They Played…WHAT?!?

Last night, Duran Duran opened up their UK Tour in Manchester.  While that event would be significant enough to blog about, it became very clear that the focus of today’s blog would be something much more specific after seeing and receiving tweets, posts, etc. about last night’s setlist!  If you haven’t seen it yet, let me post it here:

Manchester Setlist

General Observations

Now, if you know anything about me, I could probably analyze this setlist for hours.  I will try to refrain from going overboard to just give a few observations.  First, before I even dive into the setlist itself, I notice that at the very top of this setlist are the words, “Version 7”.  I guess that means that there were 6 versions before that!  I am well-aware of how much debate, discussion, etc. goes into the band’s setlist and this just proved it to me once again.  I would love to know what was on the other versions!  Something else I noticed before I get to the songs themselves is the number of tracks and how some clearly blended into each other.  If you count each song played (partially or otherwise), the band played 22 songs.  Not bad.  That said, 5 of those songs were blended together.  The first one being Sunrise and New Moon.  My understanding is that they didn’t play  all of New Moon.  The other part of the setlist with blended tracks included Danceophobia, Too Much Information and Girls on Film.  They did the same for the US tour.  In that case, I have to assume that they played almost all of those tracks.  (If I’m wrong on this, Manchester attendees, let me know!)

Surprise Songs

By now, everyone in Duranland has probably seen or heard that Duran busted out some unexpected songs!  The first one, Only in Dreams, was a new one off of Paper Gods.  This brought the number of Paper Gods tracks up to 6 from the 5 that they had been playing in the US.  I have been anxiously refreshing YouTube to see if anyone has put this video up for the world to see.  So far, no Only in Dreams.

The next surprise song was Love Voodoo!  If someone would have said that they would have played this one without me getting lots of confirmations that they did, I wouldn’t have believed him/her.  This is not a song that often gets in my radar but, from what I could tell, people were absolutely thrilled that they decided to dive into an album track like this one!  Like Only in Dreams, I haven’t seen anything on YouTube but I did see a clip on Duran Duran Argentina’s Facebook page, if you are interested!

Of course, the biggest surprise and probably the most welcome for many fans was the inclusion of New Moon on Monday.  This is a song that many, many, many fans love and figured that they would never have a chance to hear live, including myself.  I would love to hear any or all of it live.  I know that some attendees were disappointed that the band didn’t play the whole song, which I can understand, but I figure that some is better than nothing!  This one I did find on YouTube and I have to admit that it sounds absolutely fabulous!!!

Other Reactions

In general, most fans seem to be thrilled with this setlist!  While, yes, some might argue (and probably rightly so) that there still could be more changes, fans do appreciate that they included these surprise tracks.  Many US fans, for example, expressed hope that they continue playing songs like New Moon when the band comes back to the States.  I can’t blame them as I feel the same way.

While most of the reactions were generally positive, there were still some fans who pondered the decision to include representation of some albums over others.  Let’s look at album distribution from this setlist:

First Album – Planet Earth, Girls on Film (2 songs)
Rio – Hungry Like the Wolf, Save a Prayer, Rio (3 songs)
Seven and the Ragged Tiger – New Moon on Monday (1 song)
Wild Boys and A View to a Kill
Notorious – Notorious (1 song)
Big Thing – I Don’t Want Your Love (1 song)
Liberty- (0 songs)
Wedding Album – Come Undone, Love Voodoo, Ordinary World, Too Much Information (4 songs)
Thank You – White Lines (1 song)
Medazzaland- (0 songs)
Pop Trash- (0 songs)
Astronaut – Sunrise (1 song)
Red Carpet Massacre- (0 songs)
All You Need Is Now- (0 songs)
Paper Gods – Paper Gods, Last Night in the City, Only in Dreams, Pressure Off, Danceophobia, What Are the Chances (6 songs)

Clearly, Paper Gods ruled the setlist.  What is interesting to me is how the Wedding Album wasn’t that far behind.  In fact, they played more tracks from that album than Rio!  That is a lot!  Then, of course, there weren’t any from Liberty, Medazzaland, Pop Trash, and Red Carpet Massacre.  Generally, none of those albums were fan favorites so that is not surprising that there wasn’t any representation in the setlist.  Some fans did wonder why there wasn’t any representation from All You Need Is Now.  That is a question I can’t answer.  Some fans felt strongly that this was an insult since so many fans loved that album.  While I, too, love that album, I have to assume that they aren’t playing anything off it for a good reason.

No matter the reaction to last night’s setlist, one thing is certain.  I’m anxious to see what the rest of the set lists looks like from here on out!


8 thoughts on “They Played…WHAT?!?”

  1. I can’t wait to see tonight’s set list to get an idea of how the tour will pan out!

    To give some context, Simon talked about how long it took them to make PG and how proud of it they are, especially as it’s making them feel relevant and contemporary again. If memory serves, he made this little speech before Only in Dreams began, but he definitely prefaced that song by saying it was one from the new album, to be followed by one we DEFINITELY wouldn’t be expecting! Boy, was he right! 😀 They played all my favourite tracks off Wedding Album except Falling Angel, but the fast TMI was a nod to the extra tracks so I’m happy.

    Honourable mention from me for Danceophobia – I bloody love it, especially how it came over live, and Jessie was ace in her doctor outfit. It seemed to go down like a lead balloon in the arena, so I made sure my dancing was properly air punching and enthusiastic. I could see about 6 other random people doing the same. Hope the band saw that some of us enjoyed it at least!

  2. HI Amanda go and look in the facebook group Roger Taylor needs two hands for his and someone posted the begining of the video for Only in Dreams live in Manchester!

  3. I love this setlist…IDWYL and NMOM and Love Voodoo?! I’m tired of HLTW but I’ll gladly hear it if there’s a chance I can also hear these other tracks. I hope they keep this setlist for a bit. (Selfishly? Keep it for a week, since I’m making the journey across the pond to Glasgow!)

  4. I was just thrilled they dropped Wild Boys and The Reflex from the set list. I’m sick to death of both of those songs. What I miss is anything from AYNIN. I love love love The Man Who Stole a Leopard. And maybe they could work Girl Panic in with the Danceophobia/Girls on Film mashup.

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