To Complete the List of the Top Ten Most Representative Duran Duran Songs

Rhonda and I have been writing this blog for a long time. It has become a part of us and our daily lives. I think it is fair to say that we have learned a lot over the course of these eight plus years. I certainly know more about myself and about fandom from writing and researching. Through the years, I also have a greater understanding of our fan community. Generally, whenever we post a blog or there is Duran news, I know what the reaction is going to be. Part of any reaction, of course, is that the community is truly diverse in its opinions about everything Duran from the music to video to live performances and more. Whenever I post a daily poll/question, I now have an idea of what the results will be. While I know how varied the opinions are, I also recognize the general pattern. For example, Duranies prefer the early songs and albums over the late 90s ones. Of course, there are exceptions but the results from various polls are consistent.

While I have learned quite a bit about fans’ preferences, every once in awhile, I ask something that I’m not sure what people will say. Typically, these questions are outside of the box in that they aren’t about the music or videos or lyrics or something else equally as common. The top 10 most representative songs turned out to be a bit unpredictable. While some of the choices make total sense to me, but there is something that is surprising me a lot. After I assigned the homework, I was able to determine the 5 most representative songs easily as many people had chosen them. So keeping up the desire for democracy, I did a poll to choose the last five from ones that people had suggested.

This brings me to today. Guess what? There are four songs that are clear winners. They should be added to the Top 10 list but we have a tie for the last slot. What should I do? Should I flip a coin? Should I make the last decision? Both of those options feel terrible to me. So, I made a final poll to determine the last song that best represents Duran Duran. Then, finally next Sunday, I will share the entire list. On that note, here’s the poll:

[socialpoll id=”2538101″]

Happy voting everyone!


One thought on “To Complete the List of the Top Ten Most Representative Duran Duran Songs”

  1. I could not imagine it grew so hard … LOL!
    Good to our band: it makes sense their music is without boundaries and it is hard to define them and to represent their music to others.

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