Time for Temptation: I Need a Duran Tour!

Isn’t it time?  Don’t you all think that it is time?  What am I talking about?  Simple.  I think it is time to be plotting…I mean planning to go on “tour”, to go to multiple Duran shows.  We know that the album is coming.  We know that the first single is coming.  We know that Duran Duran is playing a number of festivals in Europe this summer.  Thus, it just seems BEYOND logical for U.S. tour dates to come out, right?  (Please note:  I would love for Duran to release tour dates everywhere in the world.  I just mention the U.S., specifically, because that is where we live.)  Tour dates would be the next usual step in the Duran Duran new album schedule, right?  I think so.  Promotional activities could surround those tour dates as well.  Again, I think that seems logical.

Beyond where Duran Duran is at in their new album process, I, personally, would love, love, love to be planning a trip, a tour, a few shows.  There are two very big reasons for this.  Well, maybe, there are three big reasons for this .  First, I got a reminder, a taste, a tease about Duran Duran live a few weeks ago in Los Angeles at the Lynch Foundation show.  Clearly, this wasn’t enough.  I need more.  I admit it.  I’m weak.  I suspect that everyone who has experienced Duran Duran Live feels the same way.  Right?  Three songs are never enough.  Heck, three shows are never enough.  This event that took place a few weeks ago leads me to reason number two.  I am a fan.  Sometimes, I question this, for whatever stupid reason is occupying my thoughts.  Yet, this show reawakened my fandom spirit.  As the band played, it was like the fan part of me was being shaken awake from a very long slumber.  Now, that my fandom is awake again, I want to see them again.  Who can blame me for that?!  The third reason I want to plotting for a tour is to have something FUN to look forward to!  (In fairness, I have a couple of fun things planned in the upcoming weeks and months.  First, I’m having Duranies over next weekend to watch some Duran related videos, talk Duran, etc.  This is ALWAYS a good time and I am very lucky to have fellow fans nearby!  Second, Rhonda and I will be trying to find time over the summer to get together.  Of course, if we had tour dates to plan for, that would help tremendously!!!)  Beyond those events, I have to admit that I really think reality sucks.  I want to look forward to escaping the day-to-day grind and the less-than-fun aspects of family, work, health, etc.

I want to be making immediate calls to my partner-in-crime in which we scream, shout, swear while calling the band names and examining tour dates to see what is possible.  I look forward to the puzzle that tour dates brings us.  What shows can we do?  How do we get to them?  Would we need to fly?  What transportation would we use?  How many hotel rooms would we need?  Where would we need them?  What about those tickets?  When are they going on sale?  Who is doing what?  I want each and every aspect of planning.  My life doesn’t feel right unless Rhonda and I are sending messages back and forth and back and forth where we can’t decide some aspect of our plan, knowing full well that we do better when we just make a plan and commit to it.  Truly, after ten plus years of touring, this plotting has not gotten old and that tease we had a few weeks ago wasn’t enough.  I know…I know.  I need to be patient.  It won’t be long now.  They are getting much closer to getting the single and album out.  I try but real life, lately, has made me less than patient.  I’m only human.  Worse yet, I’m a fan.

Thus, In order to remind all of the joys of Duran Duran live, let’s take a look at some fabulous live performances from the All You Need Is Now Tour!


4 thoughts on “Time for Temptation: I Need a Duran Tour!”

  1. I am looking forward to the next tour-I want to meet w/some of my DD pals around the country/globe… I’m saving up-I’m serious! I hope that you at Daily Duranie & myself will meet @ 1 of these events! There is nothing more awesome 2 me than sharing the DD experience w/someone who gets it! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait! I even joined ddmusic in anticipation of the pre-sale! Jumping the gun a bit? Well, all this talk of the new album made me want to interact discuss things like that! Looking forward to it already, and I agree with Kami!

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