The Past Week in Duranland (August 18 to August 24)

This past week in Duranland has seemed relatively quiet.  No matter,  I will still do my best to summarize any and all happenings!  As always, I’ll be searching through official sites and social media to find any and all info.

The only thing posted on the band’s official website was a new “Collector’s Corner” for the month of August.  This month, the focus is on the goodies one might receive at a show, including ticket stubs, passes, set lists, guitar picks and drumsticks!  While I have definitely kept all of my Duran ticket stubs, I haven’t been fortunate enough to get any of the rest.  My personal goal is to get a pick directly from John Taylor.  (For the record, I’m terrible about asking for things like this and often more in the center, which means I’m not right in front of John.  So, Mr. Taylor should feel free to search for me to hand me one!  Ha!  If only!)  What about the rest of you?  Which of these items do you have and/or collect?

DuranDuranMusic announced a winner for the Fashion Rocks tickets!  Congrats to Lanita for being the winner!!

Duran Duran’s Facebook this week shared some pictures from the studio, including Nile Rodgers, Nile and Nick, and a group shot with John, Simon, Roger, Nick and Nile.  A picture from the Fashion Rocks photo shoot was also posted.  Beyond the pictures, Duran Duran also celebrated 2.5 million like on Facebook!  Go Duran!!!

One article was posted on Duran’s Facebook and that article was about how Rocksmith 2014’s playlist was updated to include Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf and Ordinary World.  I’m not a gamer so I don’t get it all, but it seems like a pretty cool deal to me!  To read the article yourself, go here.

Interestingly enough, Duran wasn’t the only Facebook page to be updated.  Roger Taylor posted on his official page as well, which you can find here.  He also included the group shot from the studio and a picture of two of his kids.  He also stated something about a light at the end of the tunnel at the studio.  Could that be true???  I, for one, hope so!  I’m missing them terribly!!!

As for twitter, Nile Rodgers has been sharing.  For example, yesterday, he said goodbye to London but indicated that the goodbye would be for 5 days.  More work to be done then???  He also stated that the 20th was a great but long day at the studio with Mark Ronson and Duran.  My point here is simple.  You should be following Mr. Rodgers (@nilerodgers).  Mr. Hudson (@MrHudson) also tweeted about this past week in the studio, stating that it was an “incredible” week.  If all of that wasn’t enough, John Taylor also tweeted this past week.  Yesterday, he tweeted how he was back in LA after “amazing recording sessions”.  Earlier in the week, he posted pictures of Mr. Hudson and Nile from the studio.  All of these little tweets have me even more excited about the new album!!

Clearly, this week has one in the studio for Duran Duran.  What will next week bring???



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