and Girls on Film.  We know the band is about far more than champagne and yachts (although both things are good!).  We recognize just how far reaching their talent is as a band, and we know that they have proven themselves to be consistently capable.  They are innovative, willing to take artistic risk, and definitely not nearly as “stuck in the 80’s” as perhaps many of their fans might be. Admit it. Embrace it. I was proud to hear that the announcement had been made regarding the concert, and thrilled to see that the band was finally getting some good press.

Naturally, my joy was rather short lived when I began to read the Tweets (big mistake) and some of the news articles that have come out of the announcement. So far, none have been worse than what I read in The Telegraph by Lucy Jones. I simply refuse to post the link because any more traffic to her pathetic blathering is too much. I would actually dare her to name more than maybe 5 Duran Duran songs she’s ever really heard, because from reading her drivel, it’s pretty clear she knows next to nothing about any of the bands mentioned in the lineup. She seems to pride herself on being able to name a few of the more recent hipster bands, and well, if that’s what she needs to hang her hat on, then good on her. What Ms. Jones fails to acknowledge is that while yes, Duran Duran did have the majority of their hits in the 1980’s – they were and still are the biggest and brightest musical act to come out of the entire UK since The Beatles. It’s not necessary to be a big fan of the band to at least acknowledge what they’ve accomplished over the years, and that’s really all anyone – including myself – is asking.

My original intention with the blog was to refute every last one of the negative statements out there, and the reality is – I probably could write several thesis’ denying every single one of the claims that other bloggers and self-proclaimed journalists have made, but what good would that really do? Probably none. People like what they like, and while it might anger us, their opinion is just that – opinion. The fact is, while the volume of the negativity might feel especially loud today – it’s never stopped the band before, nor should it stop us, the fans.  We have every right to be proud of what the band has accomplished.  We should take a moment to send the band a congratulatory tweet, post an encouraging comment on their Facebook page, and even post the news to our friends on our own pages. Be proud, be supportive – it’s what we do best!

However, if you feel the need to prove to the world that the band really is an INTERNATIONAL treasure – I welcome that. Here’s a link to take you to a news article in The Telegraph, along with a poll about the band performing at the Olympics.  I encourage you to take the poll. Vote early, vote often.


8 thoughts on “The Olympics!!!”

  1. Rhonda, I feel the same, how can they do that? Don't remember someone saying that Paul McCartney was something from the 60's or 70's and I dn't remember him having a hit lately ( do love paul mmm that's just to prove that you don't need to be at the top of the charts to be someone important in music world). So why are people so mean about DD?

    I will tell you another thing and it's a very sad thing, but we will try to say it in a positive way. Queen was favorite band in the 70's and after I just added DD, but I always had a special feeling about Queen. And all the time they were doing a new record it was the same thing critics were saying that it was bad, that it was not the Queen of the Bohemian Rapsody era and that they were not interesting at all. Sudenly Freddie died. Strangely enough the band went from that to stardom, Freddie was the best and the band was so incredibly good. Now the same is going on with Whitney Houston, her last cd was judge poor and now that she past away the same record seems to be good… So it seems you have to be dead to be judge fascinating. So you know what? I prefer DD still alive with bad comments.
    And I tell you something, I hope they give a superb show and that the world realised how good they are and that yes, they don't do only 80's stuff.

    Long live Duran Duran!


  2. Lucy Jones is just a bad writer. I'm more than used to journos sneering at the band based on what they think they know about them, but she didn't actually have a point to make, or if she did she was incapable of making it. although i love Saint Etienne, one of the bands she mentions, they were at their peak in 1992, so hardly any more relevant than Duran, if she is going by dates, so what's her point exactly? I honestly feel she was just trying to get attention for her badly written blog, and she certainly managed that. As some have pointed out, she was raving about their Coachella eperformance not that long ago, so she is pretty fickle, an amensiac or schizophrenic,either way I havent bothered to defend the band except to vote in the telegraph poll, which came out pretty strongly in favour of the band. I dont see the point in adding fuel to this crap, we fans are only branded as deluded and obsessed. the internet gives voice to the worse and snidest of humanity I've realised, best to try and ignore it.

  3. Some have said to bash Ms. Jones back (and others)who have harshly misjudged Duran Duran without one ounce of merit to back their opinion. I won't stoop to that level, to give more attention to someone whose motivations for writing such garbage are questionable.

    I say, stop hating, start appreciating!

  4. There's a difference between disagreeing with her for her opinion and outright threatening or bashing. That's not my style either, and I'm disappointed to hear that other fans acted out in anger over a simple opinion.

    That said, I would love for Ms. Jones to explain how last year she was absolutely GUSHING over them in a review she did for their performance in SXSW (when I read the review I thought she must be a serious fan, it was so incredibly slanted and gushing), and then do a complete turncoat just this week with the news of the Olympics. Even in a follow-up blog that just came out this morning she says that “doesn't like the band”. Call ME crazy, but there's something to be said for someone who can't even back up their own writing….journalistic integrity still means something out there, her drivel aside.


  5. Honestly, it's not even her opinion that bothers me, it's that she can't seem to get her own opinions straight that's more concerning. Oh well. She's one person out of many, right? -R

  6. Yeah, people say horrible things about McCartney all the time. They can say whatever they want, the man is a legend, as was Freddie Mercury. It's a shame that so many of these people have to die in order to be appreciated at all. I remember when Queen was being called many horrible things – and I have my own opinions as to why that was (Freddie wasn't necessarily the most masculine singer out there and that truly BOTHERED people back in that day), but I love Queen. Go figure. LOL 😀

    Sometimes it's just not worth the time to argue, you know? 😉 -R

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