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Did you know that Ticketmaster desperately wants to be our buddy? Their latest and most brilliant idea yet is to be our Facebook friend. It’s not enough that Ticketmaster wants to take our last dollar (and the very next one we make as well) by inflating ticket prices by as much as 50% due to all of the convenience charges and whatnot. No, now they want to be friends.  Why?

Ticketmaster has recently started asking customers if we’d like to post our purchases to Facebook. When a customer agrees, Ticketmaster notices that they can track an additional $5.30 in ticket purchases to that posting. In addition, if we’re enthusiastic enough and post our seat locations because we want to brag that we got amazing seats even without that DDM member presale, that amount goes up to $8.00!

Did you know that the average Ticketmaster purchase is 2.7 tickets? The site already knows plenty about us, thanks to the super fancy customer tracking that is done.  (and truthfully, every other consumer based website out there does similar) What they really want to know, and why they are begging to be our friends on Facebook, is who are those other 1.7 people.  Call me fascinated.  

Read more about ticketmaster HERE.

Ultimately, the name of the game for Ticketmaster is keeping people away from secondary markets like StubHub. While I would agree that of course Ticketmaster wants our money…and customer loyalty can certainly be found through various methods, the real issue are the tickets getting to StubHub (and similar) in the first place.

The problem for Duranies is simple: we want the best seats. If DDM or the band offered the best seats to fans, and we were guaranteed to get them – I’d buy them (assuming of course that I had the funds to do so). Wouldn’t you? In my experience with DDM, however, that just is not the case.  I’m unsure of the percentages with Artist Arena (I would have to imagine that they are similar if not slightly worse), but when DDM handled presales directly, I knew that they would offer 10% of the best AND worst seats at a presale.  This was posted somewhere on the website, and I made note. For those of us who are insistent about sitting as close to the stage as possible – our choices are either to buy a VIP ticket which is at or near $300 USD (or even more!), try for a seat at the regular Ticketmaster sale, or go to StubHub. The prices fluctuate greatly because they are set by the seller, but there are good seat locations to be had, and the prices are not quite VIP level. Sure, there are plenty of scalpers that operate on StubHub.  Yes, there are plenty of reasons not to buy from StubHub, not least of which being the chance of counterfeit tickets out there, but the allure remains.

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4 thoughts on “Tickets Tickets Tickets”

  1. I am not normally a violent person, but a few things really grind my gears. People who hurt children top the list, but scalpers aren't too far behind. I'd like to introduce them to my Native American ancestors from whom they get their moniker, scalper.

  2. Wait? They are tacking on extra charges for “allowing” you the convenience of announcing your purchase on facebook?

    Well, even if I'm misunderstanding that bit, the point still stands – with “friends” like Ticketmaster, who needs enemies?

  3. No, no – that's my fault for not being clear and I apologize. The extra $5.30 that Ticketmaster is saying they gain by those purchases being posted on Facebook is likely from somebody else seeing that a friend is going to a concert and then clicking on that post back to Ticketmaster and getting their own tickets. (the article wasn't entirely clear on that so I'm assuming that is what they mean) What I don't understand though, and have yet to find a clear answer about – is how posting your seat locations somehow ups that $5.30 to $8.00. (maybe it's because when people see that good seats are left, more people are apt to buy??) Not sure…again, the article wasn't clear so I'm having to make my own guestimates.

    I agree though, I've never considered Ticketmaster a friend to anyone but themselves….. 😀 -R

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