This Duran Duran Blog – An open letter

Dear Readers,

There are many different types of Duran Duran blogs and websites out there. Some focus on news. Some on music reviews. Still others are a constant love note to whatever band/artist/etc they are following. Some are like magazines or fanzines. Others are message boards. The Duran Duran community, fortunately – has a place for all.

When creating the concept behind Daily Duranie, Amanda and I envisioned a Duran Duran blog or website that would bring fans together. We knew that other areas, such as news or fanzines, were already handled beautifully – so the challenge for Daily Duranie was to find our niche. We also recognized that with the rise of Facebook and even of Twitter, there didn’t seem to be a central gathering place for fans, and even less so of a place where fans could allow their voices to be heard.  Let’s be honest: Amanda and I had plenty to say all on our own. We didn’t want to do what others had done, we wanted to be unique, and we really wanted to fill the void for fans like ourselves. I suppose we realized that not everything we said would be embraced by the community as a whole – and our project would most likely go unnoticed by the band. After all, we were writing for the fans, not for the band.  We reached out to other Duran Duran blogs, we made sure to let them know we wanted to work with them and not drive traffic away from them, and we still feel that way to this day. We came up with our own original ideas for content, and we pride ourselves on the fact that this Duran Duran blog is completely our own.

Speaking of that journey, we’ve also been very outspoken, and sometimes – very critical of the band. Amanda and I do not see it as our job to cast sunshine, rainbows and perhaps the occasional unicorn, on anyone. The band already employs a good many people to do that for them. We live in the land of reality.  That doesn’t mean we are hopeless, and it doesn’t mean we hate the band. (If we hated the band, believe me when I say we wouldn’t bother with a Duran Duran blog and website that takes upwards of 20-30 hours a week to manage.)  It also does not mean that we are faithless or do not trust in the process. It does mean though, that we tell the truth as we see it at the time.  But our blog is not only opinion – we do a variety of different things: polls, the date in history (which is NOT a regurgitation of what is already available to anyone who looks at but instead a timeline that we’ve compiled over the years from a variety of sources), reviews, and yes – our super special commentaries that are designed to get you, the reader, thinking and commenting, which we sincerely appreciate whether you like what we’re saying or hate it. We love the conversation even if we come away wanting to pull our hair out, because it’s proof that our site is WORKING. We didn’t just create a Duran Duran blog or website based on the ideas that someone else came up with, looking for glory – we did this on our own.

We recognize that what we say here as well as on Twitter and Facebook, is not always what fans want to read. There are some fans out there that only see the good things, they honestly believe that the band is perfect in every single way. That just isn’t what Daily Duranie is about, even if it would be far easier (and gain us far more love and attention from the powers that be and the band members we idolize) to sit here each day and write an “I will love you forever” note to the band. We also realize that the band and management can see what we’re saying even on Facebook or Twitter as we criticize the band for ignoring social media or not putting out a single faster, to site some examples. We have nothing to hide, and we’re proud of the fact that any reader should know that when we say we don’t like something – we mean it.  In turn, when we say we love something, they can rest assured knowing we mean it 100%. There is no smoke being blown up anyone’s posterior on this Duran Duran blog, and that is the way this site will always stay, whether the band, management, or specific band members retweet us, repost our blogs, or not. I guess what I’m saying is that we’re willing to pay the price to stay true to ourselves and that damn band rather than spout niceties that we don’t always mean. I hate fake. I would never make it in Hollywood or as a politician, and I’m proud of that.

That said, I think that as we’ve gone along, there have been moments when we’ve forgotten our own objectives or intentions. Instead of being concerned about what our fellow fans are saying, we’ve lamented over whom the band chooses to support, repost, or retweet. I suppose if anything, that should go to show that at the end of it all, we ARE still fans. We still look for their approval, their support, and validation – which continues to be our downfall.  We continue to struggle, rise above, and remember why we began writing in the first place – and that reason definitely wasn’t so that the band would ever retweet us, no matter how fabulous it feels when that happens. I try to remind myself that once upon a time, I wisely said that if the band ever recognized me and knew my full name, I knew it was time for me to go. (words I need to carve into wood somewhere!)

Truth be told, it is not easy to commit to something for over four years, 20-30 hours each week and never have feedback from your idols (even when you’ve interviewed them); but, Amanda and I agree that even though we are likely not among the “chosen ones”
that the band chooses to acknowledge or validate, we will continue and remember WHY this Duran Duran blog really matters. It matters for us. The fans. It does not matter that others seek to imitate or have gained attention from doing so. We refuse to allow fans who cannot be bothered, instead using the same ideas we employ, the same niche we occupy, to deter us from moving on. We wish them well, but the truth is – there is only one Daily Duranie. Whether or not fellow fans choose to dilate their minds wide enough to come up with new ideas of their own instead of imitating what we’ve created, we will carry on as we’ve always done.

For a few years now, Amanda and I have envisioned something that moves beyond Duran Duran. That doesn’t mean Daily Duranie would change. Instead, she and I would create a new place where other bands could be celebrated and supported by fans. Every year we threaten (to one another) that we’re going to get it started, and each year, it gets put on the back burner…until this year. So as I type, I’m working on a website for Discord & Rhyme, our new blog-venture. The site isn’t ready yet, but once it is, we’ll have a proper unveiling. If you see something you like, perhaps you’ll help us out by sending us topic and interview ideas, sharing our blog with others, suggesting bands to follow, and join us on that journey. Just as we did for Daily Duranie, we are starting from scratch, deciding what works and what does not – and we look forward to the challenge. This will not be a goodbye to Duran Duran – we still plan to operate Daily Duranie with the same bravado, laughter, and JOY as always! Instead we look forward to saying hello again to other bands that we grew up with (and then some) that continue to work and spellbind as they tour, create music, and connect with their fans.

Hear this: WE LOVE DURAN DURAN. Fandom can be a bit of a roller coaster at times – sometimes you’re feeling really good, sometimes you’re down the hill, catching speed and momentum for the next hill, and still other times you’re back in the shed being worked on. Amanda and I have always been very vocal about where we are – our own State of the Union for Duranies, and maybe at some points that’s been our mistake – we wear our hearts, thoughts and feelings on our sleeves, but that is exactly the premise of this Duran Duran blog, and it is how we will continue to go forward from here – imitators or not.


18 thoughts on “This Duran Duran Blog – An open letter”

  1. I don’t comment often but always read, enjoy, & appreciate what you guys do!! Good luck with the new blog. I’ll be on the lookout for it. Thank you!!

    1. we really don’t expect anyone to comment every day, but we certainly appreciate knowing you support us, Lori. Thank you! -R

  2. LIke a breath of fresh air you two are! Being a true fan to me means being true to yourself, and if others disagree then maybe it is THEY who can’t see the smoke through the mirrors.

    Hopefully the band does see what makes Daily Duranie not only unique, but special. Yet, even if they never say a word, I think Discord & Rhyme sounds like a wonderful idea. I for one like many different bands, and different music, The Beatles for one!

    But, whether it is A-ha (who are vastly underrated imho), America, ZZ Top, Madonna, Honeymoon Suite, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Guess Who vs The Who, Simply Red or Simple Minds, or something far more recent like Iggy Azalea there is something out there in the music world for everyone.

    Yet, everyone all has ONE band or singer that is #1 for them, and no matter where D&R might take you, it’ll be Duran that helped bring your “half dream shape of yesterday
    In bloom tomorrow”

    1. Amanda and I look forward to trying to bring something new to the landscape as we dive in to see what we want to cover. We’re testing some writing as we go along (as I also attempt to create a new website and test out themes until we find the right one), and I have no doubt that things will change as we go along – it took us quite a while to find our voice for Daily Duranie, and this site will be very different from the onset just by virtue that we’re not as emotionally invested for other bands as we are Duran – nor are we directly involved in those fan communities. So, we’ll see! -R

  3. I like honesty-butt kissers are a dime a dozen… I too have been critical of the guys on occasion, and I don’t apologize for it! I LOVE this band-(you’ve seen samples of my collecting dedication), but they are human, not perfect automatons. I LIKE that about them actually… it’d be disturbing if they never did anything wrong. Except for Nick, Nick does no wrong-I’m JOKING, lol!! 😀

  4. Thanks for writing this sort of “State of Daily Duranie.” Anytime I read dissent in the comments (or occasionally have my own difference of opinion 😉 ) I remind myself that this is YOUR blog and you can post anything you want. You’re not under contractual obligation to present a particular viewpoint, nor have you ever claimed to speak on behalf of ALL Duranies. Thanks for circling your wagons and reminding us all of what your intentions are. And I also look forward to seeing what Discord & Rhyme will be!

    1. We were really responding to what we see becoming a flat-out imitation of us.I’m clearly not going to give out the site name or any other details, but someone has decided that they can pretend to be a PR guy, tweet non-stop all-day/night long with pictures and quotes, and now they’ve started their own blog in the same vein that we write this one. I am 100% ALL FOR fans getting involved and coming up with their own way to show support, but that’s just it – be original. It’s not that difficult. -R

  5. Wow! I so agree with the ‘rollercoaster ride’. That’s exactly how I feel too. I always have my old faithful ‘back-up’ bands to keep me busy when Duran is on downtime and they always seem to pop up just in time to keep me alive while Duran work their magic in the studio.
    I’m all for your new venture…best of luck to you both. I’ll be there for you when you unveil it.

    1. Thanks so much for your support, Sharon. I’ve been working diligently on the “back-end” website stuff so that way once we announce the site, we’ll be fully up and running. (I suppose I’ve learned a few things from this blog over the years!) The writing for that project is honestly the easy part since there are so many bands – we can’t possibly cover it all, so we’ll pick and choose what we most want to write about! Hopefully people will enjoy our work! -R

  6. Hi R, been out of loop so its been a while but yep I know who it is & I guess its been brewing for quite a while now isn’t it? Also seen the endless ass kissing posts like a full blown sycophant what’s up with that? Still not a blip from the band except for couple of festival shows one of which is very new & small scale. At this rate I won’t be surprised if they push this never ending album to 2016. A new blog about other acts is really great idea since you write well & they’re plenty more acts who do need PR. With durantime extending well into this year there’s really no point hanging onto katy’s endless ICYMI tweets. Can’t wait to see the new site, best wishes to you & Amanda.

    P.S.- Apparently Mark Ronson DJ’d in Dubai & talked with fans, signed & took photos till wee hours in the morning. My cousin sis & aunt were impressed, people like him over there & he’s huge hit there. Fan interaction sure helps expand market presence & its just good business sense.

    1. Hi Nikki,

      Thank you for your support. I think everyone should have the opportunity to find their own voice and if that’s how he wishes to support the band, I can’t fault him – I just have to believe that he’d make far more impression if he’d be original. But, we won’t let that deter us going forward, and I won’t waste my time worrying.

      I saw Mark in Los Angeles several years back now with Business Int’l in support of his last album, and I really enjoyed the show. Mark seemed very shy though, and I’ve never met him – but I have heard that he’s very personable and kind. I do believe that reaching out to fans really IS part of the business these days and that it does not pay to keep yourself far removed as an artist, but apparently Duran Duran feels otherwise. It’s a shame because I think they’re really missing half of the feedback that they could be getting. I know John says that they’re not solely in it for the money these days, but honestly: that’s really all they’re getting out of it if they don’t ever really TALK to us. Just saying. -R

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