There’s No Sign of Life

I live off a main street that leads from the outskirts of my city into more of the downtown region. On top of that, the view outside my window includes the far off expressway that one would take to cross Wisconsin. Both have seen a significant decrease in traffic as more and more people are ordered home or choosing to shelter in place to keep themselves and others healthy and safe. When I think about the lack of traffic or the fact that I have not talked to anyone in person in almost a week, I get a little weirded out. Or a lot weirded out. But, for the most part, I’m doing okay. I consider myself lucky. While I am not at work this week (or last), I have what I need at home and means to communicate with others.

Since this whole situation has started, I have found myself seeking out my friends and family in a much more consistent fashion. I am asking my family members to check in on a daily basis. Yes, I’m obsessive with the idea of making sure that they are staying healthy, especially my parents. On top of that, there are a few friends that I look for on social media so that I know that they are okay, too. If I don’t see them, it is not uncommon of me to send a message to check on them when in normal circumstances I wouldn’t. On top of knowing that everyone is as good as possible, having that contact, even though it is electronic, matters to me. It makes me feel like there are signs of life and that I’m not alone.

Last night, I participated in an interview with a reporter out of New York City who is doing a piece about people living alone in this pandemic. One of the questions she asked me was ways that I have been coping. It is a good question. One of the things I stressed was the need I have to look forward to something. My family, for example, has been playing games through the use of Zoom. It has not been perfect as there are, at times, miscommunications and a struggle to figure out how to adjust and adapt the rules of various games. Yet, not only does it offer a distraction but it also gives me something to anticipate in a positive way. That matters. I am also making plans with friends to do “virtual” happy hours in which we have a drink at our respective homes but chat via FaceTime or whatnot. Every little bit helps.

Speaking of that, Rhonda and I have been chatting. (Scary, I know!) We are planning on doing something ourselves to help give people something Duran to look forward to. Likewise, it sounds like Jason has something cool as heck up his sleeves, too. Details are still being worked out but I am excited just thinking about doing something fun and Duran related! (In typing this, I recognize that not everyone will think this is what we *should* be doing because this is a serious situation. Let me be clear. We are not trying to minimize or belittle what is going on. It is our way of coping, of having hope, of making a horrible situation a little more tolerable. It isn’t to disrespect anything. If this is not something that works for you, we get it and will understand when you choose not to participate.) I know that I need it and am willing to bet that I’m not alone in that. So on that note, watch this space along with our social media!!!


P.S. We are going to be using Zoom for our festivities so we recommend downloading/getting the app if you don’t already have it.

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