The Ticketmaster Debacle

I’ve been trying to sort out yesterday in my head.  Let me just put it out there: I’m still trying to figure out what shows we bought tickets for and where we’re sitting.  This isn’t because we’re doing that many shows, it’s because in hindsight – it all feels like a blur. Or maybe it’s more like it feels as though I was hit by a semi-truck (think “lorry” if you’re in the UK) and I’m laying on the highway in a heap as the traffic continues to buzz by, not even noticing that I’m there.

Yeah, that’s about the size of it.

I want to acknowledge a few things:

  1. There were people who had fantastic buying experiences. These people, by and large, were also folks who bought either “Ultimate” or “Gold” level VIP packages. I didn’t see any complaints from anyone who received a front row seat off the bat, and I didn’t really see many complaints from people who wanted gold unless there just weren’t those tickets left.
  2. Ticket buying has very little to do with the band.  The band plays the shows. They deliver on their end.  There is a business side to all of this though, and we must accept and acknowledge that the band has the right (and responsibility) to be in business and make money.
  3. DDHQ, on the other hand, is in fact that business side. Badmouthing DDHQ does very little to solve problems or to draw attention to issues fans had with pre-sales, so we’re just not. I respect that I cannot do their job(s), and I have no idea what it is like to manage a band. Period.
  4. Ticketmaster, however, IS the problem.

For quite a while yesterday morning, I really considered my issues with the pre-sales to be user-error. Maybe I didn’t click fast enough? Maybe I paused a bit too long before deciding to hit “bronze”? Perhaps I was just ticked-off about the price of tickets being so much more expensive than the last tour? Maybe all of the above?? I was, and am, willing to accept that at least part of it was me. I’ve had good luck with tours recently. I have had great seats. That luck can’t last forever. But then I started reading about the experiences of others and realized that some of the same crazy things that happened to me happened to other people. That’s just weird.

What were some of these crazy things? (and I am only listing things that I’ve seen mentioned in multiple places by multiple people)

  • “CAPTCHA” codes not working:  entering the code only to be told it’s not valid and having to do it again and again, or needing to close the window and start all over again, resulting in losing time.
  • No need to first go into DDM using your own user name and password before getting to the tour page, clicking on the gig of your choice and then being transferred over to Ticketmaster: Ultimately what I’m saying is that there was no firewall, so basically as long as one had the password that was sent in the email to fans announcing the pre-sale, you were able to participate in the pre-sale. Part of the reason (most of the reason?) we all join DDM to begin with is so that we have first access to those pre-sale tickets. I cannot tell you how many people have sent messages and told me on Facebook and Twitter that they won’t rejoin DDM next year because it doesn’t seem to help them.
  • Tickets in the process of being paid for disappearing out of carts: error messages pop-up on the screen saying something like “oops, your tickets are no longer available”.  When this happened to me, I thought it was because I had inadvertently taken too long, but then I glanced at the timer – and I had 7 minutes left to complete the transaction I was making for 2 Gold level VIP tickets. Naturally when I went back to get another pair – there were none available. Can’t cry over spilt milk, unless of course there are 50 other cases of this happening to other people – which there were. That’s just wrong.
  • Having to enter the DDM pre-sale password over and over and over again.  Isn’t once really enough??
  • For more than one venue, gold-level tickets were coming up in odd places, like several rows in back of that 6th row where Gold should end. I have been told that in one of the venues – Mandalay Bay in Vegas – where this happened, it’s because the venue’s row numbering “system” skips rows. In other places though, because it happened to other people in other places as well, as I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lastly, and perhaps the most importantly: when (if) the MAP system comes up (where you can see for yourself what seats are available and choose them yourself), seats are coming up as “available” that have already been purchased. Unfortunately, when this issue was presented to Ticketmaster – they simply said it was “impossible”.  Except that it’s not because multiple people had it happen this morning before the option to use the map system stopped coming up and all you could do was click on “find my seats.” I guess we’ll all see for certain when we get to the shows and someone else has the same (valid) ticket to sit in the same seat as a Duranie, won’t we?

Those are just a few of the issues I saw repeatedly from fans…and comments continue to be posted to our Facebook page even today.  As I’ve said before, I recognize and respect the right of the band to make business decisions that fans don’t necessarily enjoy or understand. It happens and it continues to be a balancing act. We as consumers also “enjoy” the right to choose how and when to participate in the transactional relationship, which is it’s own balancing act.  While it may not be our choice (as fans) for Ticketmaster to be the ticketing service for pre-sales and fan ticket sales – it IS our choice whether or not we choose to participate. That balance is of course knowing that if we choose not to participate, we likely will not see the band on tour. I don’t know very many people willing to miss out on Duran Duran purely to take a stand, and DDHQ is going to do whatever they need to ensure the best profit for the band. That’s business, like it or not.

As a fan, it IS disheartening when things happen that make fandom feel more like work than fun. Days like yesterday tend to make me forget how I feel when I’m standing up and screaming in front of the band. In my craziest moments I may have even wondered if I should just stay home and not bother. I’ll just say this and leave it for the rest of you to ponder: when the time comes for these gigs to happen and you walk into the venue, handing your ticket to the agent to scan and then excitedly walking with purpose to your seat, sitting down and staring at the darkened stage with growing anticipation as you see that the clock ticks ever closer to the moment Simon walks out and begins singing “Paper Gods”, are you really going to even think twice about the ticket buying process to get there? Are you going to be thinking about how Ticketmaster asked you to re-enter the CAPTCHA code four times before it worked? When the band starts playing Planet Earth, Rio or Pressure Off, are you going to let any of that enter your mind?

That, my friends, is why Ticketmaster stays in business.


7 thoughts on “The Ticketmaster Debacle”

  1. Nice assessment of a crazy @ss process. I faired well… but it shouldn’t be so tricky. Love the band and the drama is part of it I suppose 🙂

  2. Honestly – the only shows from this past year and heading into 2016 that haven’t been complete drama from a stand point of tickets have been the general admission shows (waiting on line – another story).

    I have a love/hate with the general admission shows – hate that I have to take a day off and wait all day but then in the middle of the show with 1st or 2nd row vantage point realize it was worth it.

    I guess why I’m disappointed is that I understand this is a business and I’m willing to pony up some $$$ for great seats – its the fact we aren’t even getting access to be able to make the choice of do I want to spend this money for great seats because they just seem to be gone.

  3. I know this won’t be a popular opinion but I do sales through VIP Nation all the time (ticketmaster VIP) and 99% of the issues are user error. Typing the wrong Captcha, expecting amazing seats for a show that 1,000’s are also trying to access etc. I found the process actually really smooth. Paul

    1. I’m happy that you found the process really smooth. That said, I highly doubt that all of the errors were due to “user error” since most of the people reporting problems to us are experienced ticket buyers who happily and smoothly purchased tickets through other ticket outlets in the past (Crowdsurge, Artist Arena, and DDM). -A

      1. The other thing is that people expect amazing seats because frankly Paul, they’re PAYING for that opportunity by being members of – the paid fan community. That’s really the whole reason of joining the fan club, so that one has access to great seats before the public. -R

  4. Hey ladies!

    I’m going to ONE show. One of the Chicago ones. Life and my business WON’T allow more than that. I’m seriously freaking out. I CAN’T MISS THIS TOUR. I’m also spoiled. I’ve ONLY had GREAT seats to EVERY show I’ve beenyou to. What do you suggest the day of presale? Is using my cell crazy? How much are the Gold seats? I’m so confused. Last time I spent 630 for the front row VIP. Try double that NOW. Which is fine but I want to know what to expect. Thanks for any HELP. It’s greatly appreciated. Hope to meet you two next year.
    One last thing. When you choose your package. How do you choose your seats? As far as by price or the actual seat number and row? I liked it better when it was the luck of the draw. It’s fair that way.


    1. Hi Laura! I understand freaking out! As for suggestions, I would not use a cell. Gold tickets are the ticket price plus $260. Most tickets have been around $150, give or take. This means that one ticket would be around $410 or so. If you try for ultimate, it is $400 plus ticket price. Assuming tickets are around $150, then a Platinum VIP ticket would be about $550.

      For these presales, you could pick between the various VIP packages or regular tickets. Then, I would recommend allowing ticket master to find tickets for you as the map takes too much time to pull up tickets.

      Hope that helps! -A

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