The Revolt of the Fans

Last night, at about 7:45 Central Standard Time, I, like many others, received an email from Duran Duran Music, or whatever Duran’s fan community is calling itself these days.  This email told me about a show in Thackerville, Oklahoma on March 18th.  When is the presale?  Yes.  It was today at noon.  It was literally about 17 hours after the show was announced!  17 hours!!!  What used to be a day or three in between announcement and presale is now down to 17 hours!  17!  Wow.  Now, with normal presales, fans would be complaining about the lack of notice all the while accepting it as the way it is.  This time, I heard more than a few rumbles from fans saying that they were “done” and that they weren’t going to play this game again.  Honestly, I can’t blame them.  What the hell are the band’s team thinking here?  Seriously.  How does this help album sales?  How does this help ticket sales?  How does this help keep diehard fans?  Clearly, at this point, it doesn’t.  I’m willing to bet that not a lot of fans are going to this show and not a lot of fans bought tickets through today’s presale.  That said, I do realize that it is a lot more complex than that and that there are other issues surrounding this show beyond the lack of notice and the utter lack of ALL CONSIDERATION for fans. 

I have to admit that I do not understand the method to their madness.  Why are they able to play large venues in the UK but are playing places like a casino in the middle of nowhere (no offense to those people who live there or near there)?  Then, there is the little matter of when are they coming to the US.  We know that they are playing in Oklahoma on March 18th, Miami on March 25th and then nothing until April, when they play San Francisco on April 16th and Coachella on April 17th.  Are they doing dates in between?  What kind of dates are they doing?  Festivals?  Casinos?  Random GA shows?  I don’t get it.  Then, of course, I’m left to wonder why they announce the shows they do, when they do.  Clearly, they didn’t need to announce San Francisco since there has been NO presale at all and no mention of when it might be.  This just makes many of us think that there is no plan and that they (being the band’s management) are just flying by the seat of their pants.  What a great image to convey…

Now, last night, when news of this show spread across message boards and social networking sites, people responded with annoyance, anxiousness, and even anger.  Interestingly enough, John Taylor showed up on Twitter soon after the email went out.  As one can imagine, people immediately began tweeting him about the lack of notice for presales.  While I understand the urge to do this, I can’t imagine that John had anything to do with it.  I’m sure that the band has hired people to deal with this stuff and just expect them to do it.  Now, will tweeting John alert him that this is a problem?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  Even if he learns or knows that this is a problem, will it change anything?  I don’t know about that either.  How does any organization change?  Typically, organizations or businesses change when they are forced to.  Can we force the band’s management and team to change the way they announce tours and shows?  Can we force them to change the way presales are done?  I don’t know.  Obviously, some can argue that they will change if the fans stop buying.  I’m sure that’s true but…is that harming ourselves as well as them?  Yes, I’m sure that we can get tickets through a regular sale but will they be what DDM has been able to do?!  I know that people will tell me that they have gotten good seats without DDM.  That may be true but is it a guarantee?  Or are those good seats just lucky or through people who have connections?  So, what choice do we have?  I wish I had an answer.  Does anyone out there have a clue???? 


7 thoughts on “The Revolt of the Fans”

  1. There are multiple issues with how the fan club handles pre-sales, tickets and what they offer fans in general. I remember the outdoor show in Seattle 2 summers back and our “VIP” experience there – no preshow party (save for the one that had been organized independently by DDM members), swag was mailed to us before-hand ( I am not even sure what it was because I don't remember ) and we were in 3rd row, sitting BEHIND randoms that had lucked out on Ticketmaster when the regular sale tix were available. The only significant differentiator was the shot at a meet and greet. This after paying 425.00 US apiece for our tickets, plus airfare and hotel (for us Canadians that was painful at the time). Major VIP letdown. However, knowing what's being offered at the UK shows gives me some hope that things will and can be improved upon. I think if they keep the standards high and actually reward the fans accordingly that it's worth it to be a DDM member. But I do agree that having only a day of notice to hear about a show and then having to book it, along with flights, hotels etc is a stretch. Luckily we knew that when word came out about the string of UK shows we'd have to make a snap decision – but anyone with a complicated calendar of obligations to sort out wouldn't have a chance.

  2. I have definitely seen and heard about how non-fan club members have gotten better seats. It is truly frustrating. Add on to that the lack of notice and it is enough to turn a ton of fans off!


  3. When I think back on the announcement of the UK dates – we had less than a full day to work out the details before we bought our pre-sale tickets. I'm not even sure how I was able to convince my husband to give me the “go-ahead” on tickets and being gone from here for 9 days in that short amount of time, but I did. That said, Amanda and I, along with our other friends who are going, had some general idea of what we wanted to do, so we'd been talking about the shows…but even so, if it'd been any other year (or time of year), I don't know how we would have been able to react so quickly. I'm sure that's very similar to how people will feel when the rest of the tour dates are released and pre-sales begin. It's a shame that that bands management, their concert promoter and the ticketing people can't seem to understand that having even a day or two notice makes all the difference – but then again, if they're still selling the same amount of tickets, there's no incentive to change. I am positive that is more than 3/4 of the problem with DDM, although perhaps with the changes that will be taking place over the next several months, we'll see some differences, so I will withhold comment on DDM for now.

    A question for anyone who knows – have DDM members been given the opportunity to upgrade their membership as of yet? I know that they sent out that email to all members alerting the changes, but I've yet to see where we can actually upgrade our current membership yet, unless I'm missing something. Anyone know? – R

  4. From what I can tell, The upgrades aren't going to be available until they make all the adjustments to the website to accomodate for the various levels of membership. Once those are done they'll send out the email correspondence alerting us to upgrade and ante up $$$ 🙂


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