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Today, Duran Duran is playing at the Night at the Park festival in The Hague, Netherlands.  I hope that everyone going has an absolutely fabulous time and that Duran plays an awesome set there!  Lately, when thinking about Duran playing shows, I have been noticing where a lot more than I have in the past.  Earlier in my life and like many fans, I went to shows only near my house.  In the last ten years, though, my desire for Duran shows has meant that I have been willing (and thankfully able) to travel.  Therefore, I have started to think about shows in slightly different ways than I used to.

First, I pay attention to WHERE Duran is playing.  Let’s face it.  There are cities that I would love to see them play for various reasons.  For example, in the U.S., I wanted to see them in cities that I knew would be fun and would provide a good time.  These cities included places like Vegas and Atlantic City.  Perhaps, some cities you want to see them play in just because the city is significant.  For example, I thought it was super cool to be able to see them in New York City.  Of course, many of the cities that people might want to see Duran might be out of the U.S.  Like many, for me, the ideal was to see the band play in Birmingham.  I know someday I would love to see them in places like Manchester.  Certainly, the Netherlands, like today’s festival would be a fun place to see them!  Of course, the venue might matter, too.

Is there a particular venue that you think might be really great to see them in?  Maybe, it is a place like Madison Square Garden in New York City.  For me, I am super excited to see them play at the Hollywood Bowl.  Some people really like the idea of small venues.  I can understand that.  Therefore, there is always more excitement when Duran plays theaters over arena shows.

Then, of course, there might be other factors that might enhance one’s desire to get to a particular show.  Am I the only one who is super excited to see Duran Duran play with Nile Rodgers?!?  To me, that is a once in a lifetime sort of deal, something extra special.  I remember really wanting to go see Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie because that was a combination that too weird not to see!  Plus, David Bowie is a legend, right?  Maybe a festival catches your attention.  Sometimes, a festival might have such a line-up that really appeals to you.

So, what factors make a show must see for you?  Is it the city?  If so, which cities are on your list?  The venue?  If so, what are special venues to you?  The line-up?  Maybe, it has to do with the fact that your friends are all able to get to a specific show and it is the company that matters more to you.  Do share–where would you want to see the band and why?


6 thoughts on “Through the City…”

  1. Excited about my ticket for Manchester because it’s the first UK date and there are possibilities for a meet up, with quite a few friends converging, and about Nottingham because I’ve got standing tickets, which is always my preference for a gig. Would have liked Brighton too as it was a fab venue to see Pet Shop Boys last year but it’s midweek so more difficult to arrange… Would love to combine a trip to Vegas with a Duran gig one day – definitely bucket list! 😀

  2. NIN, yeah! I love them! That is a weird combo! I just wish they’d come closer to me. John’s book mentioned Roanoke, VA. Don’t recall why at the moment. I don’t think they’ve been back since the Sing Blue Silver Tour.

  3. If I could, I would love to see them in their hometown. I have never been to the UK and wish someday to get there and I would especially love to time it with a show. I am looking forward to the Hollywood Bowl show since I had tickets for the last one they were supposed to play that got cancelled in 1993. I am not a festival fan, so I have skipped those kinds of shows. I can’t deal with sun, heat, overcrowding and portable toilets. I HAVE been happy to catch shows like the Agassi Grand Slam where it was in a proper venue, but I got to see all kinds of other acts with them I normally would have never seen. And no, you are not the only one SUPER EXCITED to see Chic!!!! I just wish I could have afforded a gold ticket.

    1. I LOVE your Seven and the Ragged Tiger profile pic!!! I am very sad, not being able to see Duran once again. This is the 3rd time I had my dream to see them just once shattered to pieces. I am very sad, people. Never got to see them in my life. Anyway, maybe I can live through you guys.

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