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This morning I got up early to watch Duran Duran on the Today Show.  I had been looking forward to this ever since they announced it.  I love to watch interviews with the guys as I always feel that they respond with good humor and intelligence.  Good interviews allow me to get a sneak peek at who they are as people and how they interact with each other.  Then, of course, I appreciate all promotion for a new album, tour, etc. as it works to get me more and more excited for what is coming next!

Well, this interview provided me with some excitement about the upcoming album as I loved hearing another snippet of the song, “All You Need Is Now” and always like hearing when they say that they plan on being musical for the rest of their lives.  I could also *squee* a little about how good they looked and how happy they seemed.  That said, I found myself getting frustrated by how Duran Duran was represented here (and in most interviews here in the U.S.).

This entire interview was framed by the 1980s and their teen idol status then.  Yes, I acknowledge that they made their mark in the 1980s and, yes, I can admit that they were teen idols then.  Yet, they have done so much more since 1980s.  I am not expecting the brief 5-6 minute interview to show clips from all eras of Duran’s history but I do think it would be nice to show more than 10 seconds of a live clip from 2008-2009, which is all they showed after 1984.  No wonder that the general public believes that they no longer exist.  The images show that they were a functioning band between 1981-1984 (Planet Earth to the Reflex) in this case.  Then, they show them playing ONE show in recent years.  Okay, yes, they mentioned that they were coming out with a new album but were any questions focused on this?  Nope.  There was no mention of Mark Ronson, even.  There were questions on their massive success in the 1980s, videos, etc.  The only current questions really were whether or not they play to be involved with music for the rest of their lives and the use of the internet.  Their response about the internet was so general and begged to have more questions asked.  How are they using the internet?  How is it changing the music industry?  Not only didn’t I get any follow up questions on that, I didn’t even get a question about touring.  What a lost opportunity.  Obviously, the interviewer could have asked many other questions not shown but still the show chose not to showcase the current status of the band in any real way.  Instead, we heard how the interviewer and her partner were fans. 

Do I believe that the interviewer and her partner on the show were fans?  I don’t know.  I suppose it depends on how you define “fan”.  Do I think that the female anchor liked songs like the Reflex?  Sure. Since there was no mention of Duran’s history after 1984 or her status as a fan after that song, the viewers are left to believe that Duran dropped off the face of the planet then.  Ugh.  Did I need the ten second clip of her explaining to them that she had waited a long time to meet them?  Nope.  I would have preferred a follow up to the internet question or a question about…the album!  Plus, I have to admit that I have NO desire to see pictures of people from 1989.  I don’t.  What is the point of including that?  To mock the 1980s?  Yippee.  Then, there is the male anchor.  He tries to seem like a fan as well because he knows Simon’s name but then seeks confirmation.  If he was a fan, he wasn’t a very big fan.  I suspect that most serious Duran fans can name every member, past and present.

Okay, enough complaining.  I’ll try to focus on the idea of how good they looked and how much I liked the clip of AYNIN!


3 thoughts on “The Today Show”

  1. I completely agree! DD has been GREAT not only in the 80s!!!
    When my DD fav song The Reflex was released I wasn't even born yet!!!
    But I'm a DD fan NOW! I started to think “I like DD!” when I saw the What Happens Tomorrow video on MTV for the first time!!! =)
    So yes the interview (also because it was really short!) should have been more focused on the NOW…! And less anchors more DD!!! 😉
    BTW I really enjoyed it (I have been waiting for it for three weeks!) …especially Nick with eyeliner!!! ^^ I just missed John a little…

  2. I think the main problem with that interview is that the entire segment was part of a series on Teen Idols, and so the interview was supposedly done from the prospective of Duran Duran being this anchor's teen idol from the 80's. It didn't focus on anything else because that wasn't the point of the interview – even those the rest of us were hoping for more “news”. I'm sure that the band tried to get their news out there, talking about the new album and such, but the interview was totally edited – most of it ending up on the editing room floor, so to speak. So sad. Of course, it was on at like 5am my time anyway, so I don't know how many people really saw it anyway. Press is press I suppose. – R

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