The Pressure is ON.

I am officially horrible at this blogging stuff. The fact is, I’ve gotten out of the practice of finding things to write about. I apologize for that, but I think we all know whom we can really blame, right??

No news. It’s difficult to write something worthy of print when there’s not much in the news department with which to react. That seems to be an ongoing problem, at least for me, because while I wasn’t reacting, another favorite of mine has announced a tour.  My current quandary? Do I buy tickets to see Brandon Flowers, or do I hold off in hopes that Duran Duran finally announces something for the fall? Carpe Diem??

Let’s face it – money is not necessarily flowing freely from the water pipes (nor is water these days, since I live in Southern California), and so I do have to spend smartly. I am sure that I cannot possibly be the only Duranie in the world thinking the words, “I wish the band would finally announce something!”

Yes, I’m aware that their album is due to be released in September, and the chances of a tour happening then is not likely. I’m also aware that at least in the past, the band has done promotional appearances when they’ve released an album. Is it really too much to think that there’s always that possibility?  I say not. I’d hate to be elsewhere when and if the band should happen to actually visit LA.

It is frustrating when other artists are already announcing their Fall gigs and we’ve yet to really hear a firm release date or much of anything else that would indicate a future return to this part of the world. Maybe I’m just really impatient. (maybe?!? HA. Try “I’m really very impatient!!”) Maybe, just maybe…I’m not the only one feeling that way.

It would seem that at any point now, we’d be seeing the triumphant return of the band to social media…and that we’d see them talk about how great the album is, and how they can’t wait to share that with us. I tend to see a lot of tweets asking John if he’s ever going to tweet again, photos of Simon in Paris at the Grande Palais…and not much at all from a Mr. Dom Brown aside from the occasional tweet indicating who he worked with most recently at his studio.

But, not all is lost. To those who pay attention, a certain Mr. Taylor has returned to social media….just not necessarily where you may have guessed.

John has become quite the Instagramer! Not more than a day or two goes by without a picture from John, and while not all (or even most) of the pictures have anything to do with Duran Duran per se – I have to commend him for sticking with it and finding something that works for him. I know for sure I’m not the only one who delights in seeing a new post from him – just recently he posted a picture of a Jacaranda tree in full, brilliant purple bloom, with the caption “I love Jacaranda season”.  Me too, John. It’s one of the best parts of So Cal in the spring.  No, it’s not quite a conversation with John, but does it have to be? I don’t think so. I actually appreciate the posts of the more “mundane” much more than I did the obvious “selling” tweets in the recent year or so…and interestingly enough (at least to me), it’s visual, for a band member that loves the visual. There’s still the occasional “I LOVE YOU JOHN” comments in reply, but if you wade through that – there is a lot of good happening there. This works, and I like it. I’m not even sure I really miss the tweetfests where one could barely get a tweet in edgewise.

Now to get the rest of them doing something, somewhere.  I really wish we didn’t scare them so much….so many of us are far, far more than just fans. (In fact, aren’t all of us more than that?) I know, I know, the crazy seems to speak far louder than the sane. I’ve seen that firsthand…but you never know, maybe the sane really does leak through in conversation every once in a while, in between interruptions.



2 thoughts on “The Pressure is ON.”

  1. So, last year I went to something around 18 concerts. Once it was official that DD weren’t going to tour in 2014, I went to whatever show I wanted…slightly worried about my Duranfund. It was so great experiencing so much music from a diverse list of artists. So far this year, I’ve been to 2 shows, and I only have 2 more on the horizon. Major slowdown. Why? Cause those damn Brits are toying with us with the potential of live dates. Duranfund must not be touched. I’m thankful that there aren’t any shows I’m chomping at the bit to go to. But, it is kind of nuts how it is all or nothing for us and this band. I really wish they would announce something, anything. And Mr. Taylor and his #PressureOff message on all of his instagram posts, isn’t helping. God I love them.

    1. LOL Christina you sound like me! I love them, but they drive me crazy!!! I actually really like John’s Instagram posts because it’s at least something….in fact I was trying to convince Dom to try it yesterday. (not that he was actually answering me..but you know…I try.)

      I would love to be able to make some plans. Otherwise, I’m seriously going to Milwaukee to see Amanda and go to the Brandon Flowers show in August. We might even go to Chicago too and make a trip out of it. See? We’re to the point where Amanda and I are just going to plan road trips without the band! It’s not the same though…


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