The things we do to be together

It’s really that time, isn’t it?

After all of the planning, thinking, re-thinking and counting down, it is nearly time.

Of course, I’m not ready.  I never am until I get there, I suppose. There’s always one more thing I should have done or something that makes me reconsider whether or not I should be taking off for a girls’ trip right before a parent meeting for school…or an illness that just doesn’t seem to go away…it’s always something.  And, at some point, I have to just throw caution to the wind and know that, chances are, it will all be fine, and still here for me to deal with, when I get back.

So allow me a chance to fan girl now while I still can.


More importantly, I am seeing some of my favorite people on the planet this week. I can’t wait to find some friends at the Jimmy Kimmel show tomorrow night, and afterward I am picking up Amanda from the airport – it always feels the most “right” when we are actually in the same state!  Then on Wednesday, we are meeting up with a friend from Canada who is the third in our traveling trio for the week.

I am especially excited for this tour because a couple of years back, Amanda and I made a promise to someone who attended Durandemonium 2013. This person – who is from Canada – has never seen Duran Duran in concert before. Honestly, when she told me that, I think my mouth hit the ground. I mean, there we were, at a Duran Duran Convention of all things, where she had traveled a great distance to attend – and she’d never even seen the band live.  We had to fix this. Immediately. Amanda and I told her then and there that we were going to make sure she went on tour next time and that we wanted to be there to see her first show.

What an AMAZING first show it’s gonna be, too! Hollywood Bowl, seeing the DD star, drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe, the VIP reception, Nile Rodgers, Chic… and fantastic seats to boot. (When we do things, we do them right!) Our friend is flying into LAX, and we’re taking her on a whirlwind trip of California as we stay in Hollywood, drive up to Berkeley, back down to Rancho Mirage (which is really just a suburb of Palm Springs) and finally one night at Casa Rivera in lovely South Orange County before I send her back up to Canada!  We are planning for fun, music, driving (a LOT of driving), not much sleeping…and definite debauchery along the way.  I know she’s up for the adventure, and she’s probably more prepared for the trip than I am right now.  I’m still struggling with the concept that I need to be ready to actually leave my house tomorrow.  Ready to see Duran Duran?!? Always!  Is my household ready to manage itself for a few days?  Absolutely not.

So, while I am trying to not to pull my hair out as I work my way down the never-ending to-do list…I will try not to audibly squeal or giggle as I think about seeing Duran Duran on stage tomorrow night, their stage costuming, or sparkles of any kind.  <winks to friends>


12 thoughts on “The things we do to be together”

  1. How am I supposed to calm down … after reading THIS? My poor coworkers… LOL. They are barely able to manage me now. Can you imagine if way back at Durandemonium, someone looked into a crystal ball and told me my first Duran show would be at the Hollywood Bowl?? How things have come together!! And its almost HERE! (meanwhile, I still have a day and a half of work to sit through… (bless my coworkers, they are aiders and abetters as well!!).

    1. We would really like to do that – our problem is that we are coming in directly from the Greek Theatre show up in Berkeley and there is some concern as to what time we might get in. We might be able to squeeze in a cocktail at the bar though. Do you follow us on Twitter or Facebook? We will certainly tweet something out that day if we’re able to make it there in time! -R

        1. We have someone working on the details and once she has it together, I’ll be sure to post it all on Facebook. Thanks Richard! -R

  2. Hi R + A
    Have realy realy realy realy realy fantastic great …… FUN.
    There are not comparable as to see them live.
    With meet and greet?

  3. I hear ya. Flying up to the Seattle show was cause for some major planning on my part. But who would have thought that the 24 hours in Reno last Friday night would require so much effort? I had to find carpools/sitters for my kids while hubs was working, wash soccer clothes worn to Thursday practices that needed to be clean for Saturday’s games, and prepare a complete heat-and-eat meal for the family to consume that night. I was working the grill at 7:30AM! Despite all that, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again for those 2 hours of bliss (and another 8 queued up with fellow Duranies)!

    1. It is SO hard to get the heck out of here…I keep thinking it will get easier and then real life slaps me in the face to remind me. Your to-do list looks a lot like mine! So stressful, but yes, it’s worth it. Besides, I need the break!! -R

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