The Ranking of the Singles

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a new homework assignment.  This homework assignment, which you can read in full here, basically asked people to rank Duran Duran singles in order of preference.  A number of people turned in their homework on time, which earned them a virtual goal star and a good grade!  Since the due date, I have compiled the results to show the fans’ order of preference when it comes to Duran’s singles.  Perhaps, as the band gets closer to touring, we might remind them which of these singles are popular among their fans and which aren’t!  In future blogs, I will reveal the Daily Duranie rankings and will also analyze the results.  I will explain what I learned from this then!

Without more babbling on my part, I present the fans’ ranking of Duran Duran singles from least favorite to most favorite!!

Meet el Presidente

Someone Else Not Me

Violence of Summer

Electric Barbarella

Skin Trade

Burning the Ground

Out of my Mind

All She Wants Is

Falling Down

My Own Way


Perfect Day

What Happens Tomorrow

I Don’t Want Your Love

White Lines

Too Much Information

Union of the Snake


Hungry Like the Wolf

Girl Panic

Do You Believe in Shame?

A View to a Kill

Come Undone

New Moon on Monday

Is There Something I Should Know?

Wild Boys


Careless Memories

The Reflex

Girls on Film

Ordinary World


All You Need Is Now

Save a Prayer

Planet Earth

There it is!  What do you think?  How did your list compare?  What surprised you?  What didn’t surprise you?!


6 thoughts on “The Ranking of the Singles”

  1. How much Duranies have taken part ?
    Since you can even see how different is the musical tastes of the fans.
    But It’s OK.

  2. I’m not surprised by the top 10, although not necessarily my choice all of the top 10 were in my top half of the list. surprised by some that are missing from the top like notorious and I thought girl panic might be higher

  3. No surprises for the bottom and for the top of the rundown.
    Do You Believe in Shame? is my personal surprise, the Big Thing singles weren’t so high ranked in my list.
    Wow, I had much fun in making the homework and you did an awesome job.

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