Thursday News Roundup!

Since I couldn’t quite decide on one topic…we’ve got a few to cover today.

I’m sure everyone, at least those here in America have heard that Dick Clark died yesterday at the age of 82 from a heart attack.  Dick Clark was many things, but for me personally he was the host of my favorite Saturday morning TV show – American Bandstand.  I can still sing the theme song from the show. (Not well, and no, you will not find a video of me singing it on YouTube or any where else, thankyouverymuch)  I find that I tend to romanticize the images I have of people from my childhood, and Dick Clark is certainly no different.  Much to my mom’s chagrin, I would stop everything I was doing in order to stand and watch the show before she would come down the hall or out of the kitchen to shoo me away from the TV in order to do my chores.  I can remember watching videos or hearing music from Duran Duran, Madonna, Romeo Void, Janet Jackson…and many, many others on the show were interviewed and performed.  To me at that age, Dick Clark was a bit of a hero simply because he was able to meet so many of the people I was so interested in.  I paid zero attention to his life away from American Bandstand, although I knew he had created the AMA’s and had his own production company.  I simply didn’t care because he was “Dick Clark of American Bandstand”, and later as I grew up he became “Dick Clark of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”  I was much sadder when he had his stroke than I was yesterday because for me, his era ended back when he gave up the helm of Rockin’ Eve to Ryan Seacrest.  It pains me to think that for my kids – Ryan Seacrest is liable to be their Dick Clark, but I suppose that’s how it is all meant to work.

Anybody ever heard of Greg Ham?  Greg was the flautist for a group called Men At Work.  He was found dead today in his home at the age of 58.  The saddest thing about Greg was that he feared that he would only be remembered for the law suit involving the flute melody from “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree”.  Reality?  I only remember him for being one of a mere handful of woodwind musicians that made it in a rock band, which makes him a hero to me. Yes, he played a beautiful flute melody for a song that I dearly loved as a kid.  I’ve never cared about that lawsuit, although sure – many did. I’ve seen many an interview with Mr. Ham over the years, and he never struck me as intentionally copying the melody, even though I can’t deny how similar it really sounds.

From a file marked, “No kidding?”…Album sales have now hit a 12 year low, according to the bean counters who are responsible for keeping track of this sort of thing. It does not seem to be the sort of announcement that should shock anyone, especially given that even Madonna can’t seem to sell her albums these days.  All this news does is continue to convince the world that album sales should not be end-all as a determining factor for success in this business, and if your band is still thinking that sales is where it’s at – you’d better think again.  On the other hand, the sales of singles (single tracks off of an album) is up nearly 12% from this time last year.  So the moral of the story is that people are still buying music (even if in amounts that are a fraction of what they once were), but they refuse to buy entire albums.  Should we be thanking or slapping Apple??  
Lastly, I am revisiting Glee.  No, I’m not rewatching the smooshed version of Rio and HLTW, but I did take notice that they are treating the likes of Beyonce, New Radicals, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Queen, Alice Cooper, The Bravery, and Green Day among others to the Glee treatment for their season finale on May 22nd.  It’s the “graduation” episode, and I have to admit, I’m morbidly curious as to what they’ll do to/with the songs by this group of artists.  Hey, I sat through the disco episode on Tuesday night and lived to tell about it, so how much worse can it get?
Don’t answer that.
Happy weekend everyone, and for those of you in England, I hope it stops raining soon. I still don’t know what a hosepipe is or why it’s been banned…and I’ll ponder that as I’m sitting on the beach or at the pool here in Orange County California this weekend!  No yachting for me, our boat is drydocked at the moment.  
And in Very Late Breaking News (as in, this blog went to press just as I received word)…Dom Brown announced that Pre-release copies of his new album, Blue to Brown are now available to be ordered beginning today!  If that doesn’t excite you enough to go to his website and order, Dom sweetens the deal by saying that the first 100 copies are signed AND if you order now, packing and posting are FREE worldwide!!  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this one!    

5 thoughts on “Thursday News Roundup!”

  1. I was trying to remember if Duran had actually been on Bandstand, and I couldn't come up with it in my head. After some Googling, the only episodes I can find them mentioned on were just showing their videos, which seems incredible to me.

  2. I was told yesterday that they played The Reflex once?? I remember them being played on there (as in their music)…but I can't find a single clip of them actually appearing, which baffles me.

    Anybody know?? Is this an Ask Katy question?!? 😀 -R

  3. So as it turns out, Duran Duran never did play on American Bandstand. They only had their videos played – which explains why I couldn't find a single clip of them on the show. There ya have it! -R

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