Time will change the picture

When I first began writing as Daily Duranie (Well, the West Coast half, anyway), I had no idea how the blog would go. I didn’t know where our focus was, what “message” we were trying to send…no idea of any of it. At the time, I’m not even sure I knew how I saw our community, if that makes any kind of sense.  I just knew that I had plenty to say, nowhere to really say it, and so I just started writing, hoping the words would resonate with someone out there. I think Amanda would agree that we didn’t have any kind of distant goal in mind.  We just planted a seed and for a while, we let it grow and choose it’s own direction. Then we started seeing where the empty space was in the garden, and tried to prune the blog (so to speak) to grow in the appropriate direction. I think to this day, we’re still doing some of that, and will always continue to do some of that. Let’s face it, I know that when I began the blog, I had a lot of preconceptions or preconceived notions about being a fan, about the band, and yes, even about how the music business works. Those things played into how I wrote the blog each day.  As time has worn on, as I’ve gotten more experience by researching, reading, interacting with fans and even with band members at times – I’ve learned bits and pieces along the way that have in fact changed my mind about certain things, and to be completely honest – not always in positive directions.

There are days when I see our community as a big happy family.  Sure, we have crazy uncles, forgetful aunts and a variety of dysfunction, but when we come together – we really come together. It’s beautiful even a little overwhelming when it happens.  If I had to pick a song as part of the soundtrack I hear in those moments, it’s Sunrise. The music between us and all, you know?

Then there are days when I feel like our community is really insane. We’re crazy people brought together for a band. We all need to be committed, and our addictions need to be exorcised from us like demons.  I can’t help but think of the video for Falling Down during these moments…and I am sure we’d all like to take our medication like communion from Dr. Taylor. Amanda and I can’t help to laugh over the subtexts in this video – I’m really not sure if the band intended for the message to come out the way it does here, but if you watch the video – I can see this applying to fans. Sure, the more obvious text is about celebrities and some of their worst behavior, but I challenge you to look beyond the obvious.

Then there are the really tough days.  The days when I feel like I’ve been beaten and dragged through the community, my effigy burned, and I question why in the hell I continue to stick around for more. I think we’ve all had them – well, those of us who dare to speak out, anyway.  Our community is laden with drama, and at one point not so long ago, I felt like this was probably unique to our fandom, but reality says that it is not. Any time you have a group of people come together with passion over a certain ideal, you’re bound to see that passion go into overdrive, and the community tends to turn in on itself.  We see that often here.  That’s why one of my most favorite Duran Duran songs ever has to be Red Carpet Massacre – it is exactly how I feel on these days, and it’s become sort of a “Call to Arms” song for Amanda and I at times. Again, this is a song where yes – the obvious tells you that it’s about being a celebrity, but look beyond the obvious. Listen to the words. The message is certainly there, and it applies. Sadly there’s no official music video for this one, but I did find a video of it live. 

I’m lucky because there is one person on this entire planet that I can talk with and know that whatever I say, my words will go no further.  When I’m feeling the most frustrated and desperate about my writing or even about being a fan – I can talk to Amanda. She listens without judgment (although she has no problem kicking my butt when necessary).  This blog continues to evolve and change because it’s true – Amanda and I continue to evolve and change. I think that’s normal. I know that I see things far differently now than when I began the blog. I see fellow fans far differently. I see myself far differently because I’ve grown and changed too. Thankfully though, most of the readers we’ve met along the way, and nearly all of our new friends have been open, accepting and willing to join us on the journey, which we appreciate.  There are two songs, both off of the latest album, that tell that story.  All You Need is Now is pretty darn appropriate because as I’ve learned – what happened in the past is in the past, all that really matters is right now.

And lastly, Leave a Light On is what we fans continue to do all the time for the band. We’re here, we wait for the next album, the next tour, and we keep the lights on.  

Funny, I didn’t exactly intend for the songs/videos I chose to be so recent…but it worked out that way nicely.  And they say this band isn’t relevant?  Ha!


3 thoughts on “Time will change the picture”

  1. thanks for sharing amazing clips.
    As for me, the most representative songs of our 2013 Fan Community are
    Friends of mine
    Red carpet massacre
    Too much information
    The Power Station's Communication

  2. I certainly do not envy you the task of coming up with something to write and then after all your hard work, dealing with critics and those who would complain about things said. I get what you are saying and yes, their recent songs DO support those ideas you expressed. Maybe because on some level, the band themselves have felt similar feelings? Food for thought. They must see the whole spectrum from the absolute undying love and devotion to the judgmental and delusional ideas some seem to have on occasion. They hear criticism as well as praise. After all these years of devotion, there IS sometimes a bit of a sense of having a right to express our thoughts as fans. I imagine they welcome some feedback, and sometimes it can be more than they really want. Anyway, I am off topic a bit. Back to the fans. We are like a family. Some get along and some don't. Some would like to disown certain members of the community for behaviour that makes the rest of us look bad, while others should be proud of what they bring to the other fans. We are multi-talented and of all walks of life. Fans on a global level, speaking different languages (thank god for Google Translate!), having different political and religious views, from all socio-economic levels. And yet, we have this one main thing in common and in some cases, that is enough to lead us to form bonds in life. Some have gotten married to other fans. Some have been in each other's weddings. Some are best friends and god-parents to kids. I have traveled across the country and stayed in hotel rooms with people who would otherwise be total strangers. Some are generous and share with other fans and as collectors, many of us look out for each other and pass along info to help out. I love this community and am proud to be a part of it. I thank you for all you do writing this blog.

  3. Thank you for saying all of that. You are 100% correct, and no matter how I'm feeling on any one particular day – I'm proud to be here and I am so grateful that we have friends and readers like you – who see the good. That's important, and when that stops happening, that's when I know it will be our time to go. -R

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